Monday, June 4, 2012

6 Months!!!


Can you believe that it's been six months since I left home? I feel like I have been a missionary forever but I still remember a lot of things from back home like it was last week. It's going to be weird to come home after being out of the loop for two years. It's weird to think that a quarter of my mission is already done and behind me. Serving almost all of it in one area really made it feel like such a short time.

But now I'm in Skowvegas lighting it up! We just had ANOTHER baptism this week! Back to back baptisms! That's seriously unheard of in New England but it goes to show that anything is possible. I want to point out that these past two baptisms have been almost 100% because of members and not missionaries.

Craig (last week) was found because he married a less-active member who wanted him to be taught. And Wendy (this week) was brought to church by her friends (they're all about 15 years old). How well an area goes is rarely due to how good the missionaries there are but rather how active the ward is in teaching their friends and family members. Once someone is introduced to the church and has support from the ward (and sees that we aren't a crazy cult because their friend isn't a crazy cultist) then they are totally set up to be baptized!

So basically without beating any more around the bush, PLEASE INTRODUCE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO THE RESTORED GOSPEL!

It's pretty simple, all you do is invite them to a church event, give them a copy of the Book of Mormon, or refer the missionaries to them. There's a million ways that you can share the gospel and any of them will feel natural as long as you act natural. I have found that too many members are afraid to refer their friends to us, or to talk to them about religion, or to even tell their friends that they are a member. One of the biggest eternal truths I have learned is that if you never try, you never will. If you never try to get them to church, they more than likely never will go. If you don't give them a copy of the Book of Mormon, they won't be able to read it. So please just try! President John Taylor even taught that our duty is to share the gospel and that it is what the Lord expects of us.

So I have a lot to report on but it will have to wait until next week but I did get to spend 3 days with Elder Garner! That was pretty sweet but I don't have time now so I will tell it later. I love you all and wish you the best!

Elder Resendez

Elder Resendez' wooden tie

Elder Resendez and Manuel

The Elders and Manuel

The Elders and Ralph

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