Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013

Hey there you young wippersnappers, get off my lawn!

Sorry, I've been trying to perfect my old man language so I can fit in ever since I turned 21. It's really not as easy as everyone makes it out to be, there's an entirely different set of terms for everything. For example, a simple word like internet can be rendered as, "the internet" "the computer" "the dial-up" and the weirdest one, "the worldwide web". And for some reason every kid I talk to gets angry when I ask him what type of Nintendo he's playing. It's inconceivable!

So my life has become very complicated as of late. In fact I can't seem to go up stairs like I used to. Last Monday I was finished with my laundry and as I ran up the stairs my shoe caught the ledge of one of the final steps and I ate it. Mind you I was holding two bottles of detergent and couldn't brace my fall so I just had to sit and watch as the corner of the door frame and my face met each other. Thankfully I wasn't knocked out but I did feel pretty stupid and I had wished that it had just knocked me out so I didn't have to face anyone. But I was fine and just ended up with a huge goose egg on my head, in fact I still have a little bump. So in short, getting old stinks!

As for the rest of my birthday, it went well. I didn't get a cake but I did get a sweet bottle of cider that my ZL and I enjoyed (thanks Mal!). We didn't get anymore snow but there's still a little bit on the ground. It should be gone by the end of today, we hope.

The area here is still struggling but it's picking up little by little. We're teaching more than we were at the beginning of the transfer and we have an awesome kid praying about a baptismal date. His name is Josh and he's super tight! So he has been a miracle but we are still pushing forward and doing to work.

I don't think I have told any of you yet but we have some awesome investigators here. There's a group of about 6 or 7 of them that we refer to as Zack and the crew. They're all a bunch of hilarious 20 year old DnD players that are super down to earth. They're so cool that on Saturday they took us to a Chinese buffet for my birthday! They have also known missionaries for many years now and they have a tradition of giving to missionaries nicknames. They give them names based on whatever they think of as they talk with the missionary so some have nicknames like Megatron, Bowser, Iggy, and so forth. Well they gave me my nickname but I don't get it at all. My name is Costello. I don't know what it means but it sounds italian so its cool with me. But anyways, they're super awesome and really funny.

So for those of you who don't know, there has been a change in the missionary rules and we can now email whoever we want as long as they are not girls inside the mission boundaries. So if you find emailing easier than writing a letter (weird, I know.) feel free to send me an email and I may write back quickly!

And we are starting a new transfer today and there weren't any changes so I will be in Gardiner for another 6 weeks! Just some fyi for you all. I was kind of expecting to be transferred out from what some missionaries had told me but nothing ended up happening. But it did make transfer call night overly stressing.

Well I don't want to bore my fanbase anymore so I'll get headed out the door but keep it real and stay classy!

Elder Resendez

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