Monday, July 1, 2013

1 July 2013

This has really been an eventful week! Two mission calls, a wedding, a new mission president, and tons of great missionary work! It's great to hear about Sydney's call but I think she tried to time it so that she wouldn't have to see me for another 2 years. But it's still great news, does anyone know if she is going straight to the Mexico MTC?

So.....The days of President and Sister Wilkey are officially over. The Stoker's just came in on Wednesday and we helped them settle in to their house on Friday. It's a lot of fun to see the difference between a seasoned mission president and a brand new one. We had a lot of fun catching the Stoker's on their use of the word "guys" instead of saying elders. They are awesome though, Sister Stoker wants to feed the missionaries like crazy and keeps trying to have us over for dinner. She asked us how many times a week we have to make dinner for ourselves and when we said almost every night she was shocked. I guess the missionaries in Arizona get fed every night. Must be nice.. We get fed but we just have to be proactive about setting the appointments up. But anyways! They are awesome and have really jumped into their roles and are doing well.

It's great to hear that Seth is doing better, it must have been watching so many cartoons. I guess T.V. really does melt your brain. Tell him I love him and to write me a letter. Or to have someone write a letter for him.

The pictures of the wedding were great. Hunter looks like a new man, I hardly recognized him! Parker also reminded me of Weston or someone. And yes, Mom, my mouth is watering for some quality Mexican food. I haven't had any for soooooo long. I think I forgot what it tastes like.

Hey! Somebody tell Treyson to man up and write me an email or have him send me some pictures! I haven't seen that kid since he was still a missionary. He's probably engaged by now if all went according to plan. But anyway, Dusti, smack your brother for me.

I love you all, Happy Fourth of July and don't let your dads eat pie!

Elder Ty Resendez

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