Tuesday, December 18, 2012

17 December 2012


Man this week was crazy! We had so much happen but it ended up being one of our most productive weeks. We're dead tired and grateful for our P-Day but we're also excited for Christmas next week. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Just in case I haven't said that part yet).

So this week was full of sweet miracles but the biggest one happened with Hermano Paniagua. He's not a member but his whole family is and they have been trying for years to get him to be baptized too. Everyone in church knows him and he almost got baptized in the past. So we went over to visit him and found out that his concern about baptism stemmed from thinking that he had done things that were unforgivable. So we shared some amazing and inspired scriptures with him like D&C 58:42-43 and he felt the Spirit and committed to a date! Even better is that the date is Dec 29th! That's two weeks from now! We were completely blindsided by his eagerness to be made clean. We were also surprised by how the Lord had prepared him for that visit. The best part is that the visit was just a stop by. We hadn't planned it at all but we felt impressed to go visit him even though he works all the time. So we have 12 days to make sure he's totally ready for his baptism!

We also had another baptism this week! It was in the other elders' area but it was a cool kid I had taught before so I was super excited for his baptism. Because of legal things he has to go to Virginia until March but then he will come back. He really reminds me of Papi in the way he acts which is fun to see. So I'll attach a picture of his baptism, his name is Eduardo.

Another miracle that happened was that I went on exchange with E. Dorantes and we visited Elias (the guy I used to teach whose brother Mervin just got baptized). We had an awesome lesson with him and he was so happy to see me. Then later we went and saw Elias' sisters and dad. His dad absolutely loves me for some reason! I walked into the apartment and he literally ran over and hugged me and said, "Hermano! Cuanto tiempo!" Haha he was so happy to see me. We taught the sisters (Wanda and Yahaira) and committed Wanda to be baptized. Yahaira's already a member but she was teaching so well with us it was awesome! Oh and they're all in their 20's and 30's by the way. They're so tight! The whole family is going to be members soon! So far only Mervin and Yahaira are members but Elias and Wanda have dates set and are progressing well.

Oh and I saw a sweet falcon while walking through the projects the other day! It was stalking another falcon who had caught a mouse but I wasn't able to take a picture of the other falcon. It was a Christmas miracle for sure.

We also had a new missionary meeting this week so I got to see Elder Smith (the new AP) again and hang out with some cool cats. We also had interviews with President Wilkey which went pretty well. It's always a blessing to have personal time with President Wilkey, he's a champ! This week was so awesome, I hope the next one can beat it!

Thank you, by the way, to everyone who has sent me a card or letter for Christmas! I love them and will write back soon! Stay classy everyone and Merry Christmas!

Elder Ty Resendez

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