Monday, August 27, 2012

27 August 2012

Mele Kalikimaka!

Thanks for all of your beautiful letters and words of encouragement! I appreciate all of them!

So this week we had zone conference up in Augusta, Maine and it was pretty good. It was another chance to see President so that's always a great experience.

This was also Elder Morgan's last week in the NHMM, he left for Argentina yesterday and is probably up in a plane somewhere right now. He was a great missionary and we got along really well. He's definitely going to tear it up over in Argentina, I can't wait to hear how it goes once he gets home. So in preparation for his departure we did some fun stuff like going to the chinese buffet, playing some bball, taking funny pictures, and other stuff.

We are now in a trio so Elder Rodriguez is my comp once again! We expect that we will get a new companion next week (this is the last week of the transfer) so we are making guesses as to who it will be. I think it will be a native speaker which would be sweet except that if he is with Elder Rodriguez then they are going to get all of the love and we won't get any cuz we're gringos. So we are having fun making predictions.

I think I told you that our district is named the swag house district so to live up to the name our apartment bought a bunch of du rags and took some pictures with them. This is one of the pics that we took with our guns and du rags. The other pictures are us at transfer meeting with Elder Adams, who goes home in a week, and me with a swollen eye. I think I got allergies or something cuz my eye swelled up for a couple of days. It was super weird but it's back to normal now so tell Mal not to freak out.

This week we had an awesome lesson with the De Jesus family. We invited the wife to be baptized and she accepted and began to cry. She told us that she had received an answer to her prayers. It was an awesome experience. Unfortunately her husband said no when we invited him so that was a bummer. But he's awesome so he'll get there sometime soon! So please pray for them, they're so close! They just struggle with coming to church so once they overcome that they will go far!

So this week we were walking down the street on the way to our ward mission leaders house when these two little girls ran up to us. They were about 3 or 4 and they started asking us questions about why we were dressed up and who we were. Then they started grabbing our ties and yanking them down, so we decided to leave and started walking away. Then I turned around and said goodbye to them. In return the little girls said goodbye back but in explicit language! We totally got cussed out by some 3 year old girls! It was so funny but we couldn't laugh about it until we got farther away cuz we didn't want them to think it was ok to cuss out missionaries. So that was the highlight of my week haha.

I gotta go!

Love you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

20 August 2012

Que lo que!

Have I ever said how much I love Lawrence? I hope so but if I haven't, I LOVE LAWRENCE! It's the best, I keep telling people that I'm going to move back here after my mission and they all think I'm crazy.

People keep telling me that my Spanish is "pretty good" and they're surprised at how good it is. But of course that means that it's bad instead of terrible haha so I appreciate their compliment but my head hasn't gotten too big just yet.

So this is Elder Morgan's last week here in the NHMM so we are going to work crazy hard and party crazy hard! Last night we had a ward activity at Hermano Lembert's house. One investigator named Eddy came and brought his family and they loved it! We had a lesson on family prayer, scrip study, and family home evening. Then at the end the families got up one by one and gave their testimonies to the group. I was so surprised when Eddy, who has been taught for 3 months or so, got up with his less active girlfriend and bore testimony of the church. His testimony was so strong and the conviction in his heart was visible in his eyes. Then his girlfriend bore testimony as well and talked about how once they are married, there's some legal things in the way right now, that Eddy will be baptized! I was so stoked when I heard that! So things are going great with them.

On the flip side we lost about 4 investigators this week. It was a tough week but it paid off in the end. We are just going to do our best to talk to EVERYONE we see!

As for Olga, we haven't been able to see her at all which is a bummer. She said she would be at church but didn't end up coming. So we may end up dropping her soon, which I really don't want to do. But we did have a sweet lesson with Jose and Trisha. We have been teaching them since I got to Lawrence and they are great! Trisha is more solid than Jose but they are both awesome! For our lesson with them on friday, they bought us pizza and soda and we had a pizza party! Jose is still iffy on the Book of Mormon but we really stressed to him the importance of reading it and praying about it before scrapping the idea. But he also said that if he didn't like what we were saying that he would have ditched us weeks ago. So he obviously feels the spirit during lessons, he just needs a little more time.

Well, I'm loving it over here so don't worry too much about me! Make it a great week and I'll see you later!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Sorry today's is a short one.

13 August 2012


This week has been pretty busy so I will try to cram it all in! On Tuesday we had a specialized zone meeting in Exeter so we got to hear from President and Sister Wilkey again which is always sweet! They talked about the importance of member present lessons. They shared Alma 31:5 with us and said that the word of God will not only affect those we teach but the members we bring. It will inspire them to serve their callings more faithfullly, to do more missionary work, to read the scriptures on a daily basis, and much more. All of this comes from bringing them to a lesson and involving them in the process of conversion. And guess works!

We took two members out last week and after the lesson they were going back and forth about the lesson. They were all amped up and ready to do some sweet missionary work!

We also had a surprise visit at church from President Wilkey and some of his family. They had picked up their daughter and her family from the airport and wanted to come to church so ours was the closest. So we had to scramble around to find an interpreter and the headphones so they could understand. It was pretty fun and they had a great time. Unfortunately none of our investigators came to church. That would have been an amazing experience for them to meet President Wilkey. But I guess we just gotta work twice as hard this week!

I think my favorite non-spiritual part of being a missionary is the privilege you have of meeting different people. Whenever you knock on a door you never know what you're going to get. It's always a surprise. This week we contacted a potential investigator and her 18 and 19 year old sons answered it. They were clearly high as a kite and so we had a pretty entertaining conversation with them. One guy seemed slightly interested, obviously for another time, but his brother kept telling him we were from the government there to control his mind. Then their friend came out onto the porch and the 18 year old brother started yelling at him to get off of his porch. He would switch from asking us gospel questions to yelling at his friend to get off his porch. It was probably the funniest experience yet, I literally felt like I was watching a movie. I have to admit that once I knew they were high I messed with them a little bit. Not much, just enough to make it worth our time haha. I know, I'm a bad missionary.

We also taught this other potential who sees ghosts and junk. I'm pretty sure he was lying and is slightly mentally handicapped but he told us about 5 or 6 different ghost stories during our 30 minute lesson. Everytime I would talk to him he would look at me, but when he did that he would see a man sitting in a chair in the corner of his eye. So when he saw the man he would whip his head to the side to try to catch the man. Then he would freak out that his mom's rocking chair was swinging when it wasn't. He was freaked out but he was also laughing at the same time. I decided that since we were missionaries we should help him out. So I asked him if he had a vaccuum that I could put on my back. I told him I would be a ghostbuster and get rid of all the ghosts in his place, but unfortunately he didn't have a vaccuum so I told him he was on his own. He was super funny and nice but not interested in our message so we probably won't stop by again. But I'll never forget those two encounters.

Now that I've said most of the funny stuff, here's the spiritual side! I don't know if I told you but the guy in Manchester that I was teaching about 3 months ago got baptized! His name is Ken and I found him just walking on the street. We taught him for a while and gave him a baptismal date but then 2 weeks later I was ETed out of there and missed his baptism....But Elders Rodriguez and Morgan were there so I got to see all of the pictures!

It was such a good feeling to see how he had progressed. I'll try to get some pictures for you all. I especially love Ken's story because E. Rodriguez was wanting to drop him but I could tell that there was more potential so I convinced him to keep teaching Ken. Then about a month and a half later he was baptized! It makes me happy to look back and see how reacting to promptings really is the best way. Not to say E. Rodriguez isn't prompted, the Holy Ghost just talks to both of us and most of the time my comp hears it but that time I heard it and it paid off. So I am still stoked about that!

Two more things, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I think I forgot to say that so it's about time I showed some love. Also, have any of you seen the hispanic scripture cases? They are bright colors and have patterns and designs on them. Well, everyone has them here and they're super legit so someone needs to tell me how I can get my hands on a pair of those! Thanks for everything! Write me when you can!

Elder Resendez

P.S. You know how the Manchvegas apartment was super disgusting? Well when E. Rodriguez and E. Morgan left it the other missionaries complained so those two had to go back last p day to clean it up for 3 hours haha I got away scotch free! (Scotch free is a saying right?)

P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of pics, I'll get some next week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

6 Agosto 2011


Greetings from scenic Lawrence, Mass! This past week has been awesome! We have been working pretty hard but we have been blessed with many opportunities have fun and see miracles.

We have been finding like crazy over here! In the last two weeks we have found 17 new investigators! Unfortunately a lot of them won't keep their commitments so we have to keep finding like crazy but if we keep it up then I know we'll find someone who is ready for the gospel. Of course I feel like we have already found them. I love the people that we are teaching, it's hard to not get attached but it helps you to be more sincere in your efforts.

On Saturday we tracted into this awesome lady named Olga. She has two kids named Ariel and Anthony, both of them are young men. Ariel is 14 and is interested in the Book of Mormon and church activities and his mom even said that if we have an activity that we should call her and she'll make Ariel go haha. Well we tracted into them and at first they were very hesitant but after a couple of seconds, literally seconds, Olga invited us in for "a few minutes." After about 30 minutes she was super friendly to us and she even said that peace entered her home as we taught our lesson. She is excited to read the BOM and is looking forward to learning more! So pray for her please!

This week we also got to go see a dance performance put on by BYU-Idaho. It was freakin sweet! It was so fun to take investigators to an activity where we can just fellowship and have a good time while also sneaking in some gospel principles. We brought a man named Eddy, his LA wife Nora and her son Eduardo. Eddy is about to marry Nora and then he will be baptized after. Then Eduardo is going to be baptized! We are very excited for them as well! Lawrence is the best!

But back to the dance concert, it was super legit! We sat up in the front and a couple of the dancers said after that they could tell that we were the missionaries because the Lawrence apartment was sitting together. So they saw four white shirts in a row and instantly knew who we were.

All of the girls on the dancing team tried asking for my address but I told them that I was busy serving the Lord so they would have to wait. I hate breaking hearts but somebody's gotta do it.

Oh and Mal, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You thought I forgot didn't you? Guess again! And to settle your mind, the old Lawrence elders were sick because one has stomach problems. So don't worry about me, I'm more than ok.

Also, does anyone know a Morales family from Costa Rica? The bishop here is Bishop Morales and he is a Tico. So there may be a connection there that I don't know about, so you should look into that. He's an awesome man. He's very friendly and helpful to the missionaries and has our backs no matter what. He's also perfectly bilingual so if we don't understand something he can help us, plus it helps him to have patience with us lousy gringos.

Speaking of which, I hate being a gringo! I need some tips on how to improve my Spanish and to get rid of my gringo accent. So please send me some tips and tricks!

My Spanish is getting better everyday but it's definitely not easy. Especially when you are talking to Dominicans. They talk sooooo fast, slur words together and use a ton of slang. If you know someone who is Dominican, try speaking to them in Spanish. It's crazy difficult to understand them. But that's how I want to talk so I guess I can't really say too much.

Oh and mom, you know how I sent that box home full of my Spanish stuff? That was a mistake in more than one way haha. Could you please tell me what I put in there? Gracias!

Well not much has happened other than that...Oh! Elder Morgan got his visa this past week and is leaving for Argentina August 27! I'm happy that he finally got it but I'm sad to see him go. Oh well, now I'm just the lowest gringo on the totem pole.

I love you all and hope you don't forget about me!! Haha! Thanks for the prayers and everything else you do for me!

Elder Resendez