Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 March 2013

Hey Everybody!

So...I have terrible, devastating news. I'm super depressed about it but I'll answer some questions before I get to the horrible part of my letter.

How was last storm in Maine?
-It really wasn't too bad, except for the snow everywhere and then when it melts you have dirt everywhere. Other than that it's not bad. Honestly, it was worse in Lawrence so I haven't had anything terrible, and probably wont since winter is ending.

Tell us about your area (rural, culture) and companion? Sam Dastrup says you are in the best area ever.
-So my area is a couple of minutes outside of Augusta so a lot of people in the area work at the capital but live in Gardiner. It's full of houses but the houses are spread out so it's not convenient to walk around. It's full of white people and a lot of people are on welfare and government support. The Catholic church is really big here but that's no surprise. My comp is cool, he's a military guy that likes sports and all sorts of good things. His name is E. Davis from Utah. No joke, I see Elder Dastrup's name every day but I haven't asked around to see if people remember him yet.

Any Spanish ops?
-Just one but it is a LA family in augusta. It was so fun to talk to them in Spanish! I loved it!

Is this near where you were before?
-Kind of but not really. It's in a different zone and a different stake. But it's closer. Gardiner has a lot more people in it than Skowhegan. And Lawrence is super far away from here...:(

Do you see old friends/contacts?
-Nope, everyone here is new. Except my new zone leader came out with me from the MTC so I got to see him again.

So for the terrible news...We are having an apostle give a special broadcast to our mission and the Boston mission this Saturday! Isn't that terrible?? Oh wait, I didn't say the bad part, well evidently he asked that all missionaries within 90 minutes of Boston come to the Cambridge chapel to be present for the broadcast. Guess what that means, the Lawrence district is going to Boston to see an apostle speak!!! NOOOO!!!! I'm so jealous! I'm literally green with jealous rage right now! My companion laughed at me when we got the news because my face totally dropped. I spent almost 8 months there but as soon as I leave, this happens haha. It wasn't very funny. Also, Chase Richardson is in the Boston Mission so I could have gotten to see him there at the broadcast. So yes, my world is falling apart and I'm a mess. But it's ok, I'll get over it one of these days. Hopefully.

So ya, I'm really intrigued about this broadcast. My guess is that the mission boundaries are changing but I also don't know anything and can't make educated guesses. So that will be the hot topic next week so stay tuned!

Oh and another bday idea: ties. Any kind of tie is good as long as it's mission approved. I love you all and hope things are great! Things are warming up here and the work is moving forward, slowly but surely. But also very slowly so I'm going to have to kick it into shape! Keep me updated with the happenings of life, especially regarding the Gilbert temple! What's up with that thing?? Anyways, peace, love, and chicken grease!

Con amor,
Elder Ty Resendez

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