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6 Agosto 2011


Greetings from scenic Lawrence, Mass! This past week has been awesome! We have been working pretty hard but we have been blessed with many opportunities have fun and see miracles.

We have been finding like crazy over here! In the last two weeks we have found 17 new investigators! Unfortunately a lot of them won't keep their commitments so we have to keep finding like crazy but if we keep it up then I know we'll find someone who is ready for the gospel. Of course I feel like we have already found them. I love the people that we are teaching, it's hard to not get attached but it helps you to be more sincere in your efforts.

On Saturday we tracted into this awesome lady named Olga. She has two kids named Ariel and Anthony, both of them are young men. Ariel is 14 and is interested in the Book of Mormon and church activities and his mom even said that if we have an activity that we should call her and she'll make Ariel go haha. Well we tracted into them and at first they were very hesitant but after a couple of seconds, literally seconds, Olga invited us in for "a few minutes." After about 30 minutes she was super friendly to us and she even said that peace entered her home as we taught our lesson. She is excited to read the BOM and is looking forward to learning more! So pray for her please!

This week we also got to go see a dance performance put on by BYU-Idaho. It was freakin sweet! It was so fun to take investigators to an activity where we can just fellowship and have a good time while also sneaking in some gospel principles. We brought a man named Eddy, his LA wife Nora and her son Eduardo. Eddy is about to marry Nora and then he will be baptized after. Then Eduardo is going to be baptized! We are very excited for them as well! Lawrence is the best!

But back to the dance concert, it was super legit! We sat up in the front and a couple of the dancers said after that they could tell that we were the missionaries because the Lawrence apartment was sitting together. So they saw four white shirts in a row and instantly knew who we were.

All of the girls on the dancing team tried asking for my address but I told them that I was busy serving the Lord so they would have to wait. I hate breaking hearts but somebody's gotta do it.

Oh and Mal, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You thought I forgot didn't you? Guess again! And to settle your mind, the old Lawrence elders were sick because one has stomach problems. So don't worry about me, I'm more than ok.

Also, does anyone know a Morales family from Costa Rica? The bishop here is Bishop Morales and he is a Tico. So there may be a connection there that I don't know about, so you should look into that. He's an awesome man. He's very friendly and helpful to the missionaries and has our backs no matter what. He's also perfectly bilingual so if we don't understand something he can help us, plus it helps him to have patience with us lousy gringos.

Speaking of which, I hate being a gringo! I need some tips on how to improve my Spanish and to get rid of my gringo accent. So please send me some tips and tricks!

My Spanish is getting better everyday but it's definitely not easy. Especially when you are talking to Dominicans. They talk sooooo fast, slur words together and use a ton of slang. If you know someone who is Dominican, try speaking to them in Spanish. It's crazy difficult to understand them. But that's how I want to talk so I guess I can't really say too much.

Oh and mom, you know how I sent that box home full of my Spanish stuff? That was a mistake in more than one way haha. Could you please tell me what I put in there? Gracias!

Well not much has happened other than that...Oh! Elder Morgan got his visa this past week and is leaving for Argentina August 27! I'm happy that he finally got it but I'm sad to see him go. Oh well, now I'm just the lowest gringo on the totem pole.

I love you all and hope you don't forget about me!! Haha! Thanks for the prayers and everything else you do for me!

Elder Resendez

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