Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012


I don't know about all of you but we had an AMAZING week! It was full of awesome miracles, Lawrence has really caught on fire! So far this transfer we have been hitting many of our standards but this past week we hit all of them!

We almost hit an old "legendary" standard called the 4-6-10-5 which we missed by 1 member lesson. Basically we have 4 baptismal dates, 6 people at church, 10 member lessons (but we had 9), and 5 new investigators. We were running around like crazy last night trying to find someone to teach to get that last member lesson. We almost hit it but our Sunday night member lesson dropped us...we were devastated haha. But it's ok, we will just hit it next week!

We have really been blessed with a lot of great success and a lot of it has come from the work of the members. In fact, each of the people at church yesterday came with a member. See how awesome it is when members are missionaries? They're better than us!

The only "dark cloud" from this past week has been with Lorreny... She's doing great, she's ready for baptism now and her mom even came to church with her. The bad part is that she lives in Lowell which is outside of the mission. That means that she might now be able to go to our ward once she is baptized. It could even mean that she has to be baptized over in Lowell. It stinks because this is exactly what happened with Ben in Skowhegan and it's tough because the ward has really rallied around her. She has so much support here but we do understand the complications of the situation. But....I have to admit that I still pray that she comes here haha.

I am not sure if I have talked about Elias yet but he is super cool, he's the one who did some jail time and got lyme disease. Well, he came to church on Sunday (finally!) and seemed to love it! He's a very religious guy and would make an excellent priesthood holder!

I'm super stoked about so many people I don't have time to talk about them all! But, I do have some questions to answer so here they are:

Please clarify the eye-punching-by-a-Guatemalan-guy story.
-I tried to contact some Guatemalan and I guess I said something "incorrectly" and he didn't like it. It wasn't a big deal though, my face is fine now.

What happened to your other companion? Did he get transferred somewhere? I thought you were in a trio in your last letter.
-Elder Rodriguez? Well technically he's still my comp but a different missionary bursted his appendix so they had to do a temporary transfer until he recovers. So Elder Rodriguez is in Manchester for now. He should be back soon and by next transfer at the latest. But yes, "technically" we are still in a trio but not physically.

Is it getting cooler there or is it still hot? Does it rain a lot?
-It has gotten much cooler. The weather is perfect right now, I love it! The leaves are starting to change too so I'm excited! It doesn't rain very much, which is nice because the rain makes it hot and humid.

Do you guys celebrate Halloween? Are you allowed to dress up? What are you going to be? What should Gemma be?
-Why yes, as Mormons we do celebrate common holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. But as missionaries we usually have an early curfew on Halloween night so we can't go trick or treating. Ummm....we can kind of dress up yes. Like a hat or something maybe. Not to proselyte but to a ward party, sure. Currently I'm searching for a mexican poncho and sombrero and possibly some maracas. As for you, Mal, and Gemma...You should totally be a person from Alien! Mal you can be the poor astronaut who was injected with the alien baby and Gemma can be the alien that bursts out of you! Cute right? I definitely need a picture of that! Make sure to get the make up just right so it looks real.

Well thanks for all of the support and love that you give me! Tell my "Primos" on missions that I love them and to keep up the work. Oh and keep me in the loop about stuff back home!

Nos Vemos!
Elder Resendez

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