Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Months!!!

Hey Family! & Friends...

How are you doing? I hope everything is going well down there, it sounds like things are pretty nice.

So Elder Rodriguez and I were talking the other day and we realized that we both go home next year. That's insane! I know I don't come home until the end of the year but still that is so soon! I can't believe how close things are even though I am only three months in. Oh yeah, I have been out for three months! I can't even remember my life when I wasn't a missionary... probably because I was sleeping the whole time. It's crazy how fast time goes when you are busy day in and day out, that's why it's so important to be doing the right kind of work!

Some other good news, I think I can hook up my camera to the computer and send pictures so I will try that next week so you can finally see my beautiful face again, I know all of you have missed it. (Some more than others). And thank you Mal for the pictures! They were an awesome treat and really made my day!

So this week we were hit with a big storm and got about 14 (I think?) inches of snow all at once. It was so bad that our cars were grounded for a day so we had to travel on foot. But it was nice because it makes everything look super nice and cozy. The bad part comes later when it all turns into ice.

On top of the storm we had a lousy week as far as numbers go. We still haven't had anyone at church even though they promise to go the night before. But we did have an awesome lesson with this lady from Nepal named Indra. She is super humble and willing to learn. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it and pray about it. Then when we followed up she had actually kept her commitment and got an answer to her prayer! She knows it's true! It's amazing how the Lord will keep His promises if you do your part. That's all we are here to do is to invite people to find out for themselves but it's still so hard!

So whenever I get a letter I put it on my desk until I write back to that person, then I put it in my storage box. And since I have been slacking this transfer, the pile of letters on my desk is falling over. So I just wanted to say, I'm sorry! I am going to write a couple letters today for sure!

And Mom, you can send the package to the office whenever I guess because with the Franklin's leaving we don't have the hook ups anymore. And Sister Franklin told me that you wrote to her and she really appreciated it and wanted me to tell you thank you for her. She loved it and it made me wonder what you said... But thanks for being great awesome!

And to answer your question Mom, I just don't want to get gifts from you that I can't take with me if I get transferred. I doubt I will but who knows... President Wilkey is a crafty one when it comes to transfers... The Assistants have told us that when he does transfer planning, he looks at a giant map on the wall that has a picture of each missionary in their assigned area. And at one point each missionary is in a different spot than before and the whole mission is changed. But then he makes some changes and some things go back to normal but who knows. One day he may keep it haha.

I really wish I had more time on here to write all of the funny and crazy stories that happen to us but I can't so you will have to wait until I can fit all of them in. So if you want to check out my previous comps you can look them up on facebook! Their names are Chris (Christian) Smith and Jovan Rodriguez. They are awesome guys and they both will be in Provo after their missions so I will definitely get to chill with them again! Have a great week!

Oh and thank you for the updates on my friends! Those are the best! Yes I talk like Nacho when I speak Spanish :)

Elder Resendez

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