Wednesday, January 16, 2013

14 January 2013

Hey all you Howlis!

Man this week was crazy! So much happened in the short time that I last wrote to all of you.

So now we have two new missionaries in the district. FYI a district is a group of companionships in the same general area. So there are two companionships in Lawrence and two in Methuen. It's kind of like a ward I guess, and I'm the bishop. A bunch of districts make up a zone (like a stake) and the zones make up the mission. So now as District Leader I'm in charge of getting reports, fixing problems in the areas in my district, teaching the other missionaries on how to better fulfill their potential, and reporting to our zone leaders.

So I have quite a bit on my plate haha. Everyone here says that district leader is the second busiest assignment in the mission, second to assistant to the president. Zone leaders have it pretty easy from what I hear, so Jake I don't want to hear any whining from you. So I'm pretty excited to fix some of the problems that our district has had and to take care of this part of the vineyard, a very fruitful and important part. Thankfully E. Christensen has really stepped up and is no longer a new missionary. He has really helped me to maintain the success in our personal area even with all of the new stuff that I have to take care of. Oh and also, since I'm district leader, everything that happens in my district is my fault haha and President Wilkey makes sure I understand that. So sometimes I have to give a little smack down, or a little piledrive to the face, you know? Just enough to get the point across.

So that's all of my new DL (district leader) stuff. It's fun but very time-consuming. As for our area, Jelyan is doing great! The ward loves her and she's all good to go for Jan 26, but her sister cannot get baptized with her unfortunately. Her parents won't let her, at least not yet. So she will keep coming with Jelyan to church and we'll let the Lord soften their hearts in the meantime.

We also added another baptismal date to our pool, a young woman named Bladys. She has been taught before and knows a lot of the girls in YW's (she's 15 by the way). So we had a lesson last night and brought the YW's president and the laurel's president and had a great lesson. She committed to a date for February 21 and is very serious about getting a testimony about the BOM.

Also, DJ wants to get baptized but he needs to get his Sundays off so he can make it to church. But he's so solid! I love that guy.

And Wanda (Mervyn's sister) is getting baptized the same day as Jelyan, in fact I'll be doing her baptismal interview (that's another DL duty, yes Mal I said duty. I have a lot of duties now, but my favorite is dead guy duty).

It sounds like things are going great back home! I hope they continue to improve, but remember that trials are what make us strong. Keep it up and write me some letters when you get the chance! I'm working on writing letters myself because I have been terrible lately.

Oh, so now in Lawrence there's me, E. Christensen, E. Dorantes, and E. Cordova. E. Cordova is from Ecuador and he has more time in the mission than me. He's from New York but he's a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador. So it's pretty cool to have him here now, we're getting things going!

Well my only thing to say is this: If you are part of a ward council, get your oval chart going. If you don't know what that is, then find out because Elder Perry knows his stuff and he is pushing hardcore for ward councils to use the oval chart. Anyways, stay classy!

Elder Resendez

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