Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013

Hey there you young wippersnappers, get off my lawn!

Sorry, I've been trying to perfect my old man language so I can fit in ever since I turned 21. It's really not as easy as everyone makes it out to be, there's an entirely different set of terms for everything. For example, a simple word like internet can be rendered as, "the internet" "the computer" "the dial-up" and the weirdest one, "the worldwide web". And for some reason every kid I talk to gets angry when I ask him what type of Nintendo he's playing. It's inconceivable!

So my life has become very complicated as of late. In fact I can't seem to go up stairs like I used to. Last Monday I was finished with my laundry and as I ran up the stairs my shoe caught the ledge of one of the final steps and I ate it. Mind you I was holding two bottles of detergent and couldn't brace my fall so I just had to sit and watch as the corner of the door frame and my face met each other. Thankfully I wasn't knocked out but I did feel pretty stupid and I had wished that it had just knocked me out so I didn't have to face anyone. But I was fine and just ended up with a huge goose egg on my head, in fact I still have a little bump. So in short, getting old stinks!

As for the rest of my birthday, it went well. I didn't get a cake but I did get a sweet bottle of cider that my ZL and I enjoyed (thanks Mal!). We didn't get anymore snow but there's still a little bit on the ground. It should be gone by the end of today, we hope.

The area here is still struggling but it's picking up little by little. We're teaching more than we were at the beginning of the transfer and we have an awesome kid praying about a baptismal date. His name is Josh and he's super tight! So he has been a miracle but we are still pushing forward and doing to work.

I don't think I have told any of you yet but we have some awesome investigators here. There's a group of about 6 or 7 of them that we refer to as Zack and the crew. They're all a bunch of hilarious 20 year old DnD players that are super down to earth. They're so cool that on Saturday they took us to a Chinese buffet for my birthday! They have also known missionaries for many years now and they have a tradition of giving to missionaries nicknames. They give them names based on whatever they think of as they talk with the missionary so some have nicknames like Megatron, Bowser, Iggy, and so forth. Well they gave me my nickname but I don't get it at all. My name is Costello. I don't know what it means but it sounds italian so its cool with me. But anyways, they're super awesome and really funny.

So for those of you who don't know, there has been a change in the missionary rules and we can now email whoever we want as long as they are not girls inside the mission boundaries. So if you find emailing easier than writing a letter (weird, I know.) feel free to send me an email and I may write back quickly!

And we are starting a new transfer today and there weren't any changes so I will be in Gardiner for another 6 weeks! Just some fyi for you all. I was kind of expecting to be transferred out from what some missionaries had told me but nothing ended up happening. But it did make transfer call night overly stressing.

Well I don't want to bore my fanbase anymore so I'll get headed out the door but keep it real and stay classy!

Elder Resendez

Monday, March 18, 2013

18 March 2013


So today my companion told me that even though I had a companion from Hawaii, I'm not allowed to say Hawaiian things. Like howzit, dakine, dose, and so on. But I told him that he is mistaken and that I'm going to use them even more now that he said that. I know, I'm such a rebel.

Anyways, this week was incredible! We had interviews with President Wilkey and then we had a broadcast with Elder Ballard, Elder Christensen and Elder Eyering (the area seventy, not the apostle). The broadcast was great, they basically corrected us and taught us how we can be better missionaries. Elder Ballard specifically taught that in order to effectively preach the gospel, we must be masterful teachers. We have to teach as the Savior did, and that's no small task. So my goal now is to become a masterful teacher through two scriptures, D&C 84:85 and D&C 33:8. Look those up when you get the chance.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ lately and something that our mission does is we read the last week of the Savior's life from the gospels as Easter, or the Passover, approaches. Well I just so happen to have read up to the ending part of Jesus the Christ and I am in the last week of Christ's life. Last year I read the last week of the Savior's life and received some great inspiration but this year I'm going to read it from Jesus the Christ and I expect to gain a much deeper appreciation for this season.

I really love the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. Reading them used to be a burden and a challenge but now it has become a strength and a necessity. I love the scriptures, and I love teaching. I never thought I would say that but I really love expounding the scriptures with others and feeling the Spirit. That's why I love Elder Holland so much, it is impossible to hear that man speak without feeling the Spirit or his love for the gospel. Many times when I teach I try to emulate him because of the power he brings into lessons. I highly recommend looking up "missionary work and the atonement" by Elder Holland, it's amazing!

Interviews were pretty great too, I love spending time with President Wilkey. He is one of the greatest leaders I have ever met. In my opinion, a leader needs to be someone who does what I cannot. Otherwise why follow their example or try to learn from them? And President Wilkey does just that, he is more obedient than any of the missionaries, more diligent, more sincere, more Christlike, and just better in every way so as to make him the perfect leader for me. I'm really going to miss him when he leaves, but at least he lives in Utah!

Anyways aloha to you all!
Elder Resendez

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 March 2013

Hey Everybody!

So...I have terrible, devastating news. I'm super depressed about it but I'll answer some questions before I get to the horrible part of my letter.

How was last storm in Maine?
-It really wasn't too bad, except for the snow everywhere and then when it melts you have dirt everywhere. Other than that it's not bad. Honestly, it was worse in Lawrence so I haven't had anything terrible, and probably wont since winter is ending.

Tell us about your area (rural, culture) and companion? Sam Dastrup says you are in the best area ever.
-So my area is a couple of minutes outside of Augusta so a lot of people in the area work at the capital but live in Gardiner. It's full of houses but the houses are spread out so it's not convenient to walk around. It's full of white people and a lot of people are on welfare and government support. The Catholic church is really big here but that's no surprise. My comp is cool, he's a military guy that likes sports and all sorts of good things. His name is E. Davis from Utah. No joke, I see Elder Dastrup's name every day but I haven't asked around to see if people remember him yet.

Any Spanish ops?
-Just one but it is a LA family in augusta. It was so fun to talk to them in Spanish! I loved it!

Is this near where you were before?
-Kind of but not really. It's in a different zone and a different stake. But it's closer. Gardiner has a lot more people in it than Skowhegan. And Lawrence is super far away from here...:(

Do you see old friends/contacts?
-Nope, everyone here is new. Except my new zone leader came out with me from the MTC so I got to see him again.

So for the terrible news...We are having an apostle give a special broadcast to our mission and the Boston mission this Saturday! Isn't that terrible?? Oh wait, I didn't say the bad part, well evidently he asked that all missionaries within 90 minutes of Boston come to the Cambridge chapel to be present for the broadcast. Guess what that means, the Lawrence district is going to Boston to see an apostle speak!!! NOOOO!!!! I'm so jealous! I'm literally green with jealous rage right now! My companion laughed at me when we got the news because my face totally dropped. I spent almost 8 months there but as soon as I leave, this happens haha. It wasn't very funny. Also, Chase Richardson is in the Boston Mission so I could have gotten to see him there at the broadcast. So yes, my world is falling apart and I'm a mess. But it's ok, I'll get over it one of these days. Hopefully.

So ya, I'm really intrigued about this broadcast. My guess is that the mission boundaries are changing but I also don't know anything and can't make educated guesses. So that will be the hot topic next week so stay tuned!

Oh and another bday idea: ties. Any kind of tie is good as long as it's mission approved. I love you all and hope things are great! Things are warming up here and the work is moving forward, slowly but surely. But also very slowly so I'm going to have to kick it into shape! Keep me updated with the happenings of life, especially regarding the Gilbert temple! What's up with that thing?? Anyways, peace, love, and chicken grease!

Con amor,
Elder Ty Resendez

Monday, March 4, 2013

4 March 2013

Hello Hello!

I hope all is well down there in toasty Arizona! We have been having fairly decent weather up here in Maine. It's been a little rainy/snowy/muddy which makes driving really interesting. For some reason they thought it would be a good idea to give two 20 year old guys a 2013 Chevy Cruze during mud season in Maine. We have almost gotten stuck a few times, but thankfully my driving skills are boss!

Well for those of you who don't know my new address is 35 Neal st in Gardiner ME 04345 apt B. But if you just send the letter to the mission office then I'll get it no matter where I am. But for packages, they need to come here to Gardiner.

Well things are going well down here, the area is growing little by little. I was able to speak some Spanish on Saturday while I was on exchange in Augusta. We met with a less active family who speaks mostly Spanish and it was a lot of fun to talk with them. They're super awesome and are preparing for the temple so the visit was amazing. Oh and they fed us empanadas, so it really couldn't have been much better.

Regarding the transfer process, it is different for every mission and it is based on the mission president's preference. As for our mission, we get a call on Saturday night that tells us if we are being transferred, if there are no changes to our companionship then we do not get a call. But when they call they just say who is being transferred and what they are going to be (Junior, Senior, District Leader, etc.). So we have no clue where we are going except for the clue on what you are becoming. For example, if you are becoming a zone leader, then you know you're going to one of the 6 zone leader areas. Then the Tuesday following the transfer calls we have transfer meeting in Manchester. Usually you travel down there unless it is very inconvenient for your travel plans. At transfer meeting they announce the changes in the areas over the pulpit and send you off as soon as the meeting is over. So it's a huge guessing game, especially since we aren't allowed to talk to other districts and zones about who is being transferred. So it's fun but stressful at the same time.

It's so crazy to think that we are already in March, before I know it it's going to be the end of the transfer and April! It's crazy how fast the time goes, it really doesn't ever slow down. So speaking of March....I know it's my birthday soon but guess what!? I don't have a wish list! I have decided that I don't really need anything at the moment so I don't want anyone to feel like they need to get me something. If you feel like it, then it's greatly appreciated but not expected. Honestly, food and money are the only things that come to mind but that's as much help as I'm going to give so ha!

So have you heard about the new edition of the scriptures!? They should be out August 2013! Go to to check them out! I guess all of the changes made are only for study aids and spelling so it's not like the doctrine is different or anything like that. But it's still pretty cool. Unfortunately I think they kept the Song of Solomon in there, but you know, whatever.

Oh and this transfer is only 5 weeks, I think all of the missions are trying to match up better with the MTC so I've heard of other missions having a longer transfer and others a shorter one. So we got the short end of the stick...get it?

Well, things are going well here, I'm stoked that Cohen and DJ are leaving soon, they're going to love it! So write to me and tell me how things are going back home! Aloha to you all!

Elder Ty Resendez