Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Weekend!


This week was awesome! I don't know about you guys but I absolutely loved conference! That was the fastest 10 hours of my life! When the last session ended I couldn't believe that it was already over. I was mentally exhausted by the end but I still wanted just one more speaker. I don't think I have ever enjoyed conference this much. Actually I know I haven't. I had never made questions prior to watching conference but this time I did and they were all answered in the first day. That just goes to show that watching the Saturday sessions is just as important as the Sunday ones. (Ya, that was a hint to all of you who would rather have your son do yard work on Saturday.) ;)

Oh, and yes I did spot Elder Archuleta at the end of the 2nd session. Me and the new AP (Elder Adams from Alaska, but not the Elder Adams from Alaska that was in my MTC district. This one is a native Alaskan/Samoan. Also did you know that the term Eskimo is offensive? I didn't, but I do know now!) were the only ones who saw him. Sad news though, unless he's learning Spanish he isn't coming the the NHMM. The timing just doesn't work. Someone said they heard he's going to Brazil but I guess we will know one day.

So as for my favorite talks, I loved President Uchtdorf's during Priesthood session. Elder Scott's at the end of the 2nd session was awesome. I also loved how Elder Bednar threw it down on Priesthood holders. I also really liked Elder Christofferson's and how bold and clarifying he was. Then of course you have to love each time that President Monson got up. Oh and the sleeper talk was Elder Ochoa's during Priesthood, that one was a pleasant surprise. So if you accidentally fell asleep during one of those talks because the couch was just a little too comfortable, I strongly encourage you to listen to those ones again.

So the baby's still cookin eh? I think that my guess is that she will be born on April 8th! Ya, that's definitely when it's going to happen. So let me know what I win when you get the chance.

Speaking of which, thank you again! Thank you for the letters and packages this week! I got about 4 packages about an hour after my last email so I didn't even know they were coming. Also, thank you Uncle Ric and Aunt Stella, Grandma & Grandpa Resendez, and Grandma Twyla for the letters! I will write back personally but I just wanted you to know that I received your letters and cards.

So I really feel lame that I can't send any pictures home to you guys. I feel like an ancient missionary where you won't see me for the whole two years and when I get back you won't recognize me. Actually I feel pretty unrecognizable already. My skin is all pale from losing my tan and I feel like I'm going bald from all of the stress. I also feel like I have huge bags under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get. Pretty picture huh? Well, I also feel like I have an almost permanent smile and I am about two pounds shy of being able to say I have lost 40 pounds since becoming a missionary. So when I get the chance I will print out a picture of myself so you can see how much you think I have changed over the last 4 months (nearly). Even though I have lost 38 pounds, I still can't dunk (ever heard of White Men can't jump?) but we play ball every week and it's starting to get intense. Hopefully by the time I get back I will be ready to go one on one with Mr. Fredette.

So please keep writing to me so I know how everyone is doing! I especially want to know how Stephen and Tanner are doing! I miss those guys! Also if you can find anything about Connor Santilli or Adam Miller that would be awesome! I miss them and really want to know how I can get in touch with them. So if you truly love me, please help me get in contact with them. Thanks! Keep it real!

Elder Resendez

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