Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July 2012


So I think I asked for guesses for transfers and I only got one. That was pretty lame so now my letters aren't going to be fun and interactive, they're just going to be lame and boring... (What else is new right? I know someone was thinking that haha.)

Now it's time for the big news! I have been transferred to.........LAWRENCE!!! I made it to the big leagues!

My new comp is Elder Busby from Tucson, AZ who has been here for three transfers. He and his last comp were sick for most of last transfer so we are pretty much shotgunning the area. And they just opened the other Lawrence area and put Elder Rodriguez and Elder Morgan in it! We all share an apartment too! This is going to be the sickest transfer!!!! I'm so stoked for it, sometimes I wake up and it doesn't seem real.

My Spanish has gotten so much better over the last week that I've been here. I think I have progressed more this week than all of my time in Manchester. I seriously love Lawrence so much, it's the best area of the mission! So now my goal is to get wicked sick with my Spanish skills so President keeps me here for 6 months or more haha.

The ward here is so cool too, they throw the sweetest ward parties and are really good at fellowshipping. Plus they LOVE the missionaries, even the gringos! Oh, and the entire ward is in Spanish, so it's pretty legit up in here. The people here are so nice too, about three out of every five people say we can stop by another time to teach them. That's seriously unheard of, especially in New England. So if you can't tell, I'm on cloud nine right now, partyin it up in Lawrence!

So now I'm back to learning Spanish, especially Dominican Spanish. I'm also going to learn how to play dominoes, all the Dominicans play it here so I'm trying to get my game up so I can play some prosminoes (proselyting dominoes).

I don't have a whole lot of time to write today but please send me letters! Things are great here. My comp is cool, I am in the best area of the mission, learning Spanish, and having fun teaching the gospel.

So on Saturday we had a super sweet miracle. We were walking down the street and this car pulls up and this guys yells to us and asks if we want a ride. We say sure and get in and it turns out that he's a member from Methuen who recognized Elder Busby. He drove us to our next appointment, bought us some Subway on the way and gave us each 20 bucks! It was so sweet haha! He even asked if we needed more money than that. Turns out he's running for state senate so he's got some money or whatever and can do things like that.

Here in Lawrence we have a phrase when people offer us stuff, we say aprovecho! I don't know what it means but it means to take advantage of the situation, so that's what we did haha! We always say that they will get blessings for helping us so it all works out.

I'm so happy about Papi's ordination! That's awesome! Did he get to pass the sacrament this week or is that next week?

Oh, and I forgot to mention this but that's insane about Becky Great! I had no idea she was dating anyone, I feel out of the loop big time haha. Let me know what else is going down in AZ or wherever else. Well, I gotta go but write me a letter sometime! I love you all!

Nos Vemos,
Elder Resendez

Monday, July 23, 2012

23 July 2012


Knock knock! Who's there...? Me! I'm getting transferred!

So it turns out that my suspicions were correct and I am now being transferred after only two months in Skowhegan. It really feels like I just got here. It makes it hard to develop a great relationship with the ward after only two months. But President Wilkey said I'm going to love my new area so that makes me feel good. Cuz if president told me I was going to hate it I would be really scared.

I'm being transferred but I am staying junior companion. I thought I was going to become a senior companion because president asked me two different times if I was preparing for a leadership role but I guess I'm not there yet. Which is fine because there's still plenty of work to be done no matter what your "rank" is.

So we get to head down to Manchvegas tomorrow for transfer meeting to find out where I will be for the rest of summer. Oh, and since I'm driving all the way to Manchester, that means I will (more than likely) be leaving Maine. If I was staying in Maine then they would just drive me to my new area so I guess I'm going far away. I'm not a Mainerd anymore!!

I also found out that Elder Garner and his comp, Elder Chen are being shotgunned. I guess that ward is not super "missionary-friendly" so they are trying to make a change to improve the relationship. Elder Chen and Elder Garner are awesome but I think President is going to send one of his assistants to that area to settle things down. So our district is losing half of it's missionaries.

I'm really excited to see my new area, there's a chance I might get sent to Mass (which would be awesome) but I could also go anywhere in Vermont or New Hampshire. Today while doing my laundry I decided that I would let my laundry quarters decide my fate. So I looked at them to see what state would be my new area and no joke, the first three I found were Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. So I really have no idea where I'm going to be sent haha, my gypsy quarters didn't work. It was pretty trippy to have all three be a possibility.

As for Skowvegas, things have slowed down a little but we still have three people working towards baptism. But aside from those three there aren't really any investigators so the new missionaries gotta step their game up and find some new gators. I'm not too happy to be leaving everyone so soon, especially Christian because he'll take it hard but that's why as missionaries you try to get them attached to the ward. We have a ton of less-active's here in Skowhegan so we have our hands full with them but this week we had five less-actives at church! It was sweet as! One of them rode his bike for 2-3 hours just to get there!

Well I have pretty much only two things on my mind right now, the first being transfers. The second is my bro's birthday! You better wish my bro happy birthday on saturday or else... Hey Papi, as you're playing laser tag just ask yourself, "what would Perseus do?" If you don't get it then watch sasquatch gang! I love you all and I will have a lot of news for you all next week!


Elder Resendez

P.S. Hey mom, your bday is the same as Joseph Smith Sr.'s!!

Monday, July 16, 2012



Hey everyone it's my mom's birthday! So tell her happy birthday for me!

So aside from this week being my mom's birthday as well as Friday the 13th, it still rocked! We didn't have a ton of success with our numbers but we had so many miracles! So if I didn't tell you about Ben last week then I'm going to tell you about him right now!

He is 15 and he showed up at church last week with a member and during the third hour we taught him the restoration. He loved it and was genuinely interested. He committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. Well as awesome as he was, I had no idea what I was in for. We met with him again yesterday and in a week he had read from the title page to Alma 30! That's over half of the Book of Mormon! On top of that he actually prayed sincerely about it and got an answer that it's true! It didn't come the first time he prayed but it definitely came the second time after he had put forth some effort to know for himself if it was true. He was surprised at how fast everything had happened and he is looking forward to being baptized! He could be baptized by the end of the month! That is one of the greatest miracles I have seen yet!

I think teaching youth is so much better than adults because youth take advice and don't give lame excuses. And when they decide to do something, they do it. So I'm on a pretty good spiritual high right now if you can't tell haha. I'm hoping that I'm here to see him be baptized but you never know, transfer calls are this saturday and President's pretty sneaky...

So guess what, being a missionary is awesome. It can stink to be away from home and friends but when you do what you're supposed to and put your heart in it, there's no greater feeling. If you ever think about not serving a mission, stop right there and just do it. It is worth every moment and it is worth every sacrifice you make. So serve a mission darnit! Haha that about sums it all up in apostolic language.

This week we had a fireside with the youth and the bishop gave an awesome lesson on repentance. My favorite thing about his lesson is that repentance is a good thing. We need it. Without it we cannot get closer to God because repentance literally means aligning ourselves with God's will and coming closer to Him. He also talked about how repentance in this body is at least 10 times easier than after we die. So don't waste your time, just get things done now so you can be happy! Also, read the Miracle of Forgiveness, it's wicked sick and it makes you happier. So do it.

Well I love you all, I don't have much time today but I really appreciate your letters of love and support. Especially the Lindsay 3rd ward activity days girls! You rock!

Also, DJ is way cooler than Cohen. Treyson, I mean Elder Lewis, has missionary goggles.

Later Vaders!

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. Love you Mom!
P.P.S. Tell the rugrats to write to me!

Monday, July 9, 2012

INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! (Anybody see that UFO?)


First off, go on to right now! Then search for someone either named Treyson, Leif, or Wesley Walden. Do it right now! Guess what, you found me!

This week has been sweet as! Well kind of... The work here in Skowhegan is going great! We have four baptismal dates with two really close to being set. We could have about five or six baptisms next month! That's insane! The best part is that most of the baptisms in this ward are youth, the youth here are number one!

So this week we had 3 gators(investigators) and 6 LA's (less active members) at church! That's the most I've ever seen for either category, it was so good that it was bad. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing right? Well it turns out that one LA family doesn't like another LA family and they both happened to come to church on the same day... Both of them left right after sacrament saying that they wouldn't come back to church if the other was there. It's a rough situation that totally popped our balloons. So now we have that to work with. But other than that we have had a great week! Plus I found out that I will be going on exchanges again with Elder Garner next week so I will be sure to take some sweet pictures this time!

So the best part of this week was Interviews with President Wilkey! We traveled to Bangor and spent most of the day there doing interviews and other trainings. At times I wonder if President could get any more awesome and inspiring, and then he does it. It was the best 15 minutes of my life during that interview, it made me want to serve even harder and to do my best with everything. I wish I could explain what an interview is like but it's just indescribable. President did hint at a couple of things that may occur in the future but I don't want to jynx myself or look dumb so I will just hold off for now.

This week I got to watch three amazing videos that all of you need to watch! But especially you, Papi and Seth. You guys need to have mom help you watch these videos right now. First is called Safety for the Soul by Elder Holland. It's a conference talk from back in Oct 2009 I believe. Then the other two are found on and they are called, Power of God (three minutes long) and Sanctify Yourselves (four minutes long). Those are soooo awesome! Stop reading this and watch them right now!

With the 4th of July coming up, I was excited for another parade or something cool like that but nothing happened! I was so disappointed.. We didn't even get to watch fireworks. We did have dinner with a family but they were all tired and just gave us food and took naps. It was kinda awkward to be eating in someone's house while they are asleep. But then the dad woke up and showed us some awesome pictures from his mission so that was okay.

Guess what, this week I learned how to iron a shirt! It's wicked easy, I don't know what all the jazz was about. Plus I learned how to cook beef. And we made some delicious oreo truffles for our FHE (family home evening) night at the church. They were off the chain! I'm going to get the recipe so you all can make them and enjoy them yourselves.

During these past few months I have done many incredible things but recently I achieved my greatest feat yet. When we teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (it's a specific lesson), I like to draw a picture of how steps like Faith, Repentance, Baptism, etc lead us back to God. Well I was pondering one day when I had the greatest brainblast, I decided to make a Mario themed Gospel visual! I started drawing it and it's the best thing ever! It has goombas, plants that eat you, stars, yoshi, all the good stuff! So I'm in the middle of perfecting my visual but so far it's amazing! I'll be sure to take a picture of it to show all of you because it's so great!

Things here in Skowhegan are going well, we have the usual ups and downs but we are having too many miracles and too much success to be ungrateful. I love you all and I challenge you to write me a letter this week! Toodaloo!

Elder Ty Resendez

P.S. Oh and I found some CD's that I really like so if anyone feels special and wants to get me one of them that would be pretty dang righteous of them. Some CD's that I have come to enjoy are Priests (just 3 catholic priests singing), Nearer, Eclipse (that's the name of the group), One Voice by Gladys Knight, Men of MOTAB, Motab featuring Sissell (Christmas CD), and Come Thou Fount. Those are some of my faves but it's just a thought.

Monday, July 2, 2012

2 July 2012


Is it me or is it crazy that I have been out for nearly 7 months now? I know that isn't very much for some people but it feels like I just barely left home and my time in Manchester went by like a flash. I also can't believe that this transfer is halfway over, in a little more than 2 weeks we will be stressing again to see if we get a transfer call. But that is why I do my best to take it one day at a time, so today I am in Skowhegan and it's a beautiful day!

This week has been pretty sweet, we had 2 investigators at church and both of them have baptismal dates (both for August 11). I'm not sure if I talked about them last week but we found a kid who is the son of a less-active woman. So we started teaching him and then his friends wanted to join. Then his sister wanted to join. So now we have 3 12 year old investigators and one 10 year old. We are doing as much as we can to keep them interested in the gospel and the church while at the same time making sure that their desires are pure and that they aren't into church because it's "cool". So it's a tricky situation but I strongly believe that they will be baptized on their date, if not sooner. I just hope I'm here for it. Could you imagine four baptisms on the same day?? One is great enough but four would be insane! So we are pretty stoked out here in the great white north. 

So has anyone tried to talk like a Mainah for a day? We had dinner with a lady from Boston and a man from Maine and we talked a lot about the different accents that people have. It made me very conscious of the way I speak so now I'm doing my best to sound like Elder Holland. I still don't use the word "wicked" but I find it on the tip of my tongue way too often. It's kind of scary. I'm afraid that once I use it I will be on a slippery slope and soon I'll be a full-blooded Mainah.

So I have decided that I want to be more interesting to people, especially ward members. So I may or may not start telling half-truths to make myself cooler. For example, when someone asks me where I'm from, I may say Costa Rica every now and again. Or I may tell them that when I grow up I'm going to build longboards. Just little things like that to make me cooler. It's harmless right?

So today my comp, Elder Wright cut my hair for free! He also said that he was going to teach my how to cut my own hair so I'm pretty excited for that because many of you may know of my hatred for haircuts. I even acquired my own set of clippers so I'm golden! The haircut he gave me wasn't the best but it does the job so I'm fine with it, I'm not trying to pick up any chicks anyway right?

As I was writing this email I totally spaced and forgot what I wanted to write about...Anyways, Mom and DJ I got your collages I just wasn't educated enough to realize a collage when I saw one. But thanks! There's not a whole lot that is going on over here right now. Things are pretty normal. Except that we went on exchange with the ZL's this past week and I stayed here in Skowvegas with a ZL and Elder Wright went to Bangor (P.S. Did anyone hear of the guy who ate another guy's face in Bangor? Crazy stuff..). So I stayed here and we had a dinner appt that night. Well the ZL I was with is a crazy good singer and decided that he wanted to sing a song for the lesson after our meal. I straight up told him that I don't do that and that he was fine to sing but that I couldn't sing at all. Well he just said I would do fine and kept looking for a song. I told him that I was serious but he kept brushing it off. So just as he is about to tell the family that we want to sing, Bro Powers (we were at his house) said that they had to leave so we had to finish the lesson. I was so relieved! We didn't end up singing and I was soooooo happy! It was going to make the lesson super bad if I tried to sing because whenever I sing I just make up the part I sing. Sometimes it works and sounds good but most of the time I just stop singing because it's so bad. So that was a pretty close call but I made it through! Then the next day we had a ton of problems and the ZL's got a little frustrated with us. I don't think we gave them a very good impression but oh well we do our best every other day so who cares. Haha well now I'm rambling so I'm going to get going. I love all of you, yes even you!

Elder Resendez
(Yes, I'm still talking to you because I really do love you)