Monday, June 24, 2013

24 June 2013


This has been a good week! We have had some intense things happen. Let me know how Seth is doing, it looks like it was a pretty good scare. Also, send me some pics of the weddings and homecomings that are going on, I want to see everyone!

As for my end of the stick, this week was crazy. We had transfers, my new companion is Elder Frutos from Utah. He's Mexican but not really. I'm more Nexican than him haha but he's great. He's a brand new zone leader so I'm training him on that. It's kinda weird because he goes home a transfer before me so he's older in missionary time. But we are working well together.

I think that this is my last transfer in Manchester. I think I'll go be zone leader somewhere else next transfer but it's a little early to be thinking about that. We had some fun this week taking people to the airport to go home and driving some sisters home to Vermont. We've been driving missionaries all over the place, but I love getting to know the other missionaries so that's fun. But I was surprised that President trusted us to drive 4 sisters all the way to Vermont by ourselves. Not that we would do anything crazy but it's just a change that has come due to the surge of sisters. So it was just weird. 

We also had Jason, Prakash, and Chuck's confirmations yesterday which was awesome! Jason really felt the spirit and is pumped! Then we had the broadcast which was GREAT! If you missed it then I ask you to repent and go on to and read everything about the work of salvation. It was a wonderful broadcast, it also sounds like we will be using the internet a lot more in the coming months. Kind of like Elder Freeman (Weston) did in Montana. So many changes are coming in missionary work, I'm super grateful to be where I am right now to help with the surge. I hope that I can continue by teaching at the MTC after I get home, that'd be #1!

Well, things are going well here, we're doing our best and putting our trust in the Lord. Keep us in your prayers but more importantly, pray for your own missionary experiences!

Elder Resendez

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