Monday, August 12, 2013

12 August 2013

I can't believe the twins are already back! Jake, Leif and Thomas are next! Do the Twins have a funny accent? When are they going up to school? Send me some deats!
But anyways! My life was good this week. We had a mission leadership council on Tuesday which meant that the AP's and us had to drive all over the mission picking up zone leaders and sister training leaders. It  was pretty fun though. I got to drive moose for 3 and a half hours all up in vermont. We had tons of fun with the assistants driving for such a long time and hanging out. We ended up crashing at their apartment Tuesday night after all of it was over because we got home at 1230 at night. The next thing we knew President Stoker was calling one of the assistants at 730 in the morning and we were all still asleep! Don't tell him I told you that we slept in but there was no way we were going to hear the alarm at 630.
On Tuesday morning we all got ready super quick and went to IHOP for breakfast since the AP's didn't have any food in their apartment. It was a great time until we moved the syrup holders on our table and a cockroach runs out from underneath! A worker there saw it on our table and came over to kill it but cussed super loudly in the process. We all thought it was pretty funny and didn't really mind. They apologized profusely which was nice but we didn't care about a tiny little bug. But then one elder got his meal and as he started to eat it he noticed something in his eggs. He reaches down and pulls out a cockroach leg from his eggs! So at this point we were all pretty grossed out but finished our meals and showed the waitress the leg. She was super embarassed and gave us the meal for free! So we had a pretty sweet and funny beginning to our day. The moral of the story is: if you are low on cash, pray to find a cockroach in your food!
I gotta go but I love you all and miss you! But don't get trunky on me! I hate trunky missionaries haha. Love you!

Elder Resendez

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