Monday, July 15, 2013

15 July 2013


I hope everyone is surviving the heat down in Arizona, it has been pretty hot the last few days and this week is just going to get worse. But aside from that things are going well. Our area is still in the same place but we are working our hardest to build it up. We just started a new zone goal and it's geared around weekly finding challenges so it's going to be sweet! This week is the "Talk with Everyone Competition" where we basically talk to as many people as we can. Those who talk to the most people will win a prize! President Stoker is settling in more and more into his role and is getting his feet under him. He's a great man, we just had our interviews on Friday and they went well. Our zone is having some little struggles but we are working with President to smooth them out. It's interesting to work with him because in many cases we know more about the situation than he does but he has inspiration and has given us some great counsel.

It's so crazy to hear about Treyson getting home and a couple others on the final stretch. I have so much time left compared to them, 5 months seems like forever away. Our transfer ends in 2 weeks so we will get to see what changes happen then, I think I'll be leaving which kind of bums me out because I want to leave the area in great condition. So I'm secretly hoping for one more transfer here. I also want to stay here because I get to exchange with the elders in Lawrence each transfer. In fact I will be down there this week and I'm really looking forward to it.

That was probably the lamest letter you'll ever read which can mean only one thing, I need more questions from all of you! Send me an email and ask me to write about something. I love you all! Except you, Leif. You need to write me.

Elder Resendez

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