Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Passover!

Shalom Shabbat!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter, or more appropriately an enjoyable Passover week which doesn't end until tomorrow. So that means keep looking for treats! From reading Jesus the Christ I have seen the significance of the Jewish holidays and how they relate to present day Christianity and it's super cool. So I now officially celebrate the Passover, but I just call it Easter for convenience and also for candy.

So I have a miracle that I forgot to tell all of you! The other day I was looking at my suits and thinking to myself, "Self. Your suits are really getting quite dirty. This winter has not been very kind to them and you are on the verge of looking homeless. You might consider buying a new suit sometime." Well within 24 hours of that enlightening interaction I looked at my suits again but this time I saw something different. So I pulled back my group of clothes and looked into the dark and scary corner of my closet and I saw a clean pressed suit! It's dark with pin stripes and it somehow fits perfectly. At first I thought it must be my comps, but there's no way because his stuff is on the other side of the closet. Plus if it was his then he would recognize it on my body. Then I thought, maybe I'm just imagining it (which I really hope isn't the case because that would mean I'm emailing in the Maine Capitol Library without any clothing on) but that didn't seem to be the case either. So I just chalked it up as a miracle and expressed my gratitude. I really don't know how it happened but I can't deny the suit that's on me right now so I know it happened. The moral of the story is to never be afraid to believe. Yes, you may quote me on that.

Back to missionary work! We set a date this week! We set a date with a cool kid named Josh. He is working towards the first of June and he's doing amazing. In fact he showed us yesterday at church where he had been reading in the Book of Mormon. He found out that when Nephi talks about the Lamb of God, he is referring to Christ. He was so excited about finding that that he couldn't wait to show us. We are also super close to setting two more dates with these two awesome kids named Haley and Dylan. They're ever so close but their parents need to offer some more help, so that's where the focus of our work will be. But Gardiner is picking up! We have seen many blessings and miracles lately and I attribute all of them to the Passover. They are like Christmas miracles, but Passover Miracles. If you don't understand why, don't worry. I'll explain when I get home.

Easter was pretty sweet for us. On Thursday everyone had on their cranky pants and one kid tried to hit me with a cup of water. But he throws like a sissy so he missed. Yes, I did feel like Samuel the Lamanite for a second. Actually, the crankiness got so bad that there was a knife fight out in the front of a grocery store. That kind of stuff just doesn't happen here in Gardiner so everyone was freaking out for a day.

Then on Saturday everyone got super nice and happy. They were honking at us, and waving at us, and telling us to keep up the good work. I felt like I was in Utah for a while from the love we were getting. Then we had Easter dinner with a cool member family, but it made me miss Lawrence. White people are so stiff when it comes to meals and parties. I felt out of place eating with them because they were all prim and proper. I made a facetious comment during dinner and they didn't seem to appreciate it too much. They weren't mad but they didn't laugh either. It was really funny, Elder Davis and I laughed about it later.

So ya, when the missionaries come to eat, feel free to be normal and cool with them. But please, keep the Spirit! You can be cool and have the Spirit at the same time. Stiffness isn't a fruit of the Spirit, at least it isn't in Galatians. But then we made an Easter bunny house out of sugar cookie. Instead of making a house, we decided to make a mess. And it was a lot of fun. I didn't get any pictures but it was fun so you'll just have to trust me.

Hey Mom! Thank you for the birthday package! It was the bomb! I really loved the card, seriously it was the best part. But I haven't gotten the Easter thing yet so I'll keep looking. But I'm going to be in Manchester for 2 days cuz I'm in trouble so I'll tell Elder Davis to look for it. But I will give you a preemptive thank you! And no, I'm not really in trouble. It was a joke. And probably a bad one, sorry. I hope you all had a wonderful Passover week and I hope to hear from you soon! Remember to keep the commandments and watch general conference with a question in mind!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Yes actually, that is a sabbath greeting that a hispanic member taught us, and yes the spelling is incorrect.

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