Monday, June 18, 2012

18 June 2012


Um...hello! Well the last two weeks were pretty crazy but thankfully today I have plenty of time to write letters. It's nice to get a break from the fans.

This week was transfers and I got my new companion. His name is Elder Wright from Howell, Utah. So ya, ANOTHER Utahn. That's about 4 in a row now, you just can't get away from them! He's a great guy and he can play hymns on the harmonica like a champ! I was disappointed that Elder Jardine had to leave cuz he was super chill but I hope that the people here will love me when I leave as much as they loved him. So after being here in Skowhegan for 3 weeks I got to area train (WOOHOO!!) which means that I'm supposed to know how to get around the area. So it's been a rough week but next week will be better.

So this week we had an interesting surprise. We got a call from President Wilkey and he told us that Craig Haywood was baptized back in 1996! He has been a member longer than we have but he didn't know because he blocked out his entire childhood. He said that he thought he had been baptized but couldn't remember the church. Turns out it was us. Kinda cool how everything in his life led him to being active in the church again. Now he is hoping that because he has been a member the whole time that he can go to the temple sooner to be sealed. That's a pretty sweet desire if I've ever seen one!

Craig and his family are doing so great. This week we had dinner with them and they made their famous "Lava Spaghetti" that has 16 habanero peppers in it. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the store had no habanero peppers so they made it with only jalapenos. It was pretty good but I wish it had the full kick so I could say I lived through it.

As for Wendy (the other baptism) she is doing great! She comes every week with the Bloom family and is as strong as ever. The youth of this ward are so strong and amazing! There aren't many of them but they aren't afraid of inviting their friends to church and already there have been two baptisms from their friends in the last two years.

So for the funny story of the week! Last night we went street contacting in Skowvegas around 7 pm. We passed a bar and this lady stumbles out of it and asks us if we can dance with her. We tell her that we can't but before we can explain ourselves or say anything else she bursts off into a rant about how nobody in the bar will dance with her and how we are now rejecting her too. Oh, and she's super hammered. I don't drink but isn't 7 a little early to be hammered? Anyways...well for the next 20 minutes she sat out there talking to us about her life problems and other things but whenever we tried to give her an answer she would start dancing and ask why we can't dance. So we gave her a card so she can call us later and tried to get on our way. But she wasn't having any of that and started to ask us who we were. Not what our religion is but who we are. Funny thing is that we are who we are because of our religion. So we told her we were disciples of Christ, she didn't like that answer very much and kept trying to pry different answers from us. During this whole thing she would get within a foot away from whoever she was talking to so I tried to say as little as possible to keep her from talking to me. So she would get super close to Elder Wright and he would take a step away but then she would get even closer. It was so funny to watch because by the time it was over he had moved about 10 feet. We finally got her to let us go after she got all in my face and told me to come back later and have a drink to see who I really am. I'll admit that I lied and said that we would be back only so she would let us go. I also had to lie quickly because I was convinced that she was going to kiss me or something. So finally, after an agonizingly (and hilariously) long discussion we got out of there and headed home. Hopefully she will call us later so we can teach her how to find true happiness in life. It was sad to see how Satan gets ahold of people's lives but all we can do is work our hardest to help them see the truth.

Also, I don't know if I have talked about the Powers family but they're the greatest! They are super goofy and funny and are great athletes. Their son Christian comes out with us all the time. He's a stud and used to be the best running back in the state of Maine. Bro Powers is super funny too and he quotes Will Ferrell movies all the time. So don't worry Mom they are taking good care of me!

I'm loving it out here and I'm doing my best to make the most of every moment because they are gone before you know it! I love you all and I'm proud of my friends that are on missions right now! It's amazing to see how great my group of friends is because I have yet to meet someone with a similar group. I love you all!

Stay classy,

Elder Resendez

Elder Resendez with an Elvis Impersonator
Elder Resendez and Tommy

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