Monday, April 30, 2012

Greetings from MANCHVEGAS!!!!



On Saturday night we got the call from the Assistants (and receiving a call means that something is going to be changing in your companionship) which made us freak out. Finally, and reluctantly, we answered the phone. Elder Sommerfeldt (the AP) just starting shooting the breeze with us and asking about how our day went. We just answered him shortly and cut to the chase. He just took his time with the whole thing and after an eternity told us to get where we both could hear the phone. Then he says, "Elder Rodriguez, Elder Resendez, you both will be staying in Manchester!"

We were super excited to hear that but then we were confused because the Assistants never call if you are staying in your area so we asked him what the deal was. Then he says, "And you will be receiving a THIRD COMPANION!!!!" WE'RE IN A TRIO BABY!!!! And the third comp is a shoobie! So he's a new missionary straight from the MTC but he's waiting for his visa (his mission is actually in Argentina). So we will be training him together for 5 weeks until he gets his visa! That's pretty much an entire transfer so we're stoked! We will be getting him tomorrow but now we have to figure out how to fit 3 comps into a tiny and extremely messy apartment. But it's going to be so much fun! I don't know if this counts as my first son or whatever but I'm super excited! We really hope he's a cool guy and that he likes bball because we will be playing a lot of it.

I'm also excited to stay here in Manchvegas (they call it that because it's a big city to the people here, kind of like how Vegas is a big city except that Manchester is a small city) because I didn't feel like my work was done here and I just love the people too much! They're the best! And we get to keep playing bball with Elder Adams! So my address is the same and I would really love to hear from all of you about how things are going! I think I figured out a way to get pictures home via Walmart so I will try that next week but no promises!

So for the funny story of the week! (All names have been changed to keep identities protected) So this week we had dinner with Brother and Sister Brown (it's a clever name, I know.) We had eaten at their house before and had a good time so we expected a similar experience this time. So we get there, talk up a storm about anything and everything, then we eat dinner and talk some more. Then they served dessert and while we were eating they were cleaning up the kitchen a bit (the kitchen and eating room are connected). All of a sudden they just start making out! Only 10 feet from us too! Ok, so they weren't making out but they were kissing for a REALLY long time. It was super weird! We just felt awkward out of our minds but didn't say anything. Then when they ran out of breath they stopped and acted like nothing happened! It was so hilarious because as soon as we got in our car to go to the next appointment we started freaking out about it! I know we sound like little kids but that's just not something you do when you have the missionaries over! It just made the whole night awkward and from then on we were trying to leave as fast as we could.

Another cool story is that I saw a picture of Elder Dastrup (Sam Dastrup) on the 2010 Christmas CD. It was cool to see someone I know from home. I always ask people if they knew him but none of them do (I think it's because he went home almost 2 years ago so it only makes sense). I think he left just after Pres Wilkey arrived because they were sitting next to each other in a meeting of some sort. So that was just a cool little thing.

Well I gotta run but I hope to see some pictures soon! Love you all!

Elder Resendez

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