Friday, October 26, 2012

22 October 2012

Aloha! (Literally)

Oh man this week has been crazy! So much has happened I feel like I haven't had time to think!

So ya, I have another son! His name is Elder Joshua (Or Josh for short) Christensen from Laie, Hawaii! He's super cool and chill. He's never been outside of Hawaii except for a semester at BYU so it's super different here for him. He's Hawaiian but he's just white so he's not Poly or Asian or anything else.

This week went pretty well for us, I felt like a chicken without a head at times cuz we just opened this area and only had 2 investigators at the beginning of the week. Plus training on top of that was no bueno. But I'm loving it, things are starting to slow down and now we have 4 baptismal dates which rocks!

But before I say anything else, Quiz Time! :

How is training going?
-Great! It's new to me since last time I was trio training. My comp is chill and can do a backflip and can do like 50 pull ups so that's pretty cool. Plus he's a surfer and is teaching me Hawaiian words which is sick!

What do you and your comp have in common?
-Um...well we both like watching the sunset while walking on the beach, romantic comedies, and enjoying our favorite chocolate bars. Oh, and surfing and doing backflips. Actually we don't have any of those, only I do them. But we do like to play sports and joke around so we have fun together.

Did you really pinch Cohen's cheeks or was that a fantasy?
-Who hasn't pinched his cheeks?

Will you be in Lawrence for Thanksgiving? If so, who are you hitting up for a feast?
-Oh ya! Halloween AND Thanksgiving! And if I fully train E. Christensen like I should I will be here for Christmas too! Umm I think all of the members will feed us.

How do you know licking worms before using them as bait is a sweet fishing trick? Its OK, you can tell us how many you have licked - we won't tell everybody.
-Have you tried it?

Is it safe to mail packages to your '"ghetto" apartment? If not, should we send to mission office?
-Yes. If you send them to the office, I won't get them for months.

What is it like being a trainer? Anything different?
-It's SO different. Everything is my fault now so I can suffer the wrath of President Wilkey if I'm not good haha. But it's a lot of responsibility but a lot of fun. Plus we just opened our area so we are starting from scratch. Oh and being a trainer you now have to be an example at every moment, you can't slack off at all so it's a good thing I've never slacked off before in my life. (I can already hear dads laugh)

Did you get the companion you thought?
-Yup! I have a 7th sense. He's on so that's where I found him

So what's up with you liking tres leches? Do they make it differently there or something? Because that stuff is no bueno.
-You know what Mal, you can leave! Tres leches is the bomb if it's made right! It was super high quality so I think that's why it was so good.

Is Boston in your mission? Can you only go to the temple if it is in your area?
-Nope, but I have a theory that one day Lawrence will get sucked in to the Boston mission. Or whichever one has Lowell. Yes you can only go to the temple if it's in your mission. But when you go home you go to the boston temple with President Wilkey so that's cool.

How is your Spanish coming along?
-Mas or menos, I need to learn how to perfect it but I don't know how to do that. I can talk and you can understand me but it's not beautiful so give me some tips or some cheat codes so I can get fluent!

Do you know any jokes in Spanish?
-Si, cual es la diferencia (i can't write Spanish btw) entre una pera y una novia? La pera es pera pero la novia no espera. Say it fast and think what its trying to say in terms of missionaries! My son taught me that one!

What are you reading right now? emails. Or the scriptures. I just finished the bom so I started it over but I'm going to focus on pmg and the new testament more now. I'm also trying to study the scriptures in spanish so I'm reading in 1 Nephi. I also can't wait for the Liahona to come out with the conference talks!

Anyways! So now we have 4 missionaries in Lawrence, E. Kinyon is with E. Dorantes (he's a native and super tight!). We thought E. Rodriguez was going to come back but he got sent up to North Vermont haha I'm going to miss him but I'll see him sometime soon. Also pray for Norma and Dj, their baptismal date is for nov 3 and also pray for Iliana and her family. I don't have time to tell their stories but they need prayers!

Oh and guess what? We were almost in a shooting last night!!!!! We were walking home when suddenly we heard 2 gun shots about 1-2 blocks ahead of us! It was so nuts! We decided to take a turn and go a different way to get home and arrived safely. And the only reason we didn't get shot is because we stopped and contacted someone on the street. If we had kept walking we would have died!!!! Just kidding mom, we would have been safe please don't call President Wilkey. I love you. Haha well have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Resendez

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