Monday, June 3, 2013

3 June 2013

It's June already!?

Speaking of which, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (to all of the birthdays I missed the last 2 or 3 weeks that I couldn't write home.)

Things in Manchester are great! We are still teaching Jason and he is progressing nicely. His baptism is June 16, right after church and he is stoked about it. We should also be having two other baptisms that day, one is a cool black guy named Chuck who I knew from last year and a Nepalese kid named Prakash. They're all really cool and the ward is going to be so pumped after that. We also just had three new awesome families move in who are excited to be here. So the bishop is just flying around the place with enthusiasm which is rubbing off onto the members. That's been great to see.

Being a Zone Leader is fun, we have a good time with it. I really just like the flexibility and being able to make calls on my own about a lot of things. As a district leader you just do as the zone leaders say but now I get to make some calls which has helped me grow. This past week (or two) we had zone conference and interviews with president. It was our last interview with President Wilkey and it was great! He is definitely going out with a bang, and he's doing it on a personal level. He has really been such an inspiration to me and has helped me so much.

It's so crazy to think that everyone is going home. President and Sister Wilkey are leaving, the office staff are leaving, all my friends go home before me, all the missionaries I know leave before me, I feel like I'm the last one out of the building and it's a really weird feeling. But don't worry, I haven't had a single feeling of trunkiness. If anything I just feel that I need to work harder because the time is getting shorter. So when Fall hits I will be a madman just running around trying to convert everybody haha. But it's been great. It's weird to think that I hit a year and a half this week. Scary huh?

Well, send me some questions or something to talk about. Fill me in on all that's going on at home. And if you've heard of the cds "nearer" and "the lower lights", send them my way ;) (Done!) I love you all! Especially you Mom!

Elder Resendez

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