Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4 September 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late email but we had a mission wide leadership council yesterday and Elder Frutos and I helped the Assistants drive up to Vermont and Maine to pick up missionaries for the meeting. Everything went well and we had a pretty good time. Unfortunately Elder Frutos hasn't completed his driving test yet for the big mission van so I had to drive the entire time. It was pretty fun but definitely tiring, we logged a total of 11 hours of driving in those two days. It's nothing incredible but it definitely destroyed our P-Day. That is why we are emailing home today, just FYI.
Things are pretty good over here. There really is nothing to complain about, the work is going, our zone is kicking butt, we have tons of fun with the missionaries in our zone, President is doing great and our fridge started working! But....we might have fleas... Other than that we're great! Elder Frutos and I are getting along great which can only mean one thing.....TRANSFERS! I tell him every day that I am going to be transferred out, which is most likely the truth. He gets a little nervous but he's a great missionary and will help the zone get better. I'm predicting that he'll be my zone leader next transfer so let's see what happens! We have transfer calls on Saturday night so be expecting some big news! This will probably be my last area (the area I'll be going to) so it will be interesting to see what happens.
I don't know what happened but one day I woke up and felt old. All of the missionaries around me are super young and I'm just crusty and old haha. All of these 18 year old elders and 19 year old sisters are really throwing off my groove. But we love them and they are working super hard. The biggest problem is reminding them that they're not in high school anymore, but I'm exaggerating a bit.
This week Elder Hallstrom from the presidency of the 70 came to our mission to talk with President, none of us got to see him but it sounds like they had a good time! We also found out that Elder Nielsen of the seventy will be visiting us in november. We're looking forward to it!
Oops, time is out. I love you all!
Elder Resendez

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