Monday, July 9, 2012

INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! (Anybody see that UFO?)


First off, go on to right now! Then search for someone either named Treyson, Leif, or Wesley Walden. Do it right now! Guess what, you found me!

This week has been sweet as! Well kind of... The work here in Skowhegan is going great! We have four baptismal dates with two really close to being set. We could have about five or six baptisms next month! That's insane! The best part is that most of the baptisms in this ward are youth, the youth here are number one!

So this week we had 3 gators(investigators) and 6 LA's (less active members) at church! That's the most I've ever seen for either category, it was so good that it was bad. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing right? Well it turns out that one LA family doesn't like another LA family and they both happened to come to church on the same day... Both of them left right after sacrament saying that they wouldn't come back to church if the other was there. It's a rough situation that totally popped our balloons. So now we have that to work with. But other than that we have had a great week! Plus I found out that I will be going on exchanges again with Elder Garner next week so I will be sure to take some sweet pictures this time!

So the best part of this week was Interviews with President Wilkey! We traveled to Bangor and spent most of the day there doing interviews and other trainings. At times I wonder if President could get any more awesome and inspiring, and then he does it. It was the best 15 minutes of my life during that interview, it made me want to serve even harder and to do my best with everything. I wish I could explain what an interview is like but it's just indescribable. President did hint at a couple of things that may occur in the future but I don't want to jynx myself or look dumb so I will just hold off for now.

This week I got to watch three amazing videos that all of you need to watch! But especially you, Papi and Seth. You guys need to have mom help you watch these videos right now. First is called Safety for the Soul by Elder Holland. It's a conference talk from back in Oct 2009 I believe. Then the other two are found on and they are called, Power of God (three minutes long) and Sanctify Yourselves (four minutes long). Those are soooo awesome! Stop reading this and watch them right now!

With the 4th of July coming up, I was excited for another parade or something cool like that but nothing happened! I was so disappointed.. We didn't even get to watch fireworks. We did have dinner with a family but they were all tired and just gave us food and took naps. It was kinda awkward to be eating in someone's house while they are asleep. But then the dad woke up and showed us some awesome pictures from his mission so that was okay.

Guess what, this week I learned how to iron a shirt! It's wicked easy, I don't know what all the jazz was about. Plus I learned how to cook beef. And we made some delicious oreo truffles for our FHE (family home evening) night at the church. They were off the chain! I'm going to get the recipe so you all can make them and enjoy them yourselves.

During these past few months I have done many incredible things but recently I achieved my greatest feat yet. When we teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (it's a specific lesson), I like to draw a picture of how steps like Faith, Repentance, Baptism, etc lead us back to God. Well I was pondering one day when I had the greatest brainblast, I decided to make a Mario themed Gospel visual! I started drawing it and it's the best thing ever! It has goombas, plants that eat you, stars, yoshi, all the good stuff! So I'm in the middle of perfecting my visual but so far it's amazing! I'll be sure to take a picture of it to show all of you because it's so great!

Things here in Skowhegan are going well, we have the usual ups and downs but we are having too many miracles and too much success to be ungrateful. I love you all and I challenge you to write me a letter this week! Toodaloo!

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. Oh and I found some CD's that I really like so if anyone feels special and wants to get me one of them that would be pretty dang righteous of them. Some CD's that I have come to enjoy are Priests (just 3 catholic priests singing), Nearer, Eclipse (that's the name of the group), One Voice by Gladys Knight, Men of MOTAB, Motab featuring Sissell (Christmas CD), and Come Thou Fount. Those are some of my faves but it's just a thought.

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