Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

So even though a giant hurricane or something is coming to town I found some time to write to you all and express my love for you. I feel like one of the apostles writing to the members of the church right before the apostolic storm, I'm calm as a babe.

Well here are some Q's!

How is or will the 'Frankenstorm' affect you? Are you preparing or helping others prepare? How about after, will you be helping with clean-up if needed? Do you have a reporting system with the Prez or Bishops in your area?
-Well we are on lockdown today as of 2pm so we are losing most of our p day which is lame. We could be on lockdown until wednesday but we'll see. It really won't be anything bad. We just gotta buy some water and candles and food. And yes we will help people clean up as some service. Yes we report to our zone leaders who report to the ap's and prez.

Have you found any challenges with having a comp that is super chill like you?
-Nope. Well sometimes we forget stuff like our phone cuz we both are too chill but its good for now.

How many pull-ups can you do?
-Like 3. I haven't done them for a long time.....

What does it mean to open an area (for those who don't know the jargon)?
-It means to open a fresh area. So we started with only 2 investigators. We had to find everyone else to teach. Normally you just switch in and out of an area and just start teaching the existing pool but we didn't do that cuz we're tigres.

How did you find your comp on
-I just looked up New Hampshire Manchester mission and his name popped up and after reading his profile I realized he would be my next comp. Sneaky huh?

Please translate the Spanish joke from last week for the non-Spanish speakers.
-Ok so basically it says, "what's the difference between a pear and a girlfriend? A pear is a pear, but a girlfriend doesn't wait." Get it?? Girls never wait for missionaries!

How does having a Mormon Presidential candidate affect your missionary work?
-Everyone calls us "Romney boys" and stuff like that. It generates a lot of discussion which is good.

Did you get a flu shot?
-Not yet, but we have to soon.

Is it cold there yet?
-Its getting colder but it's still in the 50's and 60's

What happens when you get sick? Do you take a sick day? Have you gotten sick yet?
-Ya if you can't work, you can't work. I got sick one time but I worked through it cuz I'm a boss. But its not a big deal if you have to take a day off. People understand.

What do you want for Christmas?
-Hmmm..... Sick Watches are cool, hispanic scripture covers like the ones from the mtc are cool, conference cd's are cool (like Elder Holland's talk in oct 2007 and apr 2008 and bednar in apr 2008), christmas cd's, gangster flat brim hats, T-shirts, I don't know I'm not too picky.

Tell me another joke in Spanish.
-I'll send one next week ok! But in the meantime look up pajarito bobo.

Does your companion know Dog the Bounty Hunter?
-No...isn't Malibu in california?

Well the cane's coming so I gotta get going! Love you all and go trick or treating for me! Send me pics of your sweet costumes! I'll send you mine!

Elder Resendez

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