Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013

Happy Birthday Elder (Papa) Smith!

Yes, today is my trainer's birthday! It's a great occasion for all of us to celebrate so go out and buy a cake for yourself. Speaking of Elder Smith, I have some great stories from this past week! First off, this week we had a zone meeting with about 20 or so missionaries, one of which being my dad, Elder Smith. Well Elder Smith and I have had some playful banter as of late which has grown into a sort of competition. I made a joke that he couldn't do pushups and so he challenged me to a push up contest at zone meeting during lunch in front of everyone. I accepted and trained my heart out for it. Then right as we broke for lunch during zone meeting Elder Smith came up to me and asked if I remembered how Rocky 3 ended. It ended with Rocky and Apollo fighting with each other to see who was the better boxer but his point was where they did it. They fought in the gym by themselves, so his point was that a matter such as this should be settled behind closed doors. I consented and then completely DESTROYED him in push ups! 39-26 was the score when he finally gave up and gave me the victory. It was such a wonderful moment, definitely made it into my journal.

Well story #2 has to do with miracles. We send voicemails of miracles to our zone leaders who send them to the entire zone in an effort to pump each other up to do the work. Saturday night we got one of the funniest miracles ever, it was an 8 minute rant from Elder Smith about how they found 12 new investigators and how their area was so much better than ours. He even said that one of the lessons they taught was better than his entire mission, including his time in manchester and all of his former companions and trainees haha. He finally ended it by saying, "and just remember, Zone Damariscotta (his area) is better than Gardiner! Have a good night!" Elder Davis and I were dying from laughter it was so great. We found out the next day that the miracle was completely fake but we still have it on our phone because it's so funny. So I plan on getting him back this week before he dies, I just need to actually find 12 new investigators.

Everything else here is going well. We are pushing forward, we have three people working for baptism and should add another three this coming week. We're super stoked about the work here but it's a bittersweet thing. Our ward is losing a ton of people this summer and the Augusta ward is shrinking too. We think we might end up merging with them, which would be weird. We're also getting sister missionaries to work in here as well soon. There's a lot of stuff going on with not enough time, but that's normal right?

President Wilkey only has one transfer left! It's so hard to see him transitioning everything to the new mission president. We are going to miss him so badly, but it's time for him to go home and rest. Boy does he need rest. He is such a remarkable man. I can't say enough about him. The same goes for Sister Wilkey, she is so great. It's like having two mission presidents because she is equally yolked with president.

Well, transfer calls are this Saturday night and we expect something to happen. But we have no idea what the result might be. Transfers are always a surprise and are stressful. I'd enjoy another stay in Gardiner but I wouldn't be devastated to leave it so I'm kind of on the fence. My comp has been here only one transfer more than I have, so either one of us could go, but I think he will more than I think that I will.

As for college and civilian life, I have no idea what I am going to do. I assume I'll just go back to BYU and find a job. But then there's also BYU-Hawaii and there's always just work for a while. So I don't know what to do right now but suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Well, it's already May, summer is just around the bend. I can't believe how fast this year is going already. If only I could slow down time eh? Then I'd be the most effective missionary ever!

So hey! Send me some pictures/questions/letters/goodies/anything you want! I love anything and everything, but I mainly love you. So just pretend like you care about me, thanks!!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Those pictures of Stephen's marathon were sweet!

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