Sunday, January 13, 2013

7 Jan 2013


Did you know that aloha also means, "I love you." I guess they just use that word for everything in Hawaii.

Well anyways, I hope you all had an amazing new years and made some sweet goals for this next year! My goal is to read the standard works in Spanish! I'm almost done with 2 Nefi already but I started a little early haha. It's going to be a little tough but I'm hoping that it will help me learn even more Spanish. I already understand a lot more than I did just a couple of weeks ago.

Oh and we got transfer calls Saturday night...I survived the cut again! I am staying here with Elder Christensen for one more transfer! Elder Dorantes is staying here too but he's getting a new comp who will be his senior. I also found out that I will be the new District Leader here in Lawrence! It's so nuts! Now I'm super responsible for so much junk that goes on. It was kind of cool cuz my dad (Elder Smith) was the one who called me to tell me that I'd be the next District Leader so we got to bond some more. So now I have a new adventure ahead of me and I really got to step my game up! I always joke with members and people that now that I'm not a junior I need to know what's going on, or at least act like I know what's going on.

So that's what's going on over here right now. Elder Kinyon is dead and we're getting some new people to the district tomorrow. Jelyan and her sister are excited and all set to be baptized January 26 and DJ is good for baptism once he starts getting Sundays off. He has to works Sundays right now and so we challenged him to get them off because he can't be baptized if he never comes to church. It's a tough situation but there's not much that we as missionaries can do about it. So we'll see what happens.

Things are going pretty well over here. Mervin's sister Wanda should be baptized this month so we're looking forward to that among all the other blessings here. At this point I'm a little overwhelmed because of the new responsibilities and stuff but I know that only lasts for a time. Soon it will be cake to me. It also doesn't help that since Elder Kinyon left before the end of the transfer, I had to take a crash course in being the district leader last night haha. I just called up the ZL's and asked them what I was supposed to do and they told me. So my mind is racing pretty fast right now.

I've also been a little under the weather, but just that annoying type of sick where you aren't too sick to go out but you just feel like crap. (Pardon my french, I bet you didn't know I spoke french right?) But it's so not the drama.

Well, I feel like I'm rambling at this point which means I need to be quiet so I'll leave you all now. Just know that I love you! Yes, you. I know you think I'm talking about someone else but I'm not. I'm talking about you. So aloha to you.

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. A member named Hno. Loaiza said something pretty cool yesterday. He told us that when most people cry for those who are departing and rejoice for those who are being born that we should do almost the opposite. Those who are departing are going to a state of rest while those who are entering the world are just getting to the "war" as he called it. Those who have died have finished their course here and we should rejoice for them. And for those being born, we need to realize the importance of their roles and ours in their development. Cool stuff, anyways bye!

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