Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a Baby Lizard??

Is it normal for babies to look like lizards right after they're born??

Haha I only joke, don't show Mal that I made fun of her baby in front of the whole world. She's cute (the baby, you weirdos) but if I said that I wouldn't be being myself so I had to make a joke.

So aside from the new reptile in the family, how's everything going?? It sounds like people are pretty happy that the baby was born but guess what? I'm still here and I need love too! So forget about the smelly baby already! Haha well I look forward to getting some pictures of Gemma so I can show them off to all of my comps and brag about being an uncle.

Ok, so I don't have time today but I did write to some of you about my encounter with a man named 1st Sergeant Bruce R. Perry and guess what?! He's in the library right now! I really hope he doesn't see us because he might remember us and want to fight us again. That would be bad. I may be a missionary but even Nephi had to use his strength when necessary.

Oh and a funny story from last week. We had a specialized Zone Meeting in Laconia, NH and I was asked to bear my testimony. Afterwards one elder, Elder Niebergall, came up and told me that I looked like Nephi as I bore my testimony! How awesome is that!? Elder Niebergall (or Niebs) is the best! He's so funny but totally pure in his intentions so it was an awesome compliment from him.

The work here is going, but not as we would like it to. We find a lot of new investigators each week but many of them aren't solid and are dropped or drop us after two lessons. It makes it tough to keep working hard but it's what you have to do! As for Ralph (the Haitian) and Indra (the Nepali) they are great! They still need to work on their reading and they need to come to church but they are totally set on being baptized! I love them! I'm going to get pictures with them this week so I can show them to you. This week Ralph has stopped drinking coffee and is doing great! He told us that when his roommates wake up and make coffee, he just sleeps in so he can't drink any! How genius is that? The only problem is that he has had headaches the last three days, we assume from the coffee but we gave him a blessing and he should be fine in no time!

This week we had an encounter with Steve again. Steve is the town's anti-Mormon missonary. He literally goes around handing out tracts against our church. I'm not sure what kind of proselyting that is or where in the scriptures he got the idea to do that but he is firm in his beliefs. In fact, he is incredibly rude when he talks to you and totally trashes on any form of spirituality that isn't his. He believes that he has authority to do that from Jesus Christ but the way he acts is the exact opposite of Christlike. We were walking down the street at about 8:40 the other night and he drove by and jumped out of the van he was in to come over and bash with us. Elder Rodriguez didn't know who he was but I did and I just pretty much said that we were leaving and started walking after Steve had talked to us for 10 minutes. It was a pretty fun experience but not one that I would like to go through again.

Well I don't have much time now but I just want you all to know that I love you and I'm grateful for all you do. Keep up the good work and remember to be Christlike to everyone! Even (especially) if they have different beliefs than you.

Well next week is transfers! Pray that I stay here or go to Lawrence! Haha!

Elder Resendez

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