Saturday, December 1, 2012

26 Nov 2012 - One More Round

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the first day of our new transfer and guess what? I'm staying in Lawrence! Another 6 weeks which means that I'll be spending Christmas and New Years here so I'm pretty stoked about that. It also means that I get my 2nd two transfer companion. If you haven't noticed, about every 6 weeks President Wilkey likes to give me a new companion. The only exception was E. Rodriguez but now E. Christensen can join the club of my 2 transfer comps. Transfer calls were on Saturday and none of us got a call so we're all pretty happy to be here together for another go. It also means that E. Kinyon is going to die here in Lawrence, so we're going to do our best at fighting off the trunkiness for him haha.

Also, this week Norma had her confirmation. It was pretty sweet because she's been waiting for this for so long! She is so happy now and loves all of the classes that happen after Sacrament. In the past she didn't go to the classes after Sacrament but now she wants to go to them and loves them! Also, 2 other investigators FINALLY came to church! They're friends of a less-active family and they had a good time at church and want to come again. As for Iliana and her family, they're doing great but they keep getting hit with anti and junk so please pray for them that they can base themselves in the Book of Mormon and in true doctrine. Oh! And this Saturday is the baptism of a guy named Mervin, the other elders teach him now but I taught him in the past and he's so tight! He's so cool and is getting baptized now so I'm super excited for that. Lawrence is really blossoming now but we gotta keep at it!

Are you still in Lawrence? Same comp?
-Si Senor!

Did you eat anything different on Thanksgiving?
-Hmm....we had nino muerto haha I don't know how to describe it other than by it's name. It was funny when Triana(a super tight member) offered it to us. We all hesitated for a second. The weirdest thing was the lack of certain food, like pumpkin pie! I didn't eat ANY pumpkin pie! I just about started a riot like the one Lawrence had in the 80's.

Did you get to see some football?
-Haha was the cowboys so I really had to be strong. But I asked what the score was and when I found out I lost all desire to watch it.

Did you get to play any football?
-No...we had a turkey bowl planned and everything but then the assistants told us we couldn't play since it wasn't p day. But we will be playing today!

How many meals did you get on thanksgiving?
-I think it came out to be about 4 dinners... So 6 in total? We almost died haha

We figured out that December 8th is hump day for your mission - are
you planning any special activities in honor of it?
-One question, why is it hump day? I just started the ascent! We might go out and eat at Denny's or something. We'll see. As of right now there's nothing planned. Also President Uchtdorf counselled us that we should serve our whole mission as if we are at our year mark so I've been there for almost 12 months now!

Did you really not get the flu shot or were you just teasing?
-Flu shots are for weak gringos.

Things are really going great over here. We're prepping for some awesome baptisms and stuff and looking forward to Christmas. Oh and by the way, they made us sing in sacrament last week. Bet you never thought I would sing with 6 other people in Sacrament meeting. But I did, and it was horrible haha. But for some reason they keep asking us to sing, like at FHE and for the Christmas party. Crazy people must be tone deaf haha But thanks for all the support, I love you all!

Elder Resendez

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