Monday, April 30, 2012

Greetings from MANCHVEGAS!!!!



On Saturday night we got the call from the Assistants (and receiving a call means that something is going to be changing in your companionship) which made us freak out. Finally, and reluctantly, we answered the phone. Elder Sommerfeldt (the AP) just starting shooting the breeze with us and asking about how our day went. We just answered him shortly and cut to the chase. He just took his time with the whole thing and after an eternity told us to get where we both could hear the phone. Then he says, "Elder Rodriguez, Elder Resendez, you both will be staying in Manchester!"

We were super excited to hear that but then we were confused because the Assistants never call if you are staying in your area so we asked him what the deal was. Then he says, "And you will be receiving a THIRD COMPANION!!!!" WE'RE IN A TRIO BABY!!!! And the third comp is a shoobie! So he's a new missionary straight from the MTC but he's waiting for his visa (his mission is actually in Argentina). So we will be training him together for 5 weeks until he gets his visa! That's pretty much an entire transfer so we're stoked! We will be getting him tomorrow but now we have to figure out how to fit 3 comps into a tiny and extremely messy apartment. But it's going to be so much fun! I don't know if this counts as my first son or whatever but I'm super excited! We really hope he's a cool guy and that he likes bball because we will be playing a lot of it.

I'm also excited to stay here in Manchvegas (they call it that because it's a big city to the people here, kind of like how Vegas is a big city except that Manchester is a small city) because I didn't feel like my work was done here and I just love the people too much! They're the best! And we get to keep playing bball with Elder Adams! So my address is the same and I would really love to hear from all of you about how things are going! I think I figured out a way to get pictures home via Walmart so I will try that next week but no promises!

So for the funny story of the week! (All names have been changed to keep identities protected) So this week we had dinner with Brother and Sister Brown (it's a clever name, I know.) We had eaten at their house before and had a good time so we expected a similar experience this time. So we get there, talk up a storm about anything and everything, then we eat dinner and talk some more. Then they served dessert and while we were eating they were cleaning up the kitchen a bit (the kitchen and eating room are connected). All of a sudden they just start making out! Only 10 feet from us too! Ok, so they weren't making out but they were kissing for a REALLY long time. It was super weird! We just felt awkward out of our minds but didn't say anything. Then when they ran out of breath they stopped and acted like nothing happened! It was so hilarious because as soon as we got in our car to go to the next appointment we started freaking out about it! I know we sound like little kids but that's just not something you do when you have the missionaries over! It just made the whole night awkward and from then on we were trying to leave as fast as we could.

Another cool story is that I saw a picture of Elder Dastrup (Sam Dastrup) on the 2010 Christmas CD. It was cool to see someone I know from home. I always ask people if they knew him but none of them do (I think it's because he went home almost 2 years ago so it only makes sense). I think he left just after Pres Wilkey arrived because they were sitting next to each other in a meeting of some sort. So that was just a cool little thing.

Well I gotta run but I hope to see some pictures soon! Love you all!

Elder Resendez

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a Baby Lizard??

Is it normal for babies to look like lizards right after they're born??

Haha I only joke, don't show Mal that I made fun of her baby in front of the whole world. She's cute (the baby, you weirdos) but if I said that I wouldn't be being myself so I had to make a joke.

So aside from the new reptile in the family, how's everything going?? It sounds like people are pretty happy that the baby was born but guess what? I'm still here and I need love too! So forget about the smelly baby already! Haha well I look forward to getting some pictures of Gemma so I can show them off to all of my comps and brag about being an uncle.

Ok, so I don't have time today but I did write to some of you about my encounter with a man named 1st Sergeant Bruce R. Perry and guess what?! He's in the library right now! I really hope he doesn't see us because he might remember us and want to fight us again. That would be bad. I may be a missionary but even Nephi had to use his strength when necessary.

Oh and a funny story from last week. We had a specialized Zone Meeting in Laconia, NH and I was asked to bear my testimony. Afterwards one elder, Elder Niebergall, came up and told me that I looked like Nephi as I bore my testimony! How awesome is that!? Elder Niebergall (or Niebs) is the best! He's so funny but totally pure in his intentions so it was an awesome compliment from him.

The work here is going, but not as we would like it to. We find a lot of new investigators each week but many of them aren't solid and are dropped or drop us after two lessons. It makes it tough to keep working hard but it's what you have to do! As for Ralph (the Haitian) and Indra (the Nepali) they are great! They still need to work on their reading and they need to come to church but they are totally set on being baptized! I love them! I'm going to get pictures with them this week so I can show them to you. This week Ralph has stopped drinking coffee and is doing great! He told us that when his roommates wake up and make coffee, he just sleeps in so he can't drink any! How genius is that? The only problem is that he has had headaches the last three days, we assume from the coffee but we gave him a blessing and he should be fine in no time!

This week we had an encounter with Steve again. Steve is the town's anti-Mormon missonary. He literally goes around handing out tracts against our church. I'm not sure what kind of proselyting that is or where in the scriptures he got the idea to do that but he is firm in his beliefs. In fact, he is incredibly rude when he talks to you and totally trashes on any form of spirituality that isn't his. He believes that he has authority to do that from Jesus Christ but the way he acts is the exact opposite of Christlike. We were walking down the street at about 8:40 the other night and he drove by and jumped out of the van he was in to come over and bash with us. Elder Rodriguez didn't know who he was but I did and I just pretty much said that we were leaving and started walking after Steve had talked to us for 10 minutes. It was a pretty fun experience but not one that I would like to go through again.

Well I don't have much time now but I just want you all to know that I love you and I'm grateful for all you do. Keep up the good work and remember to be Christlike to everyone! Even (especially) if they have different beliefs than you.

Well next week is transfers! Pray that I stay here or go to Lawrence! Haha!

Elder Resendez

Monday, April 16, 2012

16 April 2012

Sac pase boujwa!?
(That's probably spelled wrong but it's Haitian)

RALPH'S BACK!!!!!!!! The miracle of the year just happened!!! This is so sweet that it's going first in my letter! So we were tracting some houses around a LA house and we got a call from a random number. We answered and it was Ralph! He said he was back in Manchester and wanted to meet up again!

I don't know if you remember Ralph but he was the one who moved to NY back in January or February when I was with Elder Smith. He was set to be baptized Feb 5 but had to move to find a job. Well my prayers were answered (not really, that's rude) and he didn't find a job! So now he's back and STILL wants to be baptized! He said while he was in NY he read from the BOM (Book of Mormon) and had stopped drinking and wanted to come to church because he missed the feeling he had when he would go. So he came to church yesterday! Miracles abound! We will be setting a date with him tomorrow!

So there is so much to talk about but so little time.

Is there a baby yet or what? Whenever I think of Gemma I think of the movie "Alien" where the aliens come out of people's stomachs or something like that. Sorry Mal, you probably didn't appreciate that but it's the cold hard truth haha.

So as for the birdman in our ceiling, we haven't touched it. The leak has been fixed but some pieces of the birdman fell down...gross huh? It's ok though, I'm probably going to be transferred in two weeks so I can live until then haha. No, I'm not sick, Mal.

Things are going good in Manchester. It's tough for a lot of reasons but it's not too bad. We just found out yesterday that we are getting a new ward mission leader so that's some fun little gossip! I hope it's this man named Brother Lahr. He is the one that looks like Wes and he's super nice. He buys us dinner once a week even though he lives 30 minutes away. He even took us to a Chinese buffet one time! He's legit. But some people think it will be the past bishop, Brother Franklin. His mom and dad were the senior couple that left a month ago. He's super cool so I'd be fine with that too.

I like it here in Manchester and I don't want to wish to go somewhere else because other parts of the mission have no people and wards of about 40 people. So I'm counting my blessings while I have them! But, transfers are two weeks from tomorrow so I'm learning as much Spanish as I can until then. Time to cram! Pray that I get sent to Lawrence, Massachusetts. Haha that would be an awesome twist in the story!

So Papi gets to play ping pong with the mayor?! Sweet! He better start upping his skills so he can roast him/her! I don't know who the mayor is but I know he's going to lose!

So one of the funny things that happened this week was at church with Ralph. We had a lesson on the WOW (Word of Wisdom) and we were talking about meats that are good to eat. So then Ralph turns to me and asks, "Can you eat cat?" I thought he was joking around so I said "Sure!" Then he looked relieved and said "Good cuz it's delicious". At that point I thought he might be serious so we asked him if he had eaten cat. It turns out that cat is the best Haitian dish and it's crazy delicious! Ralph described how you kill and prepare a cat dish and it actually sounded really good! Haha he said it was the best meal to eat but that dog is nasty. He said that Haitians don't eat dogs but they love cats. Now whenever I see a stray cat I contemplate chasing it down so I can have a good dinner. Haha Ralph's the best! Ralph is seriously such a humble guy and I'm afraid that I won't get to be here for his baptism!

So how is everything else going? Tell the boys that they can email me so we communicate faster. I did send them a letter a couple of days ago so they should get it soon.

I love getting letters from all of you, they help so much! I'm grateful for all of the support you send my way, know that it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated! Oh, and send me any cool pictures! I love to show my comps pics of my family and friends since they're the best ones in the world! Stay sweet!

Nos Vemos,
Elder Resendez

Monday, April 9, 2012

Surprise Easter Transfer!?!?

Happy Easter!

President Wilkey pulled a fast one again! EMERGENCY TRANSFERS!! But............not for me...or my companion. It was just one of the sisters in our district. A sister somewhere in the mission had to go home because of back problems and so a bunch of sisters got switched around. So Sister Horton left and now we have Sister Page, oh and Sister Page's first name is Page! Her name is literally Page E. Page! Her scriptures even say it on there. I think that's so awesome! I've never met someone with the same name twice! I love it! It reminds me of Ricky Bobby or something (having two first names).

So this week we got to celebrate Easter! It was awesome because people were a little more receptive to hearing about Jesus Christ but oddly enough we met a lot of people who were too busy to hear about Him on Easter. I thought that was a pretty funny oxy-moron.

So this week some of you may have noticed that the church made a big push to show people that we are Christians by putting up different Bible videos on Well we were told that we were supposed to go on there and comment and share our testimony of Jesus Christ. The only problem was that you need a facebook account to comment but as missionaries we can't go on facebook. So this created a dilemma. After some convincing, Elder Rodriguez tricked me into making a facebook account and commenting on the website, so if you see a comment from me then don't freak out because I didn't actually do anything on facebook. I wasn't trying to be disobedient, I was just accidentally disobedient. There's a big difference. Well a couple of hours later we received a message from the AP's telling us NOT to get on facebook. Ya, it's a little late for that.

OH. I just remembered the crazy story this week! Ok, so if you are weak in the stomach you may want to stop reading this and enjoy you ignorance because this story is pretty gross.

So this week started out fairly normal. Nothing going on except the usual grind. Well a couple of weeks ago I got tired of doing the dishes in our apartment so I decided to buy a bunch of paper plates and some plastic silverware. I put these plates in my cupboard along with the rest of my food. Well, about two days ago I opened the cupboard at breakfast time and found out that some water had collected on top of my plates. It was a little off because there wasn't any water anywhere else but there was a good deal of water on the plates, oh and the water was brown. I was pretty grossed out so I threw away the plates but kept the ones that the water hadn't touched. At least I didn't think it had touched them. Then I went about my usual business, eating, drinking, missionary junk.

Then the next day I opened the cupboard and there was more water. This time I thought something was fishy and I thought maybe a rat is peeing on my plates every night. So I threw all of the wet plates away like last time and proceeded to eat off of the others. Then that night I wanted to make a cake so I reached up to the top cupboard above my stuff to get the glass pan. As I did that, water began to rush down the shelves of the cupboard. I'm talking like a full cup of water was spilling down the cupboards from out of nowhere.

So I was pretty grossed out but decided I should probably investigate further. So I got a chair and I looked at the top shelf. What I found still remains a mystery to me. The best way that I can describe them is that they look like black balls of rotten mold. They are just sitting up there and there is water all around them. So being the detective I am I decided to see where it was coming from and I looked up. I couldn't really see anything except that there was a board missing in the ceiling. So I took my camera and took a picture of it. This created more confusion because in the picture there is a definite object blocking a portion of the ceiling and it has a considerable amount of decay on it. It looks like some sort of a bird or bat that died and has been rotting up there for some time. That was what was dripping down the shelves creating the black balls of mold and then onto my plates. The same plates that I had been eating off of.

I was super grossed out and threw away all of the food in my cupboard and decided to seal up the cupboard. To be extra safe we sealed up the entire kitchen so we don't get sick. It's pretty funny because we told the senior missionary in charge of housing and he said we should just call the landlord. We told him we wanted to move but he said we probably wouldn't move.

So please keep me in your prayers so I don't die from a rotten bird/bat! haha Oh, and yes it is still up there. There's no way I'm fishing that thing out of there! Haha well that was my disgusting story of the week (and hopefully for the rest of my mission...)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and I look forward to hearing from all of you! 

Elder Resendez

Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Weekend!


This week was awesome! I don't know about you guys but I absolutely loved conference! That was the fastest 10 hours of my life! When the last session ended I couldn't believe that it was already over. I was mentally exhausted by the end but I still wanted just one more speaker. I don't think I have ever enjoyed conference this much. Actually I know I haven't. I had never made questions prior to watching conference but this time I did and they were all answered in the first day. That just goes to show that watching the Saturday sessions is just as important as the Sunday ones. (Ya, that was a hint to all of you who would rather have your son do yard work on Saturday.) ;)

Oh, and yes I did spot Elder Archuleta at the end of the 2nd session. Me and the new AP (Elder Adams from Alaska, but not the Elder Adams from Alaska that was in my MTC district. This one is a native Alaskan/Samoan. Also did you know that the term Eskimo is offensive? I didn't, but I do know now!) were the only ones who saw him. Sad news though, unless he's learning Spanish he isn't coming the the NHMM. The timing just doesn't work. Someone said they heard he's going to Brazil but I guess we will know one day.

So as for my favorite talks, I loved President Uchtdorf's during Priesthood session. Elder Scott's at the end of the 2nd session was awesome. I also loved how Elder Bednar threw it down on Priesthood holders. I also really liked Elder Christofferson's and how bold and clarifying he was. Then of course you have to love each time that President Monson got up. Oh and the sleeper talk was Elder Ochoa's during Priesthood, that one was a pleasant surprise. So if you accidentally fell asleep during one of those talks because the couch was just a little too comfortable, I strongly encourage you to listen to those ones again.

So the baby's still cookin eh? I think that my guess is that she will be born on April 8th! Ya, that's definitely when it's going to happen. So let me know what I win when you get the chance.

Speaking of which, thank you again! Thank you for the letters and packages this week! I got about 4 packages about an hour after my last email so I didn't even know they were coming. Also, thank you Uncle Ric and Aunt Stella, Grandma & Grandpa Resendez, and Grandma Twyla for the letters! I will write back personally but I just wanted you to know that I received your letters and cards.

So I really feel lame that I can't send any pictures home to you guys. I feel like an ancient missionary where you won't see me for the whole two years and when I get back you won't recognize me. Actually I feel pretty unrecognizable already. My skin is all pale from losing my tan and I feel like I'm going bald from all of the stress. I also feel like I have huge bags under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get. Pretty picture huh? Well, I also feel like I have an almost permanent smile and I am about two pounds shy of being able to say I have lost 40 pounds since becoming a missionary. So when I get the chance I will print out a picture of myself so you can see how much you think I have changed over the last 4 months (nearly). Even though I have lost 38 pounds, I still can't dunk (ever heard of White Men can't jump?) but we play ball every week and it's starting to get intense. Hopefully by the time I get back I will be ready to go one on one with Mr. Fredette.

So please keep writing to me so I know how everyone is doing! I especially want to know how Stephen and Tanner are doing! I miss those guys! Also if you can find anything about Connor Santilli or Adam Miller that would be awesome! I miss them and really want to know how I can get in touch with them. So if you truly love me, please help me get in contact with them. Thanks! Keep it real!

Elder Resendez