Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Nov 2012 - Election Day!!!

Digame Paysanos! (FYI if that's a swear word, blame E. Dorantes haha)

Hey I don't know about you but this week was crazy! So many things happened...

First off, the "Post-Tropical Storm" was a huge let down. It only ruined our P-Day and wasn't even crazy or cool. We just got some heavy rain and about ten minutes of lightning. I was severely disappointed. So that's all of my update on the storm, you all know more than I do about what it did. I guess sharks landed in people's yards? That's so cool! I'd totally cook it up and have a shark lua'u!

This week was more crazy because Obispo Morales FINALLY stepped down from being the bishop! It's been over 8 years and it finally ended! It's so crazy, people were crying a ton at church yesterday. Our new Obispo is Obispo Campbell. He's from Derry NH and he's married to a Guatemalan lady. He and his wife served missions at different times in Guatemala so dad you might know them. It's Donald Campbell and Elena Barillas.

Anyway, he seems like a great obispo so we're excited to get to work with him. Obispo Morales was the best but we're glad that he's finally getting a break from all of the stress and stuff.

Questions! :
Do you have electricity at your apartment?

What floor is your apartment on?
-The first, which is dangerous cuz people only rob the first floor haha. And we live on the H-Block (of course I know the gang sign for it!), which is what the gangs call our street, but I've never seen any gangs around here.

Did you get any sharks in your front yard? (like in New Jersey)
-I wish!

What was the worst part of the storm?
-Um....coming in 8 hours early on P-Day

Did you get to use a chainsaw?
-No, we can't use chainsaws as missionaries. Wer nut smhart enuf

Did you still have a ward halloween party?
-Ya, but it was like 3 weeks ago haha but the trick or treating here was postponed until this past Saturday, it was kinda funny to see people doing that in November.

How are Norma, DJ, and Lliana? Did they get baptized yesterday?
-Norma and DJ got pushed back because of work and health things but we hope to have them baptized on Nov. 17. So that's their new date. Also, Iliana (that's I as in Igloo, L as in Laugh, I as in Iguana, A as in Aspergers, N as in Nas, A as in Antidisistablishmentarianism or however it's spelled) is going great! Her family is progressing well and they all miss me! I miss them too but at least I get to see them at church. They have a family of 10! And so far four of them are working towards baptism. Four of them are too young so it's an amazing miracle.

So other than that our week has been normal. We are working hard but we had bad luck with getting investigators to church. We had 0 people even though over 6 committed to coming. So we gotta address that.

We are excited/scared for the upcoming elections. It's kinda fun since it only happens every 4 years and this time it's close but we are scared cuz E. Kinyon is die hard republican. Like down to the bone. So if Romney doesn't win, he'll probably flip out and break some stuff haha. So pray for our safety if President Obama wins again.

It's crazy to think that I've almost been a missionary for a year, it feels like so much time but it also feels like nothing when compared to my other friends. I really hope I get to spend a lot of time here in Lawrence so I can get my Spanish up to par.

Because of the "surge" of missionaries coming in we will go from 120 missionaries in our mission to over 200! They want each mission to get 250! And here in Lawrence they will probably have 6-8 missionaries so I may end up staying here longer than I ever thought. But I could also be kicked out at any time so who knows?

They are also thinking of extending the mission boundaries so we might get Lowell or Nashua or something like that. I think it'd be sick if we absorbed a part of Boston but I doubt that would happen. I really do think that Lawrence will be absorbed into a mission with more Spanish areas but thats just my opinion.

So ya, a lot of stuff is happening right now. We have zone conference the
14th and a GA will be there, Elder Marcus B. Nash. So we gotta represent our mission big time! I'm excited for that, it's going to be intense!

So here in Lawrence there's a store called "Swag House" and it sells all of your necessary swag accessories. So because of the Swag House our district is called the swag district, and to represent our district, I'm trying to find a sweet "Chain". Preferably one that says "swag" on it, I'll be looking today for it and I'll let you all know what I find. People all tell us that swag house is just a front for selling drugs and it kinda makes sense cuz they only have like 10 shirts and 20 hats for sale. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt haha.

Anyways, things are going great here! And please, if anyone can find out about Elder Matt Morgan from Logan Utah he's in Buenos Aires (West?) I want to know how he's doing!!! But as for E. Christensen and I, we're doing great. We're trying to build our relationship more and become better friends but as teachers we rock the house! Please pray for us but more importantly for those we teach! I love you all, take care!

Elder Resendez

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