Monday, September 9, 2013

Transfer Time!

Happy P-Day!

This truly has to be a happy P-Day because it will be my very last REAL P-Day. We got our transfer calls Saturday night and I have been called to serve as an Assistant to President Stoker! I'm super excited to be an assistant but it comes with a lot of work which means that my p-days will only be half of what they used to be. I will wait until next week to answer questions about what assistants do because I don't really know just yet. Next week I'll answer all of those questions and more!

It sounds like Thomas and Leif's homecomings went well. I need some pictures of those cute little faces! I can't believe that they're home now. In fact I can't believe that I used to have a life before my mission, it just feels like I've been a missionary forever. It's going to be weird coming home, I'll probably be a weird awkward mess but I don't have to worry about that for another three months so I can prepare myself.

This final week of our transfer was great! We had Dienna come to church with her kids and we set baptismal dates with them. They're progressing well and I'm happy that I'll be able to see them be baptized since I'll be attending church in the same building. I'm hoping that I'll also get to see Ralph be baptized but he isn't all the way in the church just yet. He still needs more time.

Which reminds me of a parable that President Stoker taught us this past week. He spoke of a mother tucking her 5 year old into bed. As she read him a bedtime story the little boy fell out of his bed and onto the hard cold floor. His mother was surprised and asked why he had fallen out and in response the child said, "I fell because I wasn't in far enough." This relates to how we care for those of the church, too many people fall away because they aren't in enough. They don't feel welcome enough or they don't feel needed enough to stay and eventually they fall away. So make sure you tuck in those recent converts nice and tight, mummy-style is my preference, and make sure that they feel needed and wanted in Christ's church.

I love you all and wish you the very best!

Elder Resendez

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4 September 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late email but we had a mission wide leadership council yesterday and Elder Frutos and I helped the Assistants drive up to Vermont and Maine to pick up missionaries for the meeting. Everything went well and we had a pretty good time. Unfortunately Elder Frutos hasn't completed his driving test yet for the big mission van so I had to drive the entire time. It was pretty fun but definitely tiring, we logged a total of 11 hours of driving in those two days. It's nothing incredible but it definitely destroyed our P-Day. That is why we are emailing home today, just FYI.
Things are pretty good over here. There really is nothing to complain about, the work is going, our zone is kicking butt, we have tons of fun with the missionaries in our zone, President is doing great and our fridge started working! But....we might have fleas... Other than that we're great! Elder Frutos and I are getting along great which can only mean one thing.....TRANSFERS! I tell him every day that I am going to be transferred out, which is most likely the truth. He gets a little nervous but he's a great missionary and will help the zone get better. I'm predicting that he'll be my zone leader next transfer so let's see what happens! We have transfer calls on Saturday night so be expecting some big news! This will probably be my last area (the area I'll be going to) so it will be interesting to see what happens.
I don't know what happened but one day I woke up and felt old. All of the missionaries around me are super young and I'm just crusty and old haha. All of these 18 year old elders and 19 year old sisters are really throwing off my groove. But we love them and they are working super hard. The biggest problem is reminding them that they're not in high school anymore, but I'm exaggerating a bit.
This week Elder Hallstrom from the presidency of the 70 came to our mission to talk with President, none of us got to see him but it sounds like they had a good time! We also found out that Elder Nielsen of the seventy will be visiting us in november. We're looking forward to it!
Oops, time is out. I love you all!
Elder Resendez

Monday, August 26, 2013

26 August 2013

Jake's home! I can't believe it's already been two years since I hugged him on his doorstep...

This week was great for us over here. Things are starting to really pick up, we finally had an investigator come to church! She has 5 kids but only brought 4 of them so our headache in finding her a ride was lessened a little bit. She seemed to really enjoy it and we plan on extending a baptismal date to her this week. Oh and her name is Dienna (sounds like Tina but with a "D").

I also went down to Lawrence on exchange which was great, I just love that place. Our zone is still doing awesome, every missionary and every area is contributing to the success which makes us very happy! :D 

This week we moved into our new apartment, yes another new one. Now we live by a couple of members and across the street from a gym, basketball court and our ward mission leader. Our set up is pretty sweet. There are two more weeks left in the transfer so I'm starting to get nervous that I'll be transferred out. Elder Frutos and I play a game where we tell people that each other will be transferred out next transfer. I'm 99.9% certain Elder Frutos will die here (missionary slang that means he will finish his mission and go home) which means I will either stay for 2 more transfers or leave in 2 weeks. But it's a fun game to play because it makes the members start saying how much they are going to miss us. Honestly, we just do it to get free and instant compliments. 

So Mal you did the FAFSA stuff? Sweet! I hope it all works out, I really wish I could take care of this stuff myself but there really is no convenient way for me to do it. Also, I'm going to need a car so if anyone sees a psychadelic 1969 VW Bus kicking around anywhere, feel free to pick it up for me and I'll pay you back. 

And for those of you who want to know, yes it does feel like I'm going home soon. It's tough because you can't completely act like you aren't going home soon but if you act like you are going home then everyone thinks you're trunky. So I just keep comments about home to myself and work as hard as I can. I believe Justin Bieber sings a song about making memories, that's pretty much my mentality when it comes to the remaining 4 months. 

I hope you all have a great week, say hi to Thomas and Leif for me! I miss all of you but I'll see you all soon!

Love, Elder Resendez


Week 1 is in the books! This has been a crazy and awesome week! We opened up two new areas in our zone, Manchester 3 and Lawrence 3. We could be opening up another one next transfer too, we'll see. But the problem is that we have all of these missionaries but no apartments to put them in so the manch3 elders have been staying with us and the law3 elders have been here in manchester walking around all day just talking to people. We're in a weird limbo time but our zone still killed it in our standards. We hit 3 of our 4 zone standards of excellence in just the first week. Things are really looking up for us. 

In our ward yesterday we had 9 missionaries! We also had about 7 investigators as well so it was a mad house! It felt like there weren't any other regular members. We had a bunch of Nepali people there and they loved it. Speaking of which, I got in contact with Indra again! She was the cool Nepalese lady from about a year and a half ago. She told us we could come back so I'm pumped for that! We also had Ralph at church again, he's a great guy and my hope is to see him be baptized in the near future. 

Yesterday I also had the privilege of standing in the circle to give the Aaronic Priesthood to Chuck, the black guy that was baptized a month ago. I knew him from my first stint here and being able to give him the authority of God which had been lost for so long was such an honor. I'm so happy to see how the gospel has changed him and his wife. They're still the most outrageous people I know, but I love them. 

I love you all, make it a great week! 

Elder Resendez

Monday, August 19, 2013

19 August 2013

August is already half way over....Where has the time gone?? Well, we had zone conference this week (President Stoker's first one too) and it was great. We were anxious to see how it would compare to a President Wilkey zone conference and it was different. 100% different. But good! President Stoker had a lot of things he wanted to make clear- like policies, and he also implemented different things such as a mission vision. The vision of our mission is to help every member have significant missionary experiences. Now a lot of our work is centered around working with the members and helping them share the gospel and becoming comfortable with it.
Sadly, I didn't eat any cockroaches this week but we are eating at a roach coach today for lunch so my chances are looking good. This week Elder Frutos and I have a goal to develop our "Man Skills". These include a good number of skills so we will make sure to document all of our undertakings and show you next week!
I'm not sure if I told you already but the week before last I went on exchange to Lawrence and attended a wedding at the church. Well, this week the same thing happened here in Manchester, we got to help out with a wedding for the daughter of our relief society president. It was a great time for everybody, I'm pretty sure Elder Frutos cried 2 or 3 times. He gets pretty emotional sometimes. But anyway, last night I found out that my boy Julio from Lawrence just got engaged! He has been dating a girl for a while and she has been investigating the church. It turns out that she also has a baptismal date and her baptism and wedding are set for next month! So keep your fingers crossed that I get sent back down to Lawrence to finish up, it'd be great!
I hear Jake is home...Let's see some pictures of that gringo! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Make a missionary's day and buy him a slurpee! (unless he's from utah, then you can let him suffer)
Elder Resendez

Monday, August 12, 2013

12 August 2013

I can't believe the twins are already back! Jake, Leif and Thomas are next! Do the Twins have a funny accent? When are they going up to school? Send me some deats!
But anyways! My life was good this week. We had a mission leadership council on Tuesday which meant that the AP's and us had to drive all over the mission picking up zone leaders and sister training leaders. It  was pretty fun though. I got to drive moose for 3 and a half hours all up in vermont. We had tons of fun with the assistants driving for such a long time and hanging out. We ended up crashing at their apartment Tuesday night after all of it was over because we got home at 1230 at night. The next thing we knew President Stoker was calling one of the assistants at 730 in the morning and we were all still asleep! Don't tell him I told you that we slept in but there was no way we were going to hear the alarm at 630.
On Tuesday morning we all got ready super quick and went to IHOP for breakfast since the AP's didn't have any food in their apartment. It was a great time until we moved the syrup holders on our table and a cockroach runs out from underneath! A worker there saw it on our table and came over to kill it but cussed super loudly in the process. We all thought it was pretty funny and didn't really mind. They apologized profusely which was nice but we didn't care about a tiny little bug. But then one elder got his meal and as he started to eat it he noticed something in his eggs. He reaches down and pulls out a cockroach leg from his eggs! So at this point we were all pretty grossed out but finished our meals and showed the waitress the leg. She was super embarassed and gave us the meal for free! So we had a pretty sweet and funny beginning to our day. The moral of the story is: if you are low on cash, pray to find a cockroach in your food!
I gotta go but I love you all and miss you! But don't get trunky on me! I hate trunky missionaries haha. Love you!

Elder Resendez

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Papi! ..and Dad! .....and Capri!

Oh boy! We're on the birthday rush again. This time of year always surprises me and now we have another birthday to add to it. Capri looks great! She's definitely not as scaly and green as Gemma was so that's a relief.. It sounds like everyone had a great and eventful week!

Our week has been pretty good too, we had transfer calls but nothing came our way. Which means Elder Frutos and I will be together for another 6 weeks, but I'm about 90% certain that I'll be done here after those 6 weeks. I'm treating this next transfer like my last one in manchvegas, because it probably will be. I decided to start praying today that I get sent back to Lawrence for my last two transfers, that'd be a great way to end. We also found out that lawrence and manchester are getting new sets of missionaries. That means that each ward will have 6 missionaries so my chances of finishing in lawrence are pretty good but we'll see what happens.

I can't believe it, this transfer will be the one where practically everyone comes home. Once this transfer is over then I'm the only one left, but you know what they say, the first shall be last the last shall be first, right? This is just the time to put my nose down and work like each day is my last. I've been letting a lot of little things get to me lately but I have realized that I can't do that, I need to focus on what I can do and change and give it my all. It's going to be a fun ending but you all will have to let me get some rest when I get home, I don't think I've had a real good sleep for about 20 months haha. Also, I am not changing any diapers, sorry!

So how are Ric and Stella? And Grandma Cathy? And Patriarch Lewis? I haven't been able to write a letter since Gardiner and it's killing me. There just isn't enough time in a day for everything but I'll be sure to do my best to write at least 1 person today!

The craziest stuff that has happened to us have been things that I probably can't mention on here so you'll have to ask me when I get home. My letters have been kind of boring as of late because of that. Things are happening but this isn't the venue to share them. But we did find 5 new investigators this week! We wrecked our zone! It was good because it was more in a week than we had found in 2 transfers. So we're doing well and moving forward. President and Sister Stoker are doing well, they're adjusting and handling problems as they come. They're great people. Oh ya! We just lost another set of office staff, the Benjamin's who went home to washington. They were so great but their mission finally came to and end. It was weird to help them move out because I had helped them move in a year and a half ago. Really a weird deja vu moment. But now we have the Skidmore's and they are great as well.

That's about it for me, I love you all!

Elder Resendez

Monday, July 22, 2013

22 July 2013

I can't believe that we are halfway through July already! Summer will be gone before I know it... Which wouldn't exactly be a terrible thing considering the triple digit weather we had this past week. I also spent a few days in Lawrence walking around in the heat so I've had my summer fun and I'm looking forward to Autumn.

Well this week our zone did awesome! We talked with 664 people! That's a ton of people and way more than we normally get. Our competition really helped because our zone had more of a finding mindset and as a result, each area found a new investigator. That hasn't happened the entire time we have been here. President should be happy about that because I know we are.

So Jase is back? That's awesome! Is his Spanish super good?? I'm so jealous of everyone who got or gets to learn a language like that. I try so hard to learn Spanish but it just isn't possible without someone to talk to. I get to use it once or twice a week but it's not the same. Maybe I'll just sneak down to Costa Rica for a while so I can pick it up better. I'm also looking for a Portuguese-English dictionary because I want to know how to pronounce the language. I have been reading through the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and I can understand it remarkably well. On a mission you develop some interesting hobbies because there is only so much you can actually do. My hobbies right now are basketball and languages. So we'll see how good I can get in the last 5 months!

This week I also got to see Ralph! He came to church and I got to chill with him the whole time. He's doing well and really wants to do the right thing but the world is pulling him back pretty hard. But we are looking to play some basketball with him today which should be sweet. It was really good to catch up with him and I think he is going to catch a little more fire now.

Well that's the update for this week, I love you all! Make it a great week!

Elder Resendez

Monday, July 15, 2013

15 July 2013


I hope everyone is surviving the heat down in Arizona, it has been pretty hot the last few days and this week is just going to get worse. But aside from that things are going well. Our area is still in the same place but we are working our hardest to build it up. We just started a new zone goal and it's geared around weekly finding challenges so it's going to be sweet! This week is the "Talk with Everyone Competition" where we basically talk to as many people as we can. Those who talk to the most people will win a prize! President Stoker is settling in more and more into his role and is getting his feet under him. He's a great man, we just had our interviews on Friday and they went well. Our zone is having some little struggles but we are working with President to smooth them out. It's interesting to work with him because in many cases we know more about the situation than he does but he has inspiration and has given us some great counsel.

It's so crazy to hear about Treyson getting home and a couple others on the final stretch. I have so much time left compared to them, 5 months seems like forever away. Our transfer ends in 2 weeks so we will get to see what changes happen then, I think I'll be leaving which kind of bums me out because I want to leave the area in great condition. So I'm secretly hoping for one more transfer here. I also want to stay here because I get to exchange with the elders in Lawrence each transfer. In fact I will be down there this week and I'm really looking forward to it.

That was probably the lamest letter you'll ever read which can mean only one thing, I need more questions from all of you! Send me an email and ask me to write about something. I love you all! Except you, Leif. You need to write me.

Elder Resendez

Monday, July 8, 2013

8 July 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!
Yes, I got it right this time. The first time I was just testing all of you to see who would fall for it. But this time is the real deal. unfortunately I don't have much time so here we go!
The Stoker's are from Mesa Arizona so I will get to see them plenty after they have finished their missions which is pretty cool. And President told me to come visit him the next time I find myself in Utah. Right now we don't have any baptisms lined up, the work is a bit slow but we are picking it up and working hard. Well that was a really fast 3 minutes, I love you all!
Elder Resendez

Monday, July 1, 2013

1 July 2013

This has really been an eventful week! Two mission calls, a wedding, a new mission president, and tons of great missionary work! It's great to hear about Sydney's call but I think she tried to time it so that she wouldn't have to see me for another 2 years. But it's still great news, does anyone know if she is going straight to the Mexico MTC?

So.....The days of President and Sister Wilkey are officially over. The Stoker's just came in on Wednesday and we helped them settle in to their house on Friday. It's a lot of fun to see the difference between a seasoned mission president and a brand new one. We had a lot of fun catching the Stoker's on their use of the word "guys" instead of saying elders. They are awesome though, Sister Stoker wants to feed the missionaries like crazy and keeps trying to have us over for dinner. She asked us how many times a week we have to make dinner for ourselves and when we said almost every night she was shocked. I guess the missionaries in Arizona get fed every night. Must be nice.. We get fed but we just have to be proactive about setting the appointments up. But anyways! They are awesome and have really jumped into their roles and are doing well.

It's great to hear that Seth is doing better, it must have been watching so many cartoons. I guess T.V. really does melt your brain. Tell him I love him and to write me a letter. Or to have someone write a letter for him.

The pictures of the wedding were great. Hunter looks like a new man, I hardly recognized him! Parker also reminded me of Weston or someone. And yes, Mom, my mouth is watering for some quality Mexican food. I haven't had any for soooooo long. I think I forgot what it tastes like.

Hey! Somebody tell Treyson to man up and write me an email or have him send me some pictures! I haven't seen that kid since he was still a missionary. He's probably engaged by now if all went according to plan. But anyway, Dusti, smack your brother for me.

I love you all, Happy Fourth of July and don't let your dads eat pie!

Elder Ty Resendez

Monday, June 24, 2013

24 June 2013


This has been a good week! We have had some intense things happen. Let me know how Seth is doing, it looks like it was a pretty good scare. Also, send me some pics of the weddings and homecomings that are going on, I want to see everyone!

As for my end of the stick, this week was crazy. We had transfers, my new companion is Elder Frutos from Utah. He's Mexican but not really. I'm more Nexican than him haha but he's great. He's a brand new zone leader so I'm training him on that. It's kinda weird because he goes home a transfer before me so he's older in missionary time. But we are working well together.

I think that this is my last transfer in Manchester. I think I'll go be zone leader somewhere else next transfer but it's a little early to be thinking about that. We had some fun this week taking people to the airport to go home and driving some sisters home to Vermont. We've been driving missionaries all over the place, but I love getting to know the other missionaries so that's fun. But I was surprised that President trusted us to drive 4 sisters all the way to Vermont by ourselves. Not that we would do anything crazy but it's just a change that has come due to the surge of sisters. So it was just weird. 

We also had Jason, Prakash, and Chuck's confirmations yesterday which was awesome! Jason really felt the spirit and is pumped! Then we had the broadcast which was GREAT! If you missed it then I ask you to repent and go on to and read everything about the work of salvation. It was a wonderful broadcast, it also sounds like we will be using the internet a lot more in the coming months. Kind of like Elder Freeman (Weston) did in Montana. So many changes are coming in missionary work, I'm super grateful to be where I am right now to help with the surge. I hope that I can continue by teaching at the MTC after I get home, that'd be #1!

Well, things are going well here, we're doing our best and putting our trust in the Lord. Keep us in your prayers but more importantly, pray for your own missionary experiences!

Elder Resendez

Monday, June 17, 2013

Transfer Time Again!

Well this one is going to be very short today but I hope you all had a great father's day!

So word on the street is that Elder Parsons (my comp) is leaving to be a zone leader else where and I am getting a new zone leader who I will train. So I'm staying here which will be exciting and fun. President and Sister Wilkey will also be leaving the 27 so we will be able to see them off and welcome President and Sister Stoker. Pray for them! Being a new mission president and wife is tough stuff! So things are going to get busy and hectic pretty soon but in the meantime we will continue to enjoy the blessings the Lord gives us.

Just yesterday Manchester Ward had it's first triple baptism in many many years! It was awesome because I was able to take part in helping each one of them progress towards baptism. One of them was a man I helped out the last time I was here, his name is Chuck and he's awesome. He and his wife are recent converts, she was baptized almost a year ago.

So things are going well, I'm excited for transfer meeting, I think I know who I'm getting but no one really knows until it's done. We have a lot coming up but I will have to tell you all about it next week. This week we wrote our final letter to President Wilkey so that's why this letter is so short, so you can get mad at him for hogging all of my time. I love you all and I will try to use a different library next week so I can send pictures! Make it a great week!

Elder Resendez

Monday, June 10, 2013

10 June 2013

Hey Familia!

Happy Father's Day Dad! I hope you have a great day! Too bad we don't get to call for this, dads don't get any perks like moms do.

This week has been pretty hectic but good. We had an exchange down in Lawrence that required a good deal of counseling and problem solving but things are looking much better. We also had some bumps in the road with Jason but he passed his interview and will be baptized with two other people this coming Sunday! We are super excited for it and hope the ward catches fire because of it.

Hey, tell everyone in the ward hello for me and that I love them! Somehow I have forgotten so many names, I can see their faces but if you ask me to give a name I can't quite do it. It's crazy that Treyson will be back home in nine days! His mission is on the same transfer cycle as mine so my transfer ends right when his mission ends. In other words, I'm counting down for him! I bet Uncle Rog is stoked to get his little trouble maker back. Let me know all the dates for my other friends so I know when to stop writing letters to them, because if I send them a letter to their mission and they're already home I'll look like a fool. So that would be great thanks!

Things are going well here, I totally messed with a Portuguese lady this Sunday at church. She doesn't know any English but she loves the missionaries and always gives us super hard handshakes. Well this Sunday she was giving us a different handshake and was saying, "Positivo!" Well when she did it to me I said, "Muito obrigado!" Which is thank you very much (it's the only Portuguese I know, thanks Sister Nunez!) And the Portuguese lady freaked out! She got a huge smile and asked if I knew Portuguese but then I laughed and said no. But she was still super excited that someone talked to her in a language she knew. It was pretty cool.

I got a letter from Uncle Ric and Aunt Stella this past week (THANK YOU!) and it sounds like Grandpa's funeral went well. It has been a weird thing for me, knowing about his death didn't hit me as hard as I thought it would. I just felt peace in the knowledge and testimony that I have. Knowing that he is still my grandpa and that I'll see him again is a great thing.

Well Mom, we are not in the old Manch apartment, they actually moved out of it because it was such a dump. But we are on the other side of Manchester in a totally new apartment. Speaking of which, we keep getting love notes on our door. We've gotten two of them and they are totally for my comp Elder Parsons. I always joke to him about them and we have them hanging up in our place. Well actually just one is hanging up because one of the AP's "confiscated" the other one. He was just jealous of our style. So ya that's been pretty funny and has kept us on our toes.

Um as for BYU stuff, send me what I need to fill out and I can do it. Or tell me what I need to think about. I'll be wanting to room with my buddies that are in Utah but I don't know who that will be just yet. I think Thomas and Jake will be there but we'll see. Just let me know!

I love you all! Take care and do something fun, it's summer!

Elder Resendez

Monday, June 3, 2013

3 June 2013

It's June already!?

Speaking of which, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (to all of the birthdays I missed the last 2 or 3 weeks that I couldn't write home.)

Things in Manchester are great! We are still teaching Jason and he is progressing nicely. His baptism is June 16, right after church and he is stoked about it. We should also be having two other baptisms that day, one is a cool black guy named Chuck who I knew from last year and a Nepalese kid named Prakash. They're all really cool and the ward is going to be so pumped after that. We also just had three new awesome families move in who are excited to be here. So the bishop is just flying around the place with enthusiasm which is rubbing off onto the members. That's been great to see.

Being a Zone Leader is fun, we have a good time with it. I really just like the flexibility and being able to make calls on my own about a lot of things. As a district leader you just do as the zone leaders say but now I get to make some calls which has helped me grow. This past week (or two) we had zone conference and interviews with president. It was our last interview with President Wilkey and it was great! He is definitely going out with a bang, and he's doing it on a personal level. He has really been such an inspiration to me and has helped me so much.

It's so crazy to think that everyone is going home. President and Sister Wilkey are leaving, the office staff are leaving, all my friends go home before me, all the missionaries I know leave before me, I feel like I'm the last one out of the building and it's a really weird feeling. But don't worry, I haven't had a single feeling of trunkiness. If anything I just feel that I need to work harder because the time is getting shorter. So when Fall hits I will be a madman just running around trying to convert everybody haha. But it's been great. It's weird to think that I hit a year and a half this week. Scary huh?

Well, send me some questions or something to talk about. Fill me in on all that's going on at home. And if you've heard of the cds "nearer" and "the lower lights", send them my way ;) (Done!) I love you all! Especially you Mom!

Elder Resendez

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Letter from President Wilkey

A note from Ty's Mission President after his mom sent a picture of his recently deceased grandfather:

Thank you Sister Resendez for this picture AND for this son. I will share it with him. I cannot begin to express my deep love for this young man. Because of that difficult start he had, I bonded with him from that first moment we met and felt very protective of this special soul. I truly love him. You will be stunned by the depth of his soul when he returns home. Thank you for sharing this precious two year "loan". He leaves fingerprints on people's hearts wherever he goes, including this very grateful mission president! We have come to love you as well through this valiant latter-day warrior.

God bless you!
President Wilkey

Monday, May 13, 2013

13 May 2013


So much has changed this past week I don't even know where to start. I'm in a new area, new zone, new comp, new phone, new car, no investigators, my comp and I are new zone leaders so we don't know what we're doing, and I'm the "senior" zone leader (or zone leader 1 as we say) so I have even more responsibility but I'm doing great! I'm back in Manchvegas!!!! Except this time I'm on the north end of the city so I'm where all the nicer houses are. We just opened this area up again so we're starting fresh. We also just opened up the new Manchester Zone which has two districts and 18 missionaries in total. The districts are manchester and methuen which is awesome because lawrence is in the methuen district so I get to go on exchange there! Then in the manchester district we have 4 companionships- the Assistants, the zone leaders (us), the district leader, and two sisters. So we have a power district over here and it's great!

Being a Zone Leader is tons of fun, we get to work with a larger group of missionaries to help them become more effective and efficient in their missionary work. There is so much that goes into it but the biggest one is to just love them and show them that we care about their success more than our own. Then they will trust us and appreciate the correction we give. I love being a zone leader because it also means that I'm not a district leader anymore haha. So I don't have to prepare a lesson for the district each week and I can actually study for my investigators. I have felt the power in doing that this past week and it's amazing! A lot of times I just want to study for myself and study stuff that's cool but when I study the things that matter, it goes a long way. I've had some of the most spiritual lessons in my entire mission the past 2 weeks. Things are picking up and moving faster each day. I haven't even hit 18 months but I feel like I'm rounding the bend so I'm doing my best to sprint through the finish.

I imagine that it was pretty funny to see my face at transfer meeting this past tuesday when they called me to serve as Zone Leader 1 (President left that little piece of info out when he called me saturday night) I was not expecting it at all. I had joked that I would open up the new zone but I didn't actually expect it to happen. Especially in the way that it did happen. But I'm glad and I love it a lot. I'm just hoping that I have a positive influence on the missionaries I serve because that's all that really matters to me right now.

It was great talking to everyone yesterday, I didn't have very much time but I loved it all the same. It sounds like things are going well. Oh by the way my address is the mission office now. So send everything to that address. It's 2 Bedford Farms Dr. Ste. 208 Bedford, NH 03110. Oh hey! Guess what I get to do this week! I get to get certified as a 15 passenger van driver. Our mission has a big van and trailer they use for zone conference and stuff and I get to learn how to drive it. It's called "Moose" and it's a thing of beauty. I'll take a pic of it this week. Oh and I have some sweet pics from transfer meeting coming in next week, I'm already a grandfather....

Well, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! To all of the wonderful women that have helped me in life, you're the best! I wish you all the best!

Elder Resendez

Monday, May 6, 2013

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Hey Everyone!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT STELLA!!! I hope you have a tremendous day because you and Uncle Ric have done so much for me over the years. So you deserve it.

Secondly, we got our transfer calls this past week and.............I'm leaving! I went two and out and left Elder Davis to stay. He is going to become a trainer so he's excited and nervous about that. But he'll do great! Transfer meeting is tomorrow so I'll see what happens there and where I go.

Oh and I'm now a zone leader so....I'm a big boss now. In fact, you might say that I'm pretty much a big deal. I'm just playing, but in all seriousness becoming a zone leader will be a fun and new experience. A lot more responsibility is headed my way! I'm pumped to start being a zone leader and contributing even more to the work here in the NHMM. I'm hoping and praying that they send me to Methuen Massachusetts. It's a new zone and it will have Manchester, Lawrence, and all of the Massachusetts areas which would be sick! I'm not good in rural areas, I need cities. So now instead of being in charge of 6-8 missionaries, I will be responsible for 20 or so. It's a bit of a jump but I'm looking forward to it so badly! I will let you know more about my new area and comp on Sunday when I call home!

Speaking of calling home, I don't know what time I'll call. It will probably be around dinner time our time so make like Scar and "be prepared!" I only have 60 minutes to make all of my calls so keep that in mind when I tell you I have to hang up. I'm not being mean, I'm being an example haha.

The work here has really exploded! We have four baptismal dates right now and they all fall in the next transfer. I'm looking forward to hearing about them all since I won't be here. We also have two on the way, they just need to start coming to church but once they do they will be solid! I've decided that President lets me stay in an area until we get an increase in numbers and then he takes me out right when it gets good. He just makes me look amazing because he removes me from the area before the numbers drop down to normal, so thanks Prez! I'm like the college coach who does well at a school for a couple of years and then leaves for no reason. I just bounce around all over the place. But this area is great, I love it! But Lawrence still has my heart.

Yesterday Bill and Betty Esterline, the greatest couple in Gardiner and possibly the world, made me a goodbye cake! They had us over for dinner and we had steak and all this good stuff. They are so funny, spending time with them is great. So they made me cake and gave me a card wishing me luck. It was an awesome thing, so make sure you show some love to the missionaries where you are. It really goes a long way. Yes Mom, the card was COVERED in glitter, I had to keep it.

Well, things are going great over here. I get to see my father's dying testimony tomorrow at transfer meeting. (Elder Smith is considered Elder Resendez' "father", because he trained him. Missionaries joke that going home is like dying. So his dying testimony is the last testimony he shares before he goes home.) He better not cry. I'll be so embarrassed if he cries... I love you all and wish you the best! READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!

Elder Ty Resendez

Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013

Happy Birthday Elder (Papa) Smith!

Yes, today is my trainer's birthday! It's a great occasion for all of us to celebrate so go out and buy a cake for yourself. Speaking of Elder Smith, I have some great stories from this past week! First off, this week we had a zone meeting with about 20 or so missionaries, one of which being my dad, Elder Smith. Well Elder Smith and I have had some playful banter as of late which has grown into a sort of competition. I made a joke that he couldn't do pushups and so he challenged me to a push up contest at zone meeting during lunch in front of everyone. I accepted and trained my heart out for it. Then right as we broke for lunch during zone meeting Elder Smith came up to me and asked if I remembered how Rocky 3 ended. It ended with Rocky and Apollo fighting with each other to see who was the better boxer but his point was where they did it. They fought in the gym by themselves, so his point was that a matter such as this should be settled behind closed doors. I consented and then completely DESTROYED him in push ups! 39-26 was the score when he finally gave up and gave me the victory. It was such a wonderful moment, definitely made it into my journal.

Well story #2 has to do with miracles. We send voicemails of miracles to our zone leaders who send them to the entire zone in an effort to pump each other up to do the work. Saturday night we got one of the funniest miracles ever, it was an 8 minute rant from Elder Smith about how they found 12 new investigators and how their area was so much better than ours. He even said that one of the lessons they taught was better than his entire mission, including his time in manchester and all of his former companions and trainees haha. He finally ended it by saying, "and just remember, Zone Damariscotta (his area) is better than Gardiner! Have a good night!" Elder Davis and I were dying from laughter it was so great. We found out the next day that the miracle was completely fake but we still have it on our phone because it's so funny. So I plan on getting him back this week before he dies, I just need to actually find 12 new investigators.

Everything else here is going well. We are pushing forward, we have three people working for baptism and should add another three this coming week. We're super stoked about the work here but it's a bittersweet thing. Our ward is losing a ton of people this summer and the Augusta ward is shrinking too. We think we might end up merging with them, which would be weird. We're also getting sister missionaries to work in here as well soon. There's a lot of stuff going on with not enough time, but that's normal right?

President Wilkey only has one transfer left! It's so hard to see him transitioning everything to the new mission president. We are going to miss him so badly, but it's time for him to go home and rest. Boy does he need rest. He is such a remarkable man. I can't say enough about him. The same goes for Sister Wilkey, she is so great. It's like having two mission presidents because she is equally yolked with president.

Well, transfer calls are this Saturday night and we expect something to happen. But we have no idea what the result might be. Transfers are always a surprise and are stressful. I'd enjoy another stay in Gardiner but I wouldn't be devastated to leave it so I'm kind of on the fence. My comp has been here only one transfer more than I have, so either one of us could go, but I think he will more than I think that I will.

As for college and civilian life, I have no idea what I am going to do. I assume I'll just go back to BYU and find a job. But then there's also BYU-Hawaii and there's always just work for a while. So I don't know what to do right now but suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Well, it's already May, summer is just around the bend. I can't believe how fast this year is going already. If only I could slow down time eh? Then I'd be the most effective missionary ever!

So hey! Send me some pictures/questions/letters/goodies/anything you want! I love anything and everything, but I mainly love you. So just pretend like you care about me, thanks!!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Those pictures of Stephen's marathon were sweet!

Monday, April 22, 2013

22 April 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMMA!! (Not like I would know, I haven't even met you after all...)


I've decided that I want to live in Hawaii long enough to give me the ability to start every talk by yelling, Aloooooooohaaaaa! It's a dream of mine that is basically the driving factor in my day to day life. So anyways, this week has been pretty good. We have were trying really hard to find some new investigators and we found 2! Woo! It wasn't as good as we had hoped but we also got 5-6 referrals which is off the hook! We're pumped about that.

Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot to write about this week. We just hit the pavement and got to work. I've had a spiritual awakening again, those are good right? I've decided that everyone, including myself (especially myself) needs to be off the fence. There's no use standing on the fence when it comes to the gospel. You either live it or you dont. You can't be perfect but you can be improving. So either improve as best you can or just forget about it. Complacency, apathy and procrastination have no place in the gospel. I was also thinking of Samuel the Lamanite and how he stood on the wall to testify to the people. He put himself out there, outside of comfort and convenience, outside of safety and security. He did it because he understood the gospel. He knew it wasnt just a good idea or a reasonable philosophy. He knew it was true and he put himself out there, apart from the world and everything else. He was a true missionary. I have really taken to heart the idea of standing on the wall of testimony, not caring about what fears or doubts or trials that may be headed straight for you. Samuel did his part and left unscathed because he had the faith to stand firm, not to cower or flinch or hide. In the gospel we need to be firm and faithful. We need to stand for what we know, and if we don't know it we need to find out. This is eternal life, the plan and purpose for our creation. So don't treat it like a sunday only thing, or something to live in convenience or something to put off until later. In seminary we went through a period (thanks to Elder Lewis) where everyone gave an insight from Romans 1:16. Now anytime I read that scripture I think of Treyson getting everyone to use that as their insight and it makes me laugh. But it's a great scripture. We shouldn't be ashamed yet many and most of us are. So as us missionaries like to do I am going to be blunt and say, get over yourself. This is too important for you to get in the way. Make the gospel your life and your life will be joy. That is God's work and glory after all. (Moses 1:39)

I love you all and hope you make it a great week! Go and watch some conference, it's good for you!

Elder Resendez

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 April 2013

Hey Hey Hey!

What a crazy week! I feel like one of the Nephites from 3 Nephi when Christ visits and teaches the people of the Americas. They could only handle so much correction, reflection, and teaching. This week started off with a trip to Manchester for a training meeting that just blew my mind. Then we went right to an exchange with the zone leaders which taught me even more. Then we capped off the week with 10 hours of conference filled with revelation and insights. I was waiting for someone to tell me to take a day off to rest and reflect on what had been taught, but no such direction was given.

One of the greatest insights I received was, "In order to make a difference in the world around you, you must first make a change in yourself." Much too often I seek for ways to change my environment, or the people around me to fit my perception of the world and how it should be. But the gospel is meant to change the heart and nature of the man which in turn changes his environment for the better. A lot of times we can make the change by being more obedient, serving more and just plainly doing more. But we must also become something more if we are to make a complete change and the way to do so is taught by (my favorite man) King Benjamin. We are taught to put off the natural man and become a saint through the atonement of Christ. A study from chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel shows us further the way to make this change. And for me it came in the form of Charity. Mormon (my other favorite) puts it so well in Moroni 7, that we must pray with all the energy of heart for that changing power of charity. More specifically I found that my change must come in my attitude. I need to be more optimistic by refraining from negative comments and thoughts. Imagine that! Me, a missionary, needs to stop having negative thoughts! But, don't missionaries just dream of ponies and scriptures all day long?? Well, ponies are nice, and ponytas are nicer but reality begs to differ. So I decided to have my companion call me out any time that I voice a negative thought or comment so I can have more charity. I just love conference takeaways! If you don't have any sweet takeaways then I challenge and admonish you to watch it again and look for some.

There wasn't too much normal proselytizing time here in Gardiner this past week but we did find out that Zack and Tawny (the cool DnDers) are moving in 2 weeks to Arkansas. It's very unfortunate but there's nothing we can do except refer them to the elders down there. Also, Josh is doing great! He couldn't watch conference because he was at his mom's house but we will get to see him this week which is awesome. I can't wait until he gets baptized and serves a mission. He'll be a great missionary, I can already tell.

So I didn't pull any April fool's day pranks but I did put my comps gummy vitamin on a mousetrap this morning. I thought I would get him for sure....but alas, he got away. Maybe next time I'll put it on the floor next to his bed so I get him as he gets up in the morning...Well I love you all and hope you had a great weekend. Remember...obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings miracles!

Elder Resendez

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Passover!

Shalom Shabbat!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter, or more appropriately an enjoyable Passover week which doesn't end until tomorrow. So that means keep looking for treats! From reading Jesus the Christ I have seen the significance of the Jewish holidays and how they relate to present day Christianity and it's super cool. So I now officially celebrate the Passover, but I just call it Easter for convenience and also for candy.

So I have a miracle that I forgot to tell all of you! The other day I was looking at my suits and thinking to myself, "Self. Your suits are really getting quite dirty. This winter has not been very kind to them and you are on the verge of looking homeless. You might consider buying a new suit sometime." Well within 24 hours of that enlightening interaction I looked at my suits again but this time I saw something different. So I pulled back my group of clothes and looked into the dark and scary corner of my closet and I saw a clean pressed suit! It's dark with pin stripes and it somehow fits perfectly. At first I thought it must be my comps, but there's no way because his stuff is on the other side of the closet. Plus if it was his then he would recognize it on my body. Then I thought, maybe I'm just imagining it (which I really hope isn't the case because that would mean I'm emailing in the Maine Capitol Library without any clothing on) but that didn't seem to be the case either. So I just chalked it up as a miracle and expressed my gratitude. I really don't know how it happened but I can't deny the suit that's on me right now so I know it happened. The moral of the story is to never be afraid to believe. Yes, you may quote me on that.

Back to missionary work! We set a date this week! We set a date with a cool kid named Josh. He is working towards the first of June and he's doing amazing. In fact he showed us yesterday at church where he had been reading in the Book of Mormon. He found out that when Nephi talks about the Lamb of God, he is referring to Christ. He was so excited about finding that that he couldn't wait to show us. We are also super close to setting two more dates with these two awesome kids named Haley and Dylan. They're ever so close but their parents need to offer some more help, so that's where the focus of our work will be. But Gardiner is picking up! We have seen many blessings and miracles lately and I attribute all of them to the Passover. They are like Christmas miracles, but Passover Miracles. If you don't understand why, don't worry. I'll explain when I get home.

Easter was pretty sweet for us. On Thursday everyone had on their cranky pants and one kid tried to hit me with a cup of water. But he throws like a sissy so he missed. Yes, I did feel like Samuel the Lamanite for a second. Actually, the crankiness got so bad that there was a knife fight out in the front of a grocery store. That kind of stuff just doesn't happen here in Gardiner so everyone was freaking out for a day.

Then on Saturday everyone got super nice and happy. They were honking at us, and waving at us, and telling us to keep up the good work. I felt like I was in Utah for a while from the love we were getting. Then we had Easter dinner with a cool member family, but it made me miss Lawrence. White people are so stiff when it comes to meals and parties. I felt out of place eating with them because they were all prim and proper. I made a facetious comment during dinner and they didn't seem to appreciate it too much. They weren't mad but they didn't laugh either. It was really funny, Elder Davis and I laughed about it later.

So ya, when the missionaries come to eat, feel free to be normal and cool with them. But please, keep the Spirit! You can be cool and have the Spirit at the same time. Stiffness isn't a fruit of the Spirit, at least it isn't in Galatians. But then we made an Easter bunny house out of sugar cookie. Instead of making a house, we decided to make a mess. And it was a lot of fun. I didn't get any pictures but it was fun so you'll just have to trust me.

Hey Mom! Thank you for the birthday package! It was the bomb! I really loved the card, seriously it was the best part. But I haven't gotten the Easter thing yet so I'll keep looking. But I'm going to be in Manchester for 2 days cuz I'm in trouble so I'll tell Elder Davis to look for it. But I will give you a preemptive thank you! And no, I'm not really in trouble. It was a joke. And probably a bad one, sorry. I hope you all had a wonderful Passover week and I hope to hear from you soon! Remember to keep the commandments and watch general conference with a question in mind!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Yes actually, that is a sabbath greeting that a hispanic member taught us, and yes the spelling is incorrect.

Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013

Hey there you young wippersnappers, get off my lawn!

Sorry, I've been trying to perfect my old man language so I can fit in ever since I turned 21. It's really not as easy as everyone makes it out to be, there's an entirely different set of terms for everything. For example, a simple word like internet can be rendered as, "the internet" "the computer" "the dial-up" and the weirdest one, "the worldwide web". And for some reason every kid I talk to gets angry when I ask him what type of Nintendo he's playing. It's inconceivable!

So my life has become very complicated as of late. In fact I can't seem to go up stairs like I used to. Last Monday I was finished with my laundry and as I ran up the stairs my shoe caught the ledge of one of the final steps and I ate it. Mind you I was holding two bottles of detergent and couldn't brace my fall so I just had to sit and watch as the corner of the door frame and my face met each other. Thankfully I wasn't knocked out but I did feel pretty stupid and I had wished that it had just knocked me out so I didn't have to face anyone. But I was fine and just ended up with a huge goose egg on my head, in fact I still have a little bump. So in short, getting old stinks!

As for the rest of my birthday, it went well. I didn't get a cake but I did get a sweet bottle of cider that my ZL and I enjoyed (thanks Mal!). We didn't get anymore snow but there's still a little bit on the ground. It should be gone by the end of today, we hope.

The area here is still struggling but it's picking up little by little. We're teaching more than we were at the beginning of the transfer and we have an awesome kid praying about a baptismal date. His name is Josh and he's super tight! So he has been a miracle but we are still pushing forward and doing to work.

I don't think I have told any of you yet but we have some awesome investigators here. There's a group of about 6 or 7 of them that we refer to as Zack and the crew. They're all a bunch of hilarious 20 year old DnD players that are super down to earth. They're so cool that on Saturday they took us to a Chinese buffet for my birthday! They have also known missionaries for many years now and they have a tradition of giving to missionaries nicknames. They give them names based on whatever they think of as they talk with the missionary so some have nicknames like Megatron, Bowser, Iggy, and so forth. Well they gave me my nickname but I don't get it at all. My name is Costello. I don't know what it means but it sounds italian so its cool with me. But anyways, they're super awesome and really funny.

So for those of you who don't know, there has been a change in the missionary rules and we can now email whoever we want as long as they are not girls inside the mission boundaries. So if you find emailing easier than writing a letter (weird, I know.) feel free to send me an email and I may write back quickly!

And we are starting a new transfer today and there weren't any changes so I will be in Gardiner for another 6 weeks! Just some fyi for you all. I was kind of expecting to be transferred out from what some missionaries had told me but nothing ended up happening. But it did make transfer call night overly stressing.

Well I don't want to bore my fanbase anymore so I'll get headed out the door but keep it real and stay classy!

Elder Resendez

Monday, March 18, 2013

18 March 2013


So today my companion told me that even though I had a companion from Hawaii, I'm not allowed to say Hawaiian things. Like howzit, dakine, dose, and so on. But I told him that he is mistaken and that I'm going to use them even more now that he said that. I know, I'm such a rebel.

Anyways, this week was incredible! We had interviews with President Wilkey and then we had a broadcast with Elder Ballard, Elder Christensen and Elder Eyering (the area seventy, not the apostle). The broadcast was great, they basically corrected us and taught us how we can be better missionaries. Elder Ballard specifically taught that in order to effectively preach the gospel, we must be masterful teachers. We have to teach as the Savior did, and that's no small task. So my goal now is to become a masterful teacher through two scriptures, D&C 84:85 and D&C 33:8. Look those up when you get the chance.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ lately and something that our mission does is we read the last week of the Savior's life from the gospels as Easter, or the Passover, approaches. Well I just so happen to have read up to the ending part of Jesus the Christ and I am in the last week of Christ's life. Last year I read the last week of the Savior's life and received some great inspiration but this year I'm going to read it from Jesus the Christ and I expect to gain a much deeper appreciation for this season.

I really love the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. Reading them used to be a burden and a challenge but now it has become a strength and a necessity. I love the scriptures, and I love teaching. I never thought I would say that but I really love expounding the scriptures with others and feeling the Spirit. That's why I love Elder Holland so much, it is impossible to hear that man speak without feeling the Spirit or his love for the gospel. Many times when I teach I try to emulate him because of the power he brings into lessons. I highly recommend looking up "missionary work and the atonement" by Elder Holland, it's amazing!

Interviews were pretty great too, I love spending time with President Wilkey. He is one of the greatest leaders I have ever met. In my opinion, a leader needs to be someone who does what I cannot. Otherwise why follow their example or try to learn from them? And President Wilkey does just that, he is more obedient than any of the missionaries, more diligent, more sincere, more Christlike, and just better in every way so as to make him the perfect leader for me. I'm really going to miss him when he leaves, but at least he lives in Utah!

Anyways aloha to you all!
Elder Resendez

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 March 2013

Hey Everybody!

So...I have terrible, devastating news. I'm super depressed about it but I'll answer some questions before I get to the horrible part of my letter.

How was last storm in Maine?
-It really wasn't too bad, except for the snow everywhere and then when it melts you have dirt everywhere. Other than that it's not bad. Honestly, it was worse in Lawrence so I haven't had anything terrible, and probably wont since winter is ending.

Tell us about your area (rural, culture) and companion? Sam Dastrup says you are in the best area ever.
-So my area is a couple of minutes outside of Augusta so a lot of people in the area work at the capital but live in Gardiner. It's full of houses but the houses are spread out so it's not convenient to walk around. It's full of white people and a lot of people are on welfare and government support. The Catholic church is really big here but that's no surprise. My comp is cool, he's a military guy that likes sports and all sorts of good things. His name is E. Davis from Utah. No joke, I see Elder Dastrup's name every day but I haven't asked around to see if people remember him yet.

Any Spanish ops?
-Just one but it is a LA family in augusta. It was so fun to talk to them in Spanish! I loved it!

Is this near where you were before?
-Kind of but not really. It's in a different zone and a different stake. But it's closer. Gardiner has a lot more people in it than Skowhegan. And Lawrence is super far away from here...:(

Do you see old friends/contacts?
-Nope, everyone here is new. Except my new zone leader came out with me from the MTC so I got to see him again.

So for the terrible news...We are having an apostle give a special broadcast to our mission and the Boston mission this Saturday! Isn't that terrible?? Oh wait, I didn't say the bad part, well evidently he asked that all missionaries within 90 minutes of Boston come to the Cambridge chapel to be present for the broadcast. Guess what that means, the Lawrence district is going to Boston to see an apostle speak!!! NOOOO!!!! I'm so jealous! I'm literally green with jealous rage right now! My companion laughed at me when we got the news because my face totally dropped. I spent almost 8 months there but as soon as I leave, this happens haha. It wasn't very funny. Also, Chase Richardson is in the Boston Mission so I could have gotten to see him there at the broadcast. So yes, my world is falling apart and I'm a mess. But it's ok, I'll get over it one of these days. Hopefully.

So ya, I'm really intrigued about this broadcast. My guess is that the mission boundaries are changing but I also don't know anything and can't make educated guesses. So that will be the hot topic next week so stay tuned!

Oh and another bday idea: ties. Any kind of tie is good as long as it's mission approved. I love you all and hope things are great! Things are warming up here and the work is moving forward, slowly but surely. But also very slowly so I'm going to have to kick it into shape! Keep me updated with the happenings of life, especially regarding the Gilbert temple! What's up with that thing?? Anyways, peace, love, and chicken grease!

Con amor,
Elder Ty Resendez

Monday, March 4, 2013

4 March 2013

Hello Hello!

I hope all is well down there in toasty Arizona! We have been having fairly decent weather up here in Maine. It's been a little rainy/snowy/muddy which makes driving really interesting. For some reason they thought it would be a good idea to give two 20 year old guys a 2013 Chevy Cruze during mud season in Maine. We have almost gotten stuck a few times, but thankfully my driving skills are boss!

Well for those of you who don't know my new address is 35 Neal st in Gardiner ME 04345 apt B. But if you just send the letter to the mission office then I'll get it no matter where I am. But for packages, they need to come here to Gardiner.

Well things are going well down here, the area is growing little by little. I was able to speak some Spanish on Saturday while I was on exchange in Augusta. We met with a less active family who speaks mostly Spanish and it was a lot of fun to talk with them. They're super awesome and are preparing for the temple so the visit was amazing. Oh and they fed us empanadas, so it really couldn't have been much better.

Regarding the transfer process, it is different for every mission and it is based on the mission president's preference. As for our mission, we get a call on Saturday night that tells us if we are being transferred, if there are no changes to our companionship then we do not get a call. But when they call they just say who is being transferred and what they are going to be (Junior, Senior, District Leader, etc.). So we have no clue where we are going except for the clue on what you are becoming. For example, if you are becoming a zone leader, then you know you're going to one of the 6 zone leader areas. Then the Tuesday following the transfer calls we have transfer meeting in Manchester. Usually you travel down there unless it is very inconvenient for your travel plans. At transfer meeting they announce the changes in the areas over the pulpit and send you off as soon as the meeting is over. So it's a huge guessing game, especially since we aren't allowed to talk to other districts and zones about who is being transferred. So it's fun but stressful at the same time.

It's so crazy to think that we are already in March, before I know it it's going to be the end of the transfer and April! It's crazy how fast the time goes, it really doesn't ever slow down. So speaking of March....I know it's my birthday soon but guess what!? I don't have a wish list! I have decided that I don't really need anything at the moment so I don't want anyone to feel like they need to get me something. If you feel like it, then it's greatly appreciated but not expected. Honestly, food and money are the only things that come to mind but that's as much help as I'm going to give so ha!

So have you heard about the new edition of the scriptures!? They should be out August 2013! Go to to check them out! I guess all of the changes made are only for study aids and spelling so it's not like the doctrine is different or anything like that. But it's still pretty cool. Unfortunately I think they kept the Song of Solomon in there, but you know, whatever.

Oh and this transfer is only 5 weeks, I think all of the missions are trying to match up better with the MTC so I've heard of other missions having a longer transfer and others a shorter one. So we got the short end of the stick...get it?

Well, things are going well here, I'm stoked that Cohen and DJ are leaving soon, they're going to love it! So write to me and tell me how things are going back home! Aloha to you all!

Elder Ty Resendez

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

25 Feb 2013


Greetings from............Gardiner, Maine!

Yup, I'm a Mainer again! I did not see this one coming at all, in fact I did not even know where Gardiner was until I got here. So I'm here now, I'm still DL but I have the ZL's in my district which is kinda weird. They are like my boss but I still teach them every week at district meeting. It's also weird because the district is my area, the ZL's and one other area of elders. In other words, I am just in charge of 3 elders now which is a little different from the 7 I had last transfer.

The area here is pretty dead. In fact the entire district is pretty dead. So we're rebuilding everything which is tough and it takes a lot of time and effort. That's what I had to do in Lawrence and it got to the point where things were running smooth, that's when we really started to see the miracles every day. Many hands makes light work, but somebody's hands have to be first. So that's what's up here right now.

Oh! and this area is where Elder Dastrup served like a long time ago so that's pretty cool. I found a picture of him, a can that he signed, and a couple of teaching records he made. So I'm going to be asking around to see if people know and remember him.

So ya, it was super tough to leave Lawrence but I doing better now. I stopped crying which is always good.

So anyways, gotta go. As for Bday stuff, I don't know what I want. I don't really need anything so......surprise me? Haha money's always a good gift I guess. I'll think for one more week and let you know.

Aloha to all of you,

Elder Resendez

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

18 February 2013


The great and dreadful day has come.... I've been transferred out of Lawrence. I'm staying district leader but I'm moving to a new district. The rest of the apartment is staying and E. Cordova is replacing me in my area. But none of them will be DL, the DL is in another area. So I'm hoping and praying that I don't get sent to the boonies and that I get to keep up with my Spanish. A lot of changes are being made here, there's 22 new missionaries coming in so they're opening up a new zone, I really hope our mission gets extended and we absorb the Nashua stake. That'd be a dream come true! Then I'd get to visit Lorreny in Lowell! So yes sadly I am leaving so send everything to the mission office, NOT THE APARTMENT. Because I will not get it. So thats the word on the street, I don't have much time to write to you all because we're in best buy and I gotta pack and junk, but I'm gonna send more pics next week of all of my lawrence homies!

I love you all!

Elder Ty Resendez

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

11 February 2013 - Happy Valentine's Day!


Man this week was soooooooo crazy! So I assume most of you heard about the storm (Nemo or something like that) that hit us. It dumped over 3 feet of snow all over the place! And when the plows push it to the side it makes like 5-6 feet of snow on the sidewalks! It's so crazy, and it's snowing again today... So we'll see how much more it snows. And despite all of the snow we still went out and worked as much as we could. We could still get to our appointments but it just took a lot longer to walk there, plus it was dangerous because we could only walk on the roads which were super narrow. But the plows didn't chop off my legs like I thought there were going to many times so I'm fine! My only question now is, how long does it take for 5 feet of snow to melt? Because I imagine it takes a long time.

We also had zone conference this week up in Maine, dreaded Maine... The main focus of the conference was the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it in all that we do. It was cool because Elder Christensen turned to me and asked, "Why are we learning this? Don't we already do this stuff?" I had to chastise him to humility but it did feel good to know that we are appreciating the power of the Book of Mormon in the process of conversion. So zone conference was pretty fun for us even though we couldn't find anyone to take us 2 hours into maine until the night before the conference. That was a little stressful but we made it so it's all good.

Also! Now Mom, this is the part of my letter that you skip and never read or wonder about haha. So this past week I went to Methuen on exchange with another missionary and our day started of sweet! We were finding new people for them to teach and things were really rolling until about 3 pm..... So at 3 we went to contact a former in a building inside the city of Lawrence. So we found the building, parked on the side of the street and walked in. We met the lady, set up a return appt, helped a guy in the stairs carry his stuff up and got an appt with him. So basically we were on cloud 9 when we returned to the car. So we get to the car, I open the back door and toss my
bag in the backseat and shut the door. As I shut the door I hear glass shatter on the ground. I looked over at the window to my seat and there's a giant hole in it! There was shattered glass all over the place, especially on my seat (thanks a lot, now where am I going to sit?) and the gps and stuff was totally gone! No, it wasn't my gps that was stolen, I still have mine. But it did belong to the missionary who took my spot in Lawrence during the exchange so he didn't even know that it was stolen until we
called him and told him. We felt so bad that it got stolen but we didn't do anything wrong. We put the gps in the middle console but the person just broke the glass and grabbed all of the gps stuff. We were seriously gone for 10 minutes, we had parked within sight of the Lawrence Police Dept., and it was 3 in the afternoon and our car got jacked haha. I couldn't believe it. We had to file a report with the police and they told us that it was probably a cocaine addict who saw us park and just jumped on the opportunity. I talked with some people in the area and found out that I could probably find the gps again but it would be in a store being sold for twice as much as normal. Crazy people! So that was a pretty fun experience haha. Like I said, I had a crazy week.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! We're all nervous over here because transfer calls are this saturday so we'll see what happens. Also, because of the change in mission president we are having a 5 week transfer (a normal transfer is 6 weeks fyi) in March, so this next transfer we lose a week in the transfer. So I guess everyone in the mission will lose a week from their mission which means that instead of finishing my mission Dec 7 I will finish like 2-3 days after thanksgiving. I have also heard from many people that if a missionary goes home close to a major holiday like that the pres sends them home before. So I know this is a long ways away but we just found out about it so I thought I'd let you all know. And don't worry, I don't think about this at all but I just remembered and thought it might be important to tell you so I don't end up like the guy off of The RM. Who gets home and everyone and freaks out because they think he came home early. So just an fyi, a lot depends on the new mission pres so I'll let you know what's going to happen by the end of the year!

I love you all! Keep up the great work! I'll write on our investigators next week, I just had so much other stuff to tell you that I ran out of time! Ciao!

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. Elder Dorantes and Elder Cordova said that my spanish (from 1-10) is a 7, so that was pretty cool. Hopefully it will be a 10 by the time I get home! I never thought I'd be able to say I learned spanish, especially in 6 months...crazy stuff!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Letter from the Mission President

New England Snow Storm All Clear:

As you might know, a major winter snowstorm is upon us in New England. All Missionaries are safe and accounted for, and I will be receiving regular updates on EVERY area of the mission in the next two days from district leaders to zone leaders to my assistants.

We are expecting from 1-2 feet of snow, frigid temperatures, blizzard conditions and some power outages. That’s the bad news. The good news is that New England is known for these conditions, and we feel prepared to deal with this storm. Vermont and Northern New Hampshire will be impacted the least, but the southern part of the mission and coastal areas will experience the brunt of this storm.

As a precaution, I have grounded the entire automobile fleet through Sunday morning with the exception of the western part of our mission and they are to stay within 5 miles of their apartments. Missionaries will largely be in their apartments or doing service projects close thereto.

Thank you for your prayers. We’ll be safe because of your faith and prayers. If conditions worsen I will apprise you, but at this point let this mighty work roll forward come snow, or snow, or snow!

Monday, February 4, 2013

4 February 2013


Man this week was crazy! We had so much happen to us this week. We have worked so hard and seen so many miracles. If I ever knew that this church, doctrine, and work was true, it is now.

This week we were blessed to witness another baptism. This was the son of a family who is making it's way back to the church. His name is Yandel (pronounced Jandell) and he's an awesome kid. His family (the Segura family) are so great! His brother was able to baptize him which was a miracle in itself.

His brother's name is Miurfy and they're all from the DR. Miurfy just moved here a few months ago but his records had not come in yet so we had to look everywhere for them. Then when we finally got them we noticed that his priesthood info was missing. So according to his records, he didn't hold the priesthood. That meant that we had to call up his little branch in the DR and talk with the branch president there to find out his info on his ordination. Finally the day of the baptism we got it all squared away and he was able to baptize his brother.

It was an awesome day for everyone. Miurfy is also looking to serve a mission, in fact he's already 19 but when he moved here they pushed him back a grade in school. So instead of graduating in a couple of months, he still has a whole year ahead of him. Hopefully he can graduate early and get out into the field.

Another cool thing that happened with the Segura family is that Yandel asked me to confirm him. So I got to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost. So twice in seven days I got to confirm someone in Spanish! It was so crazy! I assume I said the important parts right because I only had to do it once.

So the work here is going great! We have two dates set for baptism. Feb 21 with a young girl named Bladys, and DJ for March 31.

We had an awesome miracle with DJ, we told him to study the Book of Mormon with a question in mind and to pray for an answer. So he prayed that he could get work off on Sundays so he could go to church. Then during the week one of the other managers at his work fell of a ladder and broke her legs. So now he has to cover her shifts and now gets every other sunday off! He was so happy about it that he started tearing up and everything. It's kind of funny how it happened, with the lady breaking her legs and everything, but it truly was an answer to his prayers. By getting every other Sunday off DJ can get
baptized, so we are really looking forward to that!

Well, I don't have any lame analogy this week but I do want you all to know that I love you!

Stay sweet and stay classy.

Elder Ty Resendez

Monday, January 28, 2013

28 January 2013


Long time no see eh? Sorry about not sending a letter the past week, there was a holiday or something like that. I also didn't feel like bothering the good people at Best Buy anymore so we just played board games and stuff instead. Plus Elder Cordova has intense board games that last half of the day so we kept pretty busy.

It's hard to think that January is coming to an end already! Thankfully there hasn't been hardly any snow here, that has been a great blessing for us. But it has been bitterly cold here. However, despite the cold we had an amazing week!

Jelyan got baptized! This has been such an awesome miracle in her life as well as in ours. She has changed so much since we first found her on the street (which was E. Christensen's first week in the mission field by the way). She has overcome so many obstacles and progressed so much. It has truly strengthened my testimony of the converting power of the gospel, especially through the Book of Mormon. We noticed that up until she started reading the Book of Mormon on her own, she was just kind of progressing little by little but not by much. Then almost overnight everything changed. She started reading on the way to work (using the gospel library app) and started progressing like crazy. She began to understand the doctrine better and feel the Holy Ghost more in her life. She was happier and could feel the difference when she kept the commandments versus when she didn't.

Now she is on fire and we are hoping to get her a calling in the next couple of weeks. A tender moment for me personally was after her baptismal service. Amid the confusion of people conversing and eating refreshments (we're in Lawrence so of course there are refreshments!) I went up to Jelyan and congratulated her on the baptism. She replied saying,"Thank you for bringing me here." That short sentence carried so much truth and conviction in it that I was taken aback. She understood that her baptism was more than just a requisite for the kingdom of God, but rather that she was entering into the fold of Christ. She was becoming a part of the kingdom of God here on earth, which is only an extension of the Heavenly Kingdom. Needless to say, I was greatly impressed by her inspired comment. No doubt it was spoken by the Holy Ghost.

Something that I have come to understand greatly during my mission is the spiritual progression of the individual. Many times, if not always, we want the answers and results immediately. We want to know how to put the entire puzzle together instead of seeing how each little piece fits in with the others. But unfortunately for some of us patience is a Godly virtue that is needed to fulfill the commandment given in 3 Nephi 12:48. I have realized that we control how fast we progress but that progression is nonetheless gradual. We have to go piece by piece until we finish the entire puzzle.

Now a bigger problem that people have is that they may see a piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit in with the pieces that they have presently and therefore regard it as an error. Or they look at the new piece and decide that neither that piece nor the pieces they have are correct and throw out all of them. They lose sight of the eternal goal and forget the architect that created the puzzle. We need to know that we won't understand everything when we want to and that just because we don't understand it doesn't mean it isn't correct or of God. People think I understand the gospel or the church perfectly, but I don't. I don't understand all that much. But what I do understand I know to be true and I love it. I cherish it and will not throw it out if a weird piece comes into play.

I hope that we all can hold onto those things that we love and look for a better understanding of the things of God. I love you all and miss you, now go out and be a missionary!

Wolverines! (Our district war cry)

Elder Ty Resendez

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

14 January 2013

Hey all you Howlis!

Man this week was crazy! So much happened in the short time that I last wrote to all of you.

So now we have two new missionaries in the district. FYI a district is a group of companionships in the same general area. So there are two companionships in Lawrence and two in Methuen. It's kind of like a ward I guess, and I'm the bishop. A bunch of districts make up a zone (like a stake) and the zones make up the mission. So now as District Leader I'm in charge of getting reports, fixing problems in the areas in my district, teaching the other missionaries on how to better fulfill their potential, and reporting to our zone leaders.

So I have quite a bit on my plate haha. Everyone here says that district leader is the second busiest assignment in the mission, second to assistant to the president. Zone leaders have it pretty easy from what I hear, so Jake I don't want to hear any whining from you. So I'm pretty excited to fix some of the problems that our district has had and to take care of this part of the vineyard, a very fruitful and important part. Thankfully E. Christensen has really stepped up and is no longer a new missionary. He has really helped me to maintain the success in our personal area even with all of the new stuff that I have to take care of. Oh and also, since I'm district leader, everything that happens in my district is my fault haha and President Wilkey makes sure I understand that. So sometimes I have to give a little smack down, or a little piledrive to the face, you know? Just enough to get the point across.

So that's all of my new DL (district leader) stuff. It's fun but very time-consuming. As for our area, Jelyan is doing great! The ward loves her and she's all good to go for Jan 26, but her sister cannot get baptized with her unfortunately. Her parents won't let her, at least not yet. So she will keep coming with Jelyan to church and we'll let the Lord soften their hearts in the meantime.

We also added another baptismal date to our pool, a young woman named Bladys. She has been taught before and knows a lot of the girls in YW's (she's 15 by the way). So we had a lesson last night and brought the YW's president and the laurel's president and had a great lesson. She committed to a date for February 21 and is very serious about getting a testimony about the BOM.

Also, DJ wants to get baptized but he needs to get his Sundays off so he can make it to church. But he's so solid! I love that guy.

And Wanda (Mervyn's sister) is getting baptized the same day as Jelyan, in fact I'll be doing her baptismal interview (that's another DL duty, yes Mal I said duty. I have a lot of duties now, but my favorite is dead guy duty).

It sounds like things are going great back home! I hope they continue to improve, but remember that trials are what make us strong. Keep it up and write me some letters when you get the chance! I'm working on writing letters myself because I have been terrible lately.

Oh, so now in Lawrence there's me, E. Christensen, E. Dorantes, and E. Cordova. E. Cordova is from Ecuador and he has more time in the mission than me. He's from New York but he's a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador. So it's pretty cool to have him here now, we're getting things going!

Well my only thing to say is this: If you are part of a ward council, get your oval chart going. If you don't know what that is, then find out because Elder Perry knows his stuff and he is pushing hardcore for ward councils to use the oval chart. Anyways, stay classy!

Elder Resendez

Sunday, January 13, 2013

7 Jan 2013


Did you know that aloha also means, "I love you." I guess they just use that word for everything in Hawaii.

Well anyways, I hope you all had an amazing new years and made some sweet goals for this next year! My goal is to read the standard works in Spanish! I'm almost done with 2 Nefi already but I started a little early haha. It's going to be a little tough but I'm hoping that it will help me learn even more Spanish. I already understand a lot more than I did just a couple of weeks ago.

Oh and we got transfer calls Saturday night...I survived the cut again! I am staying here with Elder Christensen for one more transfer! Elder Dorantes is staying here too but he's getting a new comp who will be his senior. I also found out that I will be the new District Leader here in Lawrence! It's so nuts! Now I'm super responsible for so much junk that goes on. It was kind of cool cuz my dad (Elder Smith) was the one who called me to tell me that I'd be the next District Leader so we got to bond some more. So now I have a new adventure ahead of me and I really got to step my game up! I always joke with members and people that now that I'm not a junior I need to know what's going on, or at least act like I know what's going on.

So that's what's going on over here right now. Elder Kinyon is dead and we're getting some new people to the district tomorrow. Jelyan and her sister are excited and all set to be baptized January 26 and DJ is good for baptism once he starts getting Sundays off. He has to works Sundays right now and so we challenged him to get them off because he can't be baptized if he never comes to church. It's a tough situation but there's not much that we as missionaries can do about it. So we'll see what happens.

Things are going pretty well over here. Mervin's sister Wanda should be baptized this month so we're looking forward to that among all the other blessings here. At this point I'm a little overwhelmed because of the new responsibilities and stuff but I know that only lasts for a time. Soon it will be cake to me. It also doesn't help that since Elder Kinyon left before the end of the transfer, I had to take a crash course in being the district leader last night haha. I just called up the ZL's and asked them what I was supposed to do and they told me. So my mind is racing pretty fast right now.

I've also been a little under the weather, but just that annoying type of sick where you aren't too sick to go out but you just feel like crap. (Pardon my french, I bet you didn't know I spoke french right?) But it's so not the drama.

Well, I feel like I'm rambling at this point which means I need to be quiet so I'll leave you all now. Just know that I love you! Yes, you. I know you think I'm talking about someone else but I'm not. I'm talking about you. So aloha to you.

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. A member named Hno. Loaiza said something pretty cool yesterday. He told us that when most people cry for those who are departing and rejoice for those who are being born that we should do almost the opposite. Those who are departing are going to a state of rest while those who are entering the world are just getting to the "war" as he called it. Those who have died have finished their course here and we should rejoice for them. And for those being born, we need to realize the importance of their roles and ours in their development. Cool stuff, anyways bye!

Happy New Years!


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is doing something fun tonight to celebrate the new year. I know that we'll be in at 8 and probably asleep by 930 haha so make sure to do something wicked awesome (and safe) for me!

For Christmas we ate a ton, mostly on the 24th but then we had two more dinners the 25th. Calling home was super great, it's weird to think I only will do that one more time! Time to step my game up! But it sounds like things are going well back home so that makes me smile.

Elder Kinyon goes home this Friday, he leaves a few days before the transfer ends because they're going to start school the next week so we will be in a trio once he leaves. That means I'll be in my 4th trio and I'll be leading it this time. So with Elder Kinyon leaving everybody wants to feed us now so we have like 6 meal appointments over the next 4 days. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Thank you to everyone for the gifts/cards you sent me, they're very much appreciated. I love Christmas because it's an excuse for me to hear from people and to see how they're doing.

So this past Saturday we had Hermano Paniagua's baptism! He was so nervous for it but he did it like a champ! He should get the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday and keep moving from there. It's so amazing, a miracle really, to see how far he has come. His wife was so happy Saturday at the baptism and on Sunday when he was confirmed. His kids were super excited too. They wouldn't leave his side the whole time. Kike (Quique) Barillas, the ward mission leader was the one who baptized Hno Paniagua. Kike is the funniest guy ever. This picture of him kind of shows his humor becuase he's always goofy but puts on a serious face. Oh and Hno Paniagua is the one standing next to E. Christensen. I love all of the gifts I received but I must say that that baptism was the best gift of them all, nothing could beat it. Plus, Chris Cabrera, the young men's leader here who is 24 and super tight was sealed last thursday to his wife. They got married before she was baptized and over the last 3 years she has learned about the gospel and prepared to get sealed so it just barely happened so we had a party for them as well. This week was so amazing! Just writing all of these things makes me realize all of the blessing and miracles we just saw. Count your many blessings right?

Also at the ward party this past Saturday (dec 22) we performed for everyone. We sang and danced to "Los pastores a belen" by David Archuleta and the MOTAB. The problem is that our music was terrible due to the primary stereo we had to use but it was still funny. I'll try to get a video of it somehow. Also, a family from the ward performed Gundham style (or however you spell it) at the party and it was sooooooo funny! I had never heard of it before so it made it even funnier. I was able to get a video of that one so maybe one day you'll get to see it.

Also, our next baptism is jan 13 for DJ, Norma's husband. He read the entire Book of Mormon so fast that we had to get him all of the standard works and a gospel principles book to keep him studying. He's doing great but his store just opened so he has to work most Sundays so we're working to fix that. That's our only problem with him. Also, Elias was all set to be baptized until we found out that he's on probation for the next 3 years. And until he's off of that he can't get baptized, the repentance process you know? So please pray that he stays with the gospel and shows his faith until the day that he can make that covenant. It reminds me of the story in the Book of Mormon of the people who gain testimonies but cannot be baptized because none of them have the authority to do it so they stay active in the gospel until the day that they can find someone with that authority. We hope to share that story with him to help him understand.

Well, I think that's about all I can think of. Yes I'm at Best Buy again. And I'll be here again in January because of MLK day haha so I hope they get used to us. Thank you for all the love and support that give me, remember that Christ lives! Read the scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon. Like the story from spring conference 2012, if you haven't read the Book of Mormon, you should! It's a great book! I love you all!

Elder Ty Resendez