Monday, November 26, 2012

19 Nov 2012


Long time no see! So sorry about last week, I was at Best Buy and after I sent an email to Prez I checked my email but I was on a tablet. So I decided to change to a computer but when I did that myldsmail stopped working and I couldn't write any emails or send pics. So that was pretty lame.

But.....this week was awesome!!!!! Norma got baptized! After 8 years, maybe more, she finally was able to enter the waters of baptism! She was so happy to finally reach her goal of baptism. Now her goal is the temple, which is a pretty sweet goal in my opinion.

So her baptism was just yesterday and on Wednesday we had zone conference in Topsham, Maine with Elder Marcus B. Nash from the Seventy! He is so legit! Like, too legit. We had some amazing spiritual experiences and I learned SO much. Oh fyi, he gave a talk in October 2012 conference. Check it out, he's a boss! He is so good at teaching, it's insane. He will have a conversation with you and the questions he uses help you to give answers from the Holy Ghost. So he basically can talk to you in a way that makes you seek out your own inspiration. Very cool stuff, I've been trying to teach like him the last few days and it is tough. But, it works.

It was such a cool experience, learning from Elder Nash. When I first met him he asked me how my mission is going and I responded that it is going great. I also mentioned learning Spanish, as soon as I said that he began talking to me in perfect Spanish! Haha I was taken back by how quickly he transitioned but then talked back to him. So then the rest of the day anytime he talked to me he did so in Spanish. It was kinda cool cuz it set
me apart from the other missionaries haha. It made me the coolest one in the room. Also the least prideful if you can't tell haha.

As for Elder Christensen, whom I love despite the slanderous rumors of those who I thought I could trust, and I we are doing great! We are teaching in more unity and I'm giving him more responsibility which takes more off of my shoulders. So that's nice haha. He's a great compa, especially for being a shoobie. He's got some great potential so I really hope to stay with him for another transfer.

Oh and this week is the last week of transfers. We get the call on Saturday, but hopefully we don't get a call. I really hope we don't. This has been the fastest transfer so far and if things keep moving faster and faster, I'll be home in no time. Which I'm definitely not ready for. I'm no where close to that but it's scary how fast time goes. Oh and for those of you wondering, yes Elder Nash did make a joke about his "brother", Steve.

Ok so real quick, yes we have a ton of places to eat this week. Like 4-5 on Thursday haha and we are working hard to find some new people to teach.

No the storm didn't do anything to us.

No, flu shots are for women and children and strong men, which means not me.

I'm working hard and trying to become fluent at Spanish! Oh and some girl from Spain said I speak really well, she was super surprised at how I spoke. But I think she's just a liar haha.

Anyways, Nos vemos!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Buenos Aires!!!!!!!!!! Ya!!!

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