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How is everything going? Good? I don't even know why I ask that everytime. I feel like Treyson, I just don't know how to start these things.

Well I guess I could start by saying that I got emergency transferred to Maine. That's right, I'm a MAINER now!!! Ya!!! I'm chillin up in Skowhegan, Maine right now! I'm up here baptizing all of the cows and chickens and junk.

So apparently, being in a trio is super cool but also not so cool because it means that if a missionary gets sick and goes home, you're on the chopping block. And since I was the Junior Comp and Elder Morgan is going to Argentina and Elder Rodriguez is the district leader, I got the short straw. So we had zone conference Tuesday all day long and then Tuesday night at about 9:20 we got a call from President Wilkey. Basically he told me to pack up my stuff because I was leaving for Northern Maine the next day. Alright! Nothin like packing up five months of junk in a few hours! But it wasn't too bad.

I was sad to leave because I love ManchVegas but I understood the situation so I kept a positive attitude for as long as I could. So about 5 minutes. Then I slipped into depression haha. Not really, I did get to go around and say goodbye to a couple of people, namely my boy Ralph, mi primo Manuel (el es un tigre) and Bro DiIulio. It was sad cuz they didn't want me to leave but I'll see them again so it's all good. Ralph kept telling me that he was going to miss me so that made me feel good but then I felt bad cuz I didn't want to leave haha. With Manuel, he didn't want me to leave either and kept saying that I should go to Lawrence instead of Maine (I agree with the Lawrence part haha). When he would say that Elder Rodriguez would say that he was going to Lawrence and not me but Manuel would tell E.R. that he was going to go to Northern Vermont soon.

Oh and I don't think I ever told you guys but Manuel is an old Dominican member of the ward who's straight up hilarious. He hangs out at the latino barbershop all the time so we got to know some of those guys down there pretty well. When I went to say bye they gave me a super sweet tie. I don't even know where it came from. One of them (Thomas, or Toma) just went to the back room and got it. Sweet huh?

So it was rough to leave Manchester, especially so quickly, but now I'm in Skowhegan and things are great here. My new companion is Elder Jardine from Utah - Alpine I think? He looks so much like Tanner it's crazy. Sometimes I just stare at him because he reminds me so much of Tanner but then I feel like a weirdo so I stop. But he's super cool and is a great missionary so I'm excited to learn a lot from him and to tear up SkowVegas! And yes they do actually refer to this place as Skowvegas but it's super spread out so I don't know why.

Want to hear the best news!? I can send you pictures now!!!! The computers here allow that so I'm going to send the first 4-5 months of my mission today! Hooray!

I also have a new address so please send letters to 164 Madison Ave. #6 Skowhegan, ME 04976. Packages come to this address too so don't send those to the mission office anymore. Thanks!

Also, the end of the transfer is the 10th of June so I could end up leaving this place then. I doubt it but it's possible. President Wilkey said he wasn't sure how long this would be and told me to keep practicing my Spanish! Yes!!! I was so excited to hear that! Also Elder Morgan could get his visa tomorrow or in a month so if he gets it soon then he has to leave and then another change could be made. So right now I'm just livin it up here as if it's going to be my area for a while!

I also went to Brewer/Bangor Maine on exchanges and I found a picture of Sam Dastrup! It was just hanging on the wall in the Zone Leaders apartment, I guess he was a travelling ZL and was there for some time. I took a picture of it to show you cuz I thought it was cool.

So many things happened this week that I can't even write about them all. But basically, I found out that in Brewer they have huge waterfront concerts in the summer and a band called godsmack was there. They're pretty big I guess and when they were playing we could hear them through all of the streets and neighborhoods even though we were miles away. That was pretty cool. We also saw some really cool Mainers. And by cool I mean weird and dressed in the opposite gender, again. Great stuff.

So this week I have my first baptism! Obviously I won't be doing it since nobody knows me, yet. But it's still my first one and I'm stoked about it. Then we have another coming up on May 31! I had no idea that Skowhegan was doing so well! I love it haha. The bishop of our ward is pretty cool from what I've seen and he's about 4 feet tall. No joke, he is super short and small haha it's awesome!

Well I have no more time, I love you all and will talk with you soon! Keep it up!


Elder Resendez

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