Monday, April 16, 2012

16 April 2012

Sac pase boujwa!?
(That's probably spelled wrong but it's Haitian)

RALPH'S BACK!!!!!!!! The miracle of the year just happened!!! This is so sweet that it's going first in my letter! So we were tracting some houses around a LA house and we got a call from a random number. We answered and it was Ralph! He said he was back in Manchester and wanted to meet up again!

I don't know if you remember Ralph but he was the one who moved to NY back in January or February when I was with Elder Smith. He was set to be baptized Feb 5 but had to move to find a job. Well my prayers were answered (not really, that's rude) and he didn't find a job! So now he's back and STILL wants to be baptized! He said while he was in NY he read from the BOM (Book of Mormon) and had stopped drinking and wanted to come to church because he missed the feeling he had when he would go. So he came to church yesterday! Miracles abound! We will be setting a date with him tomorrow!

So there is so much to talk about but so little time.

Is there a baby yet or what? Whenever I think of Gemma I think of the movie "Alien" where the aliens come out of people's stomachs or something like that. Sorry Mal, you probably didn't appreciate that but it's the cold hard truth haha.

So as for the birdman in our ceiling, we haven't touched it. The leak has been fixed but some pieces of the birdman fell down...gross huh? It's ok though, I'm probably going to be transferred in two weeks so I can live until then haha. No, I'm not sick, Mal.

Things are going good in Manchester. It's tough for a lot of reasons but it's not too bad. We just found out yesterday that we are getting a new ward mission leader so that's some fun little gossip! I hope it's this man named Brother Lahr. He is the one that looks like Wes and he's super nice. He buys us dinner once a week even though he lives 30 minutes away. He even took us to a Chinese buffet one time! He's legit. But some people think it will be the past bishop, Brother Franklin. His mom and dad were the senior couple that left a month ago. He's super cool so I'd be fine with that too.

I like it here in Manchester and I don't want to wish to go somewhere else because other parts of the mission have no people and wards of about 40 people. So I'm counting my blessings while I have them! But, transfers are two weeks from tomorrow so I'm learning as much Spanish as I can until then. Time to cram! Pray that I get sent to Lawrence, Massachusetts. Haha that would be an awesome twist in the story!

So Papi gets to play ping pong with the mayor?! Sweet! He better start upping his skills so he can roast him/her! I don't know who the mayor is but I know he's going to lose!

So one of the funny things that happened this week was at church with Ralph. We had a lesson on the WOW (Word of Wisdom) and we were talking about meats that are good to eat. So then Ralph turns to me and asks, "Can you eat cat?" I thought he was joking around so I said "Sure!" Then he looked relieved and said "Good cuz it's delicious". At that point I thought he might be serious so we asked him if he had eaten cat. It turns out that cat is the best Haitian dish and it's crazy delicious! Ralph described how you kill and prepare a cat dish and it actually sounded really good! Haha he said it was the best meal to eat but that dog is nasty. He said that Haitians don't eat dogs but they love cats. Now whenever I see a stray cat I contemplate chasing it down so I can have a good dinner. Haha Ralph's the best! Ralph is seriously such a humble guy and I'm afraid that I won't get to be here for his baptism!

So how is everything else going? Tell the boys that they can email me so we communicate faster. I did send them a letter a couple of days ago so they should get it soon.

I love getting letters from all of you, they help so much! I'm grateful for all of the support you send my way, know that it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated! Oh, and send me any cool pictures! I love to show my comps pics of my family and friends since they're the best ones in the world! Stay sweet!

Nos Vemos,
Elder Resendez

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