Monday, July 2, 2012

2 July 2012


Is it me or is it crazy that I have been out for nearly 7 months now? I know that isn't very much for some people but it feels like I just barely left home and my time in Manchester went by like a flash. I also can't believe that this transfer is halfway over, in a little more than 2 weeks we will be stressing again to see if we get a transfer call. But that is why I do my best to take it one day at a time, so today I am in Skowhegan and it's a beautiful day!

This week has been pretty sweet, we had 2 investigators at church and both of them have baptismal dates (both for August 11). I'm not sure if I talked about them last week but we found a kid who is the son of a less-active woman. So we started teaching him and then his friends wanted to join. Then his sister wanted to join. So now we have 3 12 year old investigators and one 10 year old. We are doing as much as we can to keep them interested in the gospel and the church while at the same time making sure that their desires are pure and that they aren't into church because it's "cool". So it's a tricky situation but I strongly believe that they will be baptized on their date, if not sooner. I just hope I'm here for it. Could you imagine four baptisms on the same day?? One is great enough but four would be insane! So we are pretty stoked out here in the great white north. 

So has anyone tried to talk like a Mainah for a day? We had dinner with a lady from Boston and a man from Maine and we talked a lot about the different accents that people have. It made me very conscious of the way I speak so now I'm doing my best to sound like Elder Holland. I still don't use the word "wicked" but I find it on the tip of my tongue way too often. It's kind of scary. I'm afraid that once I use it I will be on a slippery slope and soon I'll be a full-blooded Mainah.

So I have decided that I want to be more interesting to people, especially ward members. So I may or may not start telling half-truths to make myself cooler. For example, when someone asks me where I'm from, I may say Costa Rica every now and again. Or I may tell them that when I grow up I'm going to build longboards. Just little things like that to make me cooler. It's harmless right?

So today my comp, Elder Wright cut my hair for free! He also said that he was going to teach my how to cut my own hair so I'm pretty excited for that because many of you may know of my hatred for haircuts. I even acquired my own set of clippers so I'm golden! The haircut he gave me wasn't the best but it does the job so I'm fine with it, I'm not trying to pick up any chicks anyway right?

As I was writing this email I totally spaced and forgot what I wanted to write about...Anyways, Mom and DJ I got your collages I just wasn't educated enough to realize a collage when I saw one. But thanks! There's not a whole lot that is going on over here right now. Things are pretty normal. Except that we went on exchange with the ZL's this past week and I stayed here in Skowvegas with a ZL and Elder Wright went to Bangor (P.S. Did anyone hear of the guy who ate another guy's face in Bangor? Crazy stuff..). So I stayed here and we had a dinner appt that night. Well the ZL I was with is a crazy good singer and decided that he wanted to sing a song for the lesson after our meal. I straight up told him that I don't do that and that he was fine to sing but that I couldn't sing at all. Well he just said I would do fine and kept looking for a song. I told him that I was serious but he kept brushing it off. So just as he is about to tell the family that we want to sing, Bro Powers (we were at his house) said that they had to leave so we had to finish the lesson. I was so relieved! We didn't end up singing and I was soooooo happy! It was going to make the lesson super bad if I tried to sing because whenever I sing I just make up the part I sing. Sometimes it works and sounds good but most of the time I just stop singing because it's so bad. So that was a pretty close call but I made it through! Then the next day we had a ton of problems and the ZL's got a little frustrated with us. I don't think we gave them a very good impression but oh well we do our best every other day so who cares. Haha well now I'm rambling so I'm going to get going. I love all of you, yes even you!

Elder Resendez
(Yes, I'm still talking to you because I really do love you)

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