Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3 December 2012


Ok so first off, I don't know what keeps happening but I don't think I make sense when I write these letters. People keep misunderstanding me like I'm Joseph Smith or something. So I'm gonna set some things straight since Christmas is right around the corner and I want to be on the "good" list. I don't hate my comp (E. Christensen), in fact he's super tight and we work great together! I also love E. Kinyon and E. Dorantes. I also don't want to sound racist or something or biased or whatever else haha so I love everybody! And no, I don't have 7 wives.

Whew! Now that that's out of the way, time to get down to business! The other elders in Lawrence (Kinyon & Dorantes) had a baptism this week and it was my boy Mervin! He's a super cool Dominican guy who has progressed so much. He's pretty quiet and timid but he knows so much about the gospel and loves church. After church he came up to us and asked us to show him where he can pay his tithing! Most people don't want anything to do with tithing. It really showed how well he understands the gospel. I'll attach a pic of him at the end, he's the one with the sweet fro.

What else? Norma's husband and daughter are progressing like crazy and have baptismal dates. Iliana's son (Eric) is all set for baptism but the rest of the family is really getting hit hard with anti. It's sad to see because people have such a hard time with anti. It's such garbage but people throw it everywhere. Even Barbara Walters is pushing it on 20/20. It's amazing how people take anything on T.V. as fact. Please, please, don't waste your time with any of those shows or books or videos or whatever. If you want to know about Mormons, read the Book of Mormon. That is what we believe and not any of what other people claim we believe. Anyways...enough of that!

As for ties, we can't wear ties with pictures or words. We can wear paisley, stripes, solids. Basically anything a GA would wear to speak in conference.

Oh and a shout out to Val! Kiss her you fool!

As for Christmas calls, we don't know anything yet but I assume I'll call you on Christmas day. Problem is we only get 1 hour to talk and as you know, that hour goes fast. So I could try to split it up, I just need the numbers that I'm going to call and I'll tell you when I will call. I should have more info in 2 weeks or so.

Has it snowed there? Have you ever been snowed into your apartment? Take a picture of a snowman you built please. Do you have to shovel snow for people?
-Yes but only a little. Today's a pretty warm day so all the snow melted away already. I don't know when it will snow again but probably soon. No I haven't been snowed in, one time we just couldn't use our car. We never have to shovel snow for people but sometimes we get to ;)

Did Mervin take the plunge?
-Thankfully no. But he did get baptized.

Did you get to play football last P day?
-Yes we did, it was like playing in a windy ice bath but it was fun. E. Christensen laughed cuz sometimes I'll just sit there and mess around and then do something really good out of nowhere.

Is Nino Muerto a main dish?
-No, it's like a rice ball with meat or something in it.

Have you fallen off your bike again?
-No way! Our bikes don't work so naturally....I can't fall off.

Do you ever have strange street contacts?
-Umm....only every day! We had some guy ask us if they could genetically prove that Lamanites were from Jerusalem. Then he told us to do yoga cuz it will open up our "third eye". Yes actually, when he said the words "third eye" he did point to his forehead and make laser beam noises! How did you know?

So as of right now, we're just maxin and relaxin like the Fresh Prince. We're super excited for Christmas and we have tons of work to do. All that we ask is that you remember the true meaning of this season by giving of yourself. As President Monson said last night, he who gives money gives much. He who gives time gives more. But he who gives himself gives all.

Oh and one last thing, eh hem. SYDNEY LOVELL IS MY BEST FRIEND!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!

Elder Resendez

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