Monday, May 7, 2012

It's a boy!!!! (Thanks Elder Lewis)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!

Hey! Como tu ta primo? It sounds like things are heating up in AZ as school is about to get out. It's weird to think that school is about to get out because it's always hot at the end of the year but over here it's still in the 40's and 50's! In fact Elder Morgan( (MY SON!!!!) didn't see the sun until almost a week after being in Manchvegas.

Oh ya, it's a boy! And his name is Morgan! Haha but that's just his last name. He's from Layton, Utah and should be here for 5 weeks until he goes to Argentina. His other mission (besides Manchvegas) is the Buenos Aires West mission. Oh and guess what else? He was Elder David Archuleta's Zone Leader the entire time in the MTC!!! He has pictures with him and saw him everyday that he was there haha. It's hilarious because whenever we play the David Archuleta Christmas CD he feels weird listening to it. It makes sense cuz I would feel weird if my comps were listening to one of my friends that they didn't know. But Elder Morgan is super legit, he's dedicated to the work and is very grateful to be here in New Hampshire until he gets his visa. We have been speaking more Spanish than ever this week which is great because I have been slacking a lot on that. With him here it really makes me want to speak fluent Dominican! I'm dedicated to learning it now!

Well unfortunately I don't have a ton of time today but I wanted to say happy birthday to those that have gotten wiser lately. So.... Happy Birthday! I think Jake had a bday and Aunt Stella too. We finally made my bday cake today over at the AP's apartment and it came out good.

So I guess I will just cave in and say that Gemma is pretty cute. And I am a proud uncle. I only told everyone that I was an uncle that day. So some more pictures of her wouldn't hurt anything. Oh, and I got the pics you sent but the dang mailman left them on the ground when it was raining! Thankfully Walmart is boss with their packaging and they didn't get wet.

So on Monday we spent about 4 hours cleaning our apartment for the NEW MISSIONARY (we don't say greenie, EVER. If we do, President breaks our arms. Or he has me do it.) but once he got here it got messy again. Our ceiling started leaking again so we might end up moving. I don't really care cuz I think I am being transferred after this.

So for Sunday we will be calling in the evening (our time) so it may be late pm to early evening for you boys. And we will get 60 minutes TOPS to talk which is tons of time. So I will probably call your phone mom so keep it on! Well I really gotta go, I want to write more but there isn't much time so I will just talk until it runs out!

I hope Uncle Ric feels better, I sent them a letter today so they should get it unless they move super fast. Tell Papi and Seth to keep it up and to write to me! I love all of you! Remember, keep the commandments! That's all there is to it!

Elder Resendez

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