Monday, March 19, 2012

Where in the world is Elder Resendez??


No, not really. Haha but I bet I got some of you right? We did not receive a call on Saturday night so that means that unless President Wilkey really pulls a fast one on us, we aren't going anywhere. One more stay in Manchester!! I'm actually happy about it because Elder Rodriguez is awesome and I want to keep learning Spanish! I also want to see someone get baptized here because so many people are so close to it. 

I really think that this next six weeks is going to be awesome! So many things are going to happen and even though it will get tough at times (because it always gets tough) I know that it all comes down to what I do with the time I have been given. So for now all I know is that I have exactly 6 weeks here in Manchester and what I do for the next six weeks will determine what kind of miracles we will see. Now, I'm not saying I am a miracle worker, I'm just saying that if I do everything I can for 6 weeks then miracles will happen.

So if you can't tell I'm pretty excited to be staying here. On Saturday night (the night we receive transfer calls) Elder Rodriguez and I didn't even remember about transfers. We were in the middle of planning and I suddenly remembered and said something about it to Elder Rodriguez. We were so caught up in doing what we had to do that we totally forgot, it was kind of a funny moment because we both kind of knew nothing would change.

Oh guess what? I'm not a greeny anymore! (Or a shoobie as I like to call them.) I don't have to do 4 hours of studying every single day! Now I only have 3! It doesn't seem like much of a change but it allows us so much more time to go out and do the work so I'm pretty pumped about it. Now I get to make even more fun of the shoobies because I'm no longer one of them! Except now if I mess up I don't have a good excuse..

So it hailed in Arizona? How crazy is that? It's like 80 degrees outside over here! We are burning up and you guys are getting NE weather. I really feel like I brought the AZ weather with me, which is fine except that the summers may be more brutal than I'm used to. So did it just hail for one day and then everything went back to normal or what? I really would like to know what happened over there cuz that sounds awesome! birthday is in 4 days. That's super weird because I don't even feel like I'm 19 but soon I'll be 20... People tell us all the time that we look older, in fact they tell Elder Rodriguez that he looks 25 when he's only 20. It's pretty funny how missionaries always seem to look older than they are, probably because we're so wise. But I'm not sure what we are going to do for my birthday...Probably baptize someone! That's all I really want anyway haha.

So when is the date for the baby? I still have no idea about that but I feel like it's soon so maybe someone should give me a heads up.

Anyways...I heard that Wesley is on his mission! That's so awesome! Somebody should give me more info on him so I know how he's doing. Also an address so I can write him would be awesome as well. Wesley is awesome, especially when he has a beard. There's a guy in my ward who reminds me of Wesley so much that I think about Wes once a week which is kinda funny.

Also how's Stephen? I'm not sure how to get in contact with him but I'd sure like to so any help with that would be great.

Well, I'm about 2 weeks from hitting my 4 month mark and I seriously feel like I just got out here. Is that normal?

I love being here and I'm excited to get going with this next transfer. Miracles abound! Love you all and thank you for the support, it always seems to come at the right time!

Elder Resendez

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