Monday, April 9, 2012

Surprise Easter Transfer!?!?

Happy Easter!

President Wilkey pulled a fast one again! EMERGENCY TRANSFERS!! But............not for me...or my companion. It was just one of the sisters in our district. A sister somewhere in the mission had to go home because of back problems and so a bunch of sisters got switched around. So Sister Horton left and now we have Sister Page, oh and Sister Page's first name is Page! Her name is literally Page E. Page! Her scriptures even say it on there. I think that's so awesome! I've never met someone with the same name twice! I love it! It reminds me of Ricky Bobby or something (having two first names).

So this week we got to celebrate Easter! It was awesome because people were a little more receptive to hearing about Jesus Christ but oddly enough we met a lot of people who were too busy to hear about Him on Easter. I thought that was a pretty funny oxy-moron.

So this week some of you may have noticed that the church made a big push to show people that we are Christians by putting up different Bible videos on Well we were told that we were supposed to go on there and comment and share our testimony of Jesus Christ. The only problem was that you need a facebook account to comment but as missionaries we can't go on facebook. So this created a dilemma. After some convincing, Elder Rodriguez tricked me into making a facebook account and commenting on the website, so if you see a comment from me then don't freak out because I didn't actually do anything on facebook. I wasn't trying to be disobedient, I was just accidentally disobedient. There's a big difference. Well a couple of hours later we received a message from the AP's telling us NOT to get on facebook. Ya, it's a little late for that.

OH. I just remembered the crazy story this week! Ok, so if you are weak in the stomach you may want to stop reading this and enjoy you ignorance because this story is pretty gross.

So this week started out fairly normal. Nothing going on except the usual grind. Well a couple of weeks ago I got tired of doing the dishes in our apartment so I decided to buy a bunch of paper plates and some plastic silverware. I put these plates in my cupboard along with the rest of my food. Well, about two days ago I opened the cupboard at breakfast time and found out that some water had collected on top of my plates. It was a little off because there wasn't any water anywhere else but there was a good deal of water on the plates, oh and the water was brown. I was pretty grossed out so I threw away the plates but kept the ones that the water hadn't touched. At least I didn't think it had touched them. Then I went about my usual business, eating, drinking, missionary junk.

Then the next day I opened the cupboard and there was more water. This time I thought something was fishy and I thought maybe a rat is peeing on my plates every night. So I threw all of the wet plates away like last time and proceeded to eat off of the others. Then that night I wanted to make a cake so I reached up to the top cupboard above my stuff to get the glass pan. As I did that, water began to rush down the shelves of the cupboard. I'm talking like a full cup of water was spilling down the cupboards from out of nowhere.

So I was pretty grossed out but decided I should probably investigate further. So I got a chair and I looked at the top shelf. What I found still remains a mystery to me. The best way that I can describe them is that they look like black balls of rotten mold. They are just sitting up there and there is water all around them. So being the detective I am I decided to see where it was coming from and I looked up. I couldn't really see anything except that there was a board missing in the ceiling. So I took my camera and took a picture of it. This created more confusion because in the picture there is a definite object blocking a portion of the ceiling and it has a considerable amount of decay on it. It looks like some sort of a bird or bat that died and has been rotting up there for some time. That was what was dripping down the shelves creating the black balls of mold and then onto my plates. The same plates that I had been eating off of.

I was super grossed out and threw away all of the food in my cupboard and decided to seal up the cupboard. To be extra safe we sealed up the entire kitchen so we don't get sick. It's pretty funny because we told the senior missionary in charge of housing and he said we should just call the landlord. We told him we wanted to move but he said we probably wouldn't move.

So please keep me in your prayers so I don't die from a rotten bird/bat! haha Oh, and yes it is still up there. There's no way I'm fishing that thing out of there! Haha well that was my disgusting story of the week (and hopefully for the rest of my mission...)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and I look forward to hearing from all of you! 

Elder Resendez

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