Monday, February 4, 2013

4 February 2013


Man this week was crazy! We had so much happen to us this week. We have worked so hard and seen so many miracles. If I ever knew that this church, doctrine, and work was true, it is now.

This week we were blessed to witness another baptism. This was the son of a family who is making it's way back to the church. His name is Yandel (pronounced Jandell) and he's an awesome kid. His family (the Segura family) are so great! His brother was able to baptize him which was a miracle in itself.

His brother's name is Miurfy and they're all from the DR. Miurfy just moved here a few months ago but his records had not come in yet so we had to look everywhere for them. Then when we finally got them we noticed that his priesthood info was missing. So according to his records, he didn't hold the priesthood. That meant that we had to call up his little branch in the DR and talk with the branch president there to find out his info on his ordination. Finally the day of the baptism we got it all squared away and he was able to baptize his brother.

It was an awesome day for everyone. Miurfy is also looking to serve a mission, in fact he's already 19 but when he moved here they pushed him back a grade in school. So instead of graduating in a couple of months, he still has a whole year ahead of him. Hopefully he can graduate early and get out into the field.

Another cool thing that happened with the Segura family is that Yandel asked me to confirm him. So I got to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost. So twice in seven days I got to confirm someone in Spanish! It was so crazy! I assume I said the important parts right because I only had to do it once.

So the work here is going great! We have two dates set for baptism. Feb 21 with a young girl named Bladys, and DJ for March 31.

We had an awesome miracle with DJ, we told him to study the Book of Mormon with a question in mind and to pray for an answer. So he prayed that he could get work off on Sundays so he could go to church. Then during the week one of the other managers at his work fell of a ladder and broke her legs. So now he has to cover her shifts and now gets every other sunday off! He was so happy about it that he started tearing up and everything. It's kind of funny how it happened, with the lady breaking her legs and everything, but it truly was an answer to his prayers. By getting every other Sunday off DJ can get
baptized, so we are really looking forward to that!

Well, I don't have any lame analogy this week but I do want you all to know that I love you!

Stay sweet and stay classy.

Elder Ty Resendez

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