Monday, May 13, 2013

13 May 2013


So much has changed this past week I don't even know where to start. I'm in a new area, new zone, new comp, new phone, new car, no investigators, my comp and I are new zone leaders so we don't know what we're doing, and I'm the "senior" zone leader (or zone leader 1 as we say) so I have even more responsibility but I'm doing great! I'm back in Manchvegas!!!! Except this time I'm on the north end of the city so I'm where all the nicer houses are. We just opened this area up again so we're starting fresh. We also just opened up the new Manchester Zone which has two districts and 18 missionaries in total. The districts are manchester and methuen which is awesome because lawrence is in the methuen district so I get to go on exchange there! Then in the manchester district we have 4 companionships- the Assistants, the zone leaders (us), the district leader, and two sisters. So we have a power district over here and it's great!

Being a Zone Leader is tons of fun, we get to work with a larger group of missionaries to help them become more effective and efficient in their missionary work. There is so much that goes into it but the biggest one is to just love them and show them that we care about their success more than our own. Then they will trust us and appreciate the correction we give. I love being a zone leader because it also means that I'm not a district leader anymore haha. So I don't have to prepare a lesson for the district each week and I can actually study for my investigators. I have felt the power in doing that this past week and it's amazing! A lot of times I just want to study for myself and study stuff that's cool but when I study the things that matter, it goes a long way. I've had some of the most spiritual lessons in my entire mission the past 2 weeks. Things are picking up and moving faster each day. I haven't even hit 18 months but I feel like I'm rounding the bend so I'm doing my best to sprint through the finish.

I imagine that it was pretty funny to see my face at transfer meeting this past tuesday when they called me to serve as Zone Leader 1 (President left that little piece of info out when he called me saturday night) I was not expecting it at all. I had joked that I would open up the new zone but I didn't actually expect it to happen. Especially in the way that it did happen. But I'm glad and I love it a lot. I'm just hoping that I have a positive influence on the missionaries I serve because that's all that really matters to me right now.

It was great talking to everyone yesterday, I didn't have very much time but I loved it all the same. It sounds like things are going well. Oh by the way my address is the mission office now. So send everything to that address. It's 2 Bedford Farms Dr. Ste. 208 Bedford, NH 03110. Oh hey! Guess what I get to do this week! I get to get certified as a 15 passenger van driver. Our mission has a big van and trailer they use for zone conference and stuff and I get to learn how to drive it. It's called "Moose" and it's a thing of beauty. I'll take a pic of it this week. Oh and I have some sweet pics from transfer meeting coming in next week, I'm already a grandfather....

Well, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! To all of the wonderful women that have helped me in life, you're the best! I wish you all the best!

Elder Resendez

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