Monday, September 10, 2012

10 September 2012


Sorry I didn't send a letter last week, it was Labor Day or something like that so we were writing letters to President Wilkey from Best Buy. The workers at the store were breathing down my neck so I decided not to write a letter home.

But....I survived transfers! For now.... We lost Elder Morgan to Argentina 2 weeks ago so Elder Rodriguez, Elder Busby and I were in a trio but on transfer call night they told us that we would be receiving another companion. So things were supposed to go back to normal but then on Monday we got a call from President and he told us that Elder Busby was being transferred to help with an emergency that happened. So we lost Elder Busby and at transfer meeting we got a new district leader/companion.

His name is Elder Kinyon from Bountiful. He's pretty cool and goes home in January so he'll probably finish up his mission here in Lawrence. So we're back to a trio which is cool but scary at the same time. We could get a call at any time saying that one of us is being transferred. If that happened we would have no idea who would be leaving. It would probably be me or Elder Rodriguez but his Spanish is the best so I think he would stay. So just pray that we never get that call!!!!

And yes I am with Elder Rodriguez again, he is the only comp I have had for more than one transfer haha.

So things have been pretty crazy here in Lawrence, we had the Italian festival this past week which was sweet! They shut down an entire street and put up a stage for a band and tons of booths. People came over from Boston and all over to come see the festival. We got some pictures of it so I'll send them soon!

This week we have the international festival at the church on Saturday. I don't know if I have told you about it but the international festival is put on by the members of our ward. Since there are a lot of members from different countries they have a big party to celebrate being Hispanic. So what they do is they bring food and stuff from their country and set it up in different rooms of the church and in the gym they set up a stage and play bachata and stuff like that. It's the biggest ward party ever! I'm so excited for it! I'll definitely take lots of pictures and videos for you all.

The work here is going great! We have three baptismal dates and one of them is a 13 year old girl who read all of 1 Nephi in two days and prayed about it. She knows it's true and is planning on being baptized in between conference sessions on October 7! She reminds me of Ben from Skowhegan who read to Alma 30 in a week. She has the same love for the gospel and is progressing really well. Oh and we found her through members! Go figure! Members are #1!

It sounds like things back home are doing well, how's Seth liking the class rep gig? Have they started sports? If so, which ones? What else is new, it seems like there's something new each week so keep me posted!

Things are great on my end, if any of you have questions let my mom know and I'll answer them!

My Spanish is coming along nicely, my goal right now is to master the subjunctive tense! It's wicked tough but people use it all the time so I got to get after it.

Thanks for all the support!

Elder Resendez

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