Monday, July 23, 2012

23 July 2012


Knock knock! Who's there...? Me! I'm getting transferred!

So it turns out that my suspicions were correct and I am now being transferred after only two months in Skowhegan. It really feels like I just got here. It makes it hard to develop a great relationship with the ward after only two months. But President Wilkey said I'm going to love my new area so that makes me feel good. Cuz if president told me I was going to hate it I would be really scared.

I'm being transferred but I am staying junior companion. I thought I was going to become a senior companion because president asked me two different times if I was preparing for a leadership role but I guess I'm not there yet. Which is fine because there's still plenty of work to be done no matter what your "rank" is.

So we get to head down to Manchvegas tomorrow for transfer meeting to find out where I will be for the rest of summer. Oh, and since I'm driving all the way to Manchester, that means I will (more than likely) be leaving Maine. If I was staying in Maine then they would just drive me to my new area so I guess I'm going far away. I'm not a Mainerd anymore!!

I also found out that Elder Garner and his comp, Elder Chen are being shotgunned. I guess that ward is not super "missionary-friendly" so they are trying to make a change to improve the relationship. Elder Chen and Elder Garner are awesome but I think President is going to send one of his assistants to that area to settle things down. So our district is losing half of it's missionaries.

I'm really excited to see my new area, there's a chance I might get sent to Mass (which would be awesome) but I could also go anywhere in Vermont or New Hampshire. Today while doing my laundry I decided that I would let my laundry quarters decide my fate. So I looked at them to see what state would be my new area and no joke, the first three I found were Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. So I really have no idea where I'm going to be sent haha, my gypsy quarters didn't work. It was pretty trippy to have all three be a possibility.

As for Skowvegas, things have slowed down a little but we still have three people working towards baptism. But aside from those three there aren't really any investigators so the new missionaries gotta step their game up and find some new gators. I'm not too happy to be leaving everyone so soon, especially Christian because he'll take it hard but that's why as missionaries you try to get them attached to the ward. We have a ton of less-active's here in Skowhegan so we have our hands full with them but this week we had five less-actives at church! It was sweet as! One of them rode his bike for 2-3 hours just to get there!

Well I have pretty much only two things on my mind right now, the first being transfers. The second is my bro's birthday! You better wish my bro happy birthday on saturday or else... Hey Papi, as you're playing laser tag just ask yourself, "what would Perseus do?" If you don't get it then watch sasquatch gang! I love you all and I will have a lot of news for you all next week!


Elder Resendez

P.S. Hey mom, your bday is the same as Joseph Smith Sr.'s!!

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