Wednesday, February 27, 2013

25 Feb 2013


Greetings from............Gardiner, Maine!

Yup, I'm a Mainer again! I did not see this one coming at all, in fact I did not even know where Gardiner was until I got here. So I'm here now, I'm still DL but I have the ZL's in my district which is kinda weird. They are like my boss but I still teach them every week at district meeting. It's also weird because the district is my area, the ZL's and one other area of elders. In other words, I am just in charge of 3 elders now which is a little different from the 7 I had last transfer.

The area here is pretty dead. In fact the entire district is pretty dead. So we're rebuilding everything which is tough and it takes a lot of time and effort. That's what I had to do in Lawrence and it got to the point where things were running smooth, that's when we really started to see the miracles every day. Many hands makes light work, but somebody's hands have to be first. So that's what's up here right now.

Oh! and this area is where Elder Dastrup served like a long time ago so that's pretty cool. I found a picture of him, a can that he signed, and a couple of teaching records he made. So I'm going to be asking around to see if people know and remember him.

So ya, it was super tough to leave Lawrence but I doing better now. I stopped crying which is always good.

So anyways, gotta go. As for Bday stuff, I don't know what I want. I don't really need anything so......surprise me? Haha money's always a good gift I guess. I'll think for one more week and let you know.

Aloha to all of you,

Elder Resendez

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