Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July 2012


So I think I asked for guesses for transfers and I only got one. That was pretty lame so now my letters aren't going to be fun and interactive, they're just going to be lame and boring... (What else is new right? I know someone was thinking that haha.)

Now it's time for the big news! I have been transferred to.........LAWRENCE!!! I made it to the big leagues!

My new comp is Elder Busby from Tucson, AZ who has been here for three transfers. He and his last comp were sick for most of last transfer so we are pretty much shotgunning the area. And they just opened the other Lawrence area and put Elder Rodriguez and Elder Morgan in it! We all share an apartment too! This is going to be the sickest transfer!!!! I'm so stoked for it, sometimes I wake up and it doesn't seem real.

My Spanish has gotten so much better over the last week that I've been here. I think I have progressed more this week than all of my time in Manchester. I seriously love Lawrence so much, it's the best area of the mission! So now my goal is to get wicked sick with my Spanish skills so President keeps me here for 6 months or more haha.

The ward here is so cool too, they throw the sweetest ward parties and are really good at fellowshipping. Plus they LOVE the missionaries, even the gringos! Oh, and the entire ward is in Spanish, so it's pretty legit up in here. The people here are so nice too, about three out of every five people say we can stop by another time to teach them. That's seriously unheard of, especially in New England. So if you can't tell, I'm on cloud nine right now, partyin it up in Lawrence!

So now I'm back to learning Spanish, especially Dominican Spanish. I'm also going to learn how to play dominoes, all the Dominicans play it here so I'm trying to get my game up so I can play some prosminoes (proselyting dominoes).

I don't have a whole lot of time to write today but please send me letters! Things are great here. My comp is cool, I am in the best area of the mission, learning Spanish, and having fun teaching the gospel.

So on Saturday we had a super sweet miracle. We were walking down the street and this car pulls up and this guys yells to us and asks if we want a ride. We say sure and get in and it turns out that he's a member from Methuen who recognized Elder Busby. He drove us to our next appointment, bought us some Subway on the way and gave us each 20 bucks! It was so sweet haha! He even asked if we needed more money than that. Turns out he's running for state senate so he's got some money or whatever and can do things like that.

Here in Lawrence we have a phrase when people offer us stuff, we say aprovecho! I don't know what it means but it means to take advantage of the situation, so that's what we did haha! We always say that they will get blessings for helping us so it all works out.

I'm so happy about Papi's ordination! That's awesome! Did he get to pass the sacrament this week or is that next week?

Oh, and I forgot to mention this but that's insane about Becky Great! I had no idea she was dating anyone, I feel out of the loop big time haha. Let me know what else is going down in AZ or wherever else. Well, I gotta go but write me a letter sometime! I love you all!

Nos Vemos,
Elder Resendez

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