Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I heard there was a birthday this week... Whose was it? It definitely didn't feel like my birthday because it was the hardest work I've ever done on my birthday. But thank you for the packages and the letters that you sent me! Especially for the emails I got today, that was an awesome surprise! (But I can't respond to them, sorry.)

So growing up I thought that I would never be 20 and if I ever got to that point I would feel like at least a 20 year old. But I don't. I still feel like a 16 or 17 year old kid who can go do whatever and not get into too much trouble. When we talk to people they always think that Elder Rodriguez is 25 or something when he's barely 20 but as for me, I get ages all over the place. I've had people think I'm older than Elder Rodriguez and some people think I'm 18, must be my boyish charm or something like that. I have come to decide that age really is just a number and that it's different for everyone.

Well that's enough philosophy from the platitudinous mind of Elder Resendez.

So for my birthday we had an awesome surprise. Because it was on a Thursday, it fell on the same day as our weekly district meeting. So half of the day was spent in a long meeting with every missionary in the city of Manchester, that includes the AP's. The surprise was two-fold that day, first being that I had to give the doctrinal discussion. It's like a training on how to be better missionaries and so I was pretty nervous because I would be teaching some of the best missionaries in the mission for about 15 minutes. 

Second, President and Sister Wilkey made a surprise appearance at our meeting making me even more nervous. Pretty good birthday surprise huh? Teaching the Mission President for 15 minutes sounds pretty fun right? Well turns out that either President Wilkey is a good liar or I actually did a half decent job because he said he enjoyed it. I'm thinking he's just a good liar but that's just me.

Then when the meeting ended the Manchester Sisters brought out a cake with 20 candles on it and everyone sang for me. It was pretty dang exciting. They're the best sisters in the whole mission haha. The cake was super delicious and I didn't have to make or buy it which made it better.

Then we went out and taught all day in the hot weather (we don't have our car all the time anymore) but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Oh, and for my birthday I extended a baptismal invitation! She said yes! But it's not super solid yet but I still enjoyed it.

Well I have three minutes left so I gotta go fast. This week is conference and we will watch it at our regular building because the stake center is about 40 minutes away and out of our area. I can honestly say I have never been this excited for conference in my entire life. But I can barely wait for Saturday! It's going to be so great! So don't miss it or else!

Also, I heard Jeff is engaged. What the heck? I didn't know about any of that. And Uncle Rog is the bishop of the singles ward?? What is the name of the other singles ward? But I know he will be a straight up G as bishop (tell him I said that). I can't wait to get back and see him up there. And we are now in Thomas' ward? That's crazy!

Oops. 10 seconds gotta go!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Where in the world is Elder Resendez??


No, not really. Haha but I bet I got some of you right? We did not receive a call on Saturday night so that means that unless President Wilkey really pulls a fast one on us, we aren't going anywhere. One more stay in Manchester!! I'm actually happy about it because Elder Rodriguez is awesome and I want to keep learning Spanish! I also want to see someone get baptized here because so many people are so close to it. 

I really think that this next six weeks is going to be awesome! So many things are going to happen and even though it will get tough at times (because it always gets tough) I know that it all comes down to what I do with the time I have been given. So for now all I know is that I have exactly 6 weeks here in Manchester and what I do for the next six weeks will determine what kind of miracles we will see. Now, I'm not saying I am a miracle worker, I'm just saying that if I do everything I can for 6 weeks then miracles will happen.

So if you can't tell I'm pretty excited to be staying here. On Saturday night (the night we receive transfer calls) Elder Rodriguez and I didn't even remember about transfers. We were in the middle of planning and I suddenly remembered and said something about it to Elder Rodriguez. We were so caught up in doing what we had to do that we totally forgot, it was kind of a funny moment because we both kind of knew nothing would change.

Oh guess what? I'm not a greeny anymore! (Or a shoobie as I like to call them.) I don't have to do 4 hours of studying every single day! Now I only have 3! It doesn't seem like much of a change but it allows us so much more time to go out and do the work so I'm pretty pumped about it. Now I get to make even more fun of the shoobies because I'm no longer one of them! Except now if I mess up I don't have a good excuse..

So it hailed in Arizona? How crazy is that? It's like 80 degrees outside over here! We are burning up and you guys are getting NE weather. I really feel like I brought the AZ weather with me, which is fine except that the summers may be more brutal than I'm used to. So did it just hail for one day and then everything went back to normal or what? I really would like to know what happened over there cuz that sounds awesome! birthday is in 4 days. That's super weird because I don't even feel like I'm 19 but soon I'll be 20... People tell us all the time that we look older, in fact they tell Elder Rodriguez that he looks 25 when he's only 20. It's pretty funny how missionaries always seem to look older than they are, probably because we're so wise. But I'm not sure what we are going to do for my birthday...Probably baptize someone! That's all I really want anyway haha.

So when is the date for the baby? I still have no idea about that but I feel like it's soon so maybe someone should give me a heads up.

Anyways...I heard that Wesley is on his mission! That's so awesome! Somebody should give me more info on him so I know how he's doing. Also an address so I can write him would be awesome as well. Wesley is awesome, especially when he has a beard. There's a guy in my ward who reminds me of Wesley so much that I think about Wes once a week which is kinda funny.

Also how's Stephen? I'm not sure how to get in contact with him but I'd sure like to so any help with that would be great.

Well, I'm about 2 weeks from hitting my 4 month mark and I seriously feel like I just got out here. Is that normal?

I love being here and I'm excited to get going with this next transfer. Miracles abound! Love you all and thank you for the support, it always seems to come at the right time!

Elder Resendez

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 6 of Transfer 2

Hey Hey Hey!

Howzit? Once again, I hope all is well down there in AZ because things are great up here! This week has been pretty tough but the good parts definitely outweighed the bad!

So unfortunately we have pretty much lost contact with Eriberto, if we stop by he loves to talk but he won't call back and we can never get a hold of him. So his baptismal date has been dropped for now. But! We set another one! This week we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders (or Zords if you have ever seen Power Rangers) so I was paired up with Elder Baker. Again! Last transfer I went on exchange with him as well and we really hit it off and this time we got to serve together again. It was awesome! 

When we exchange it is only for about 24 hours and so as we were going from person to person, they all kept falling through. I was nervous because I thought this was going to make me look like a terrible missionary or something because each appointment kept falling through. Then at the last moment we stopped by Israel's house (I think I have talked about him before). We started talking to him and he expressed his uncertainty of being baptized again. Then Elder Baker pulled out Mosiah 18:8-10 and we read it with him. When we finished Israel committed himself to baptism! It was amazing! All we did was set the date for April 22! It was such a powerful lesson that when we got out of it I was physically drained. It is truly amazing at how much power is found in the scriptures!

The other miracle this week was with a less-active member who the Manch Sisters have been visiting. On Monday as we were traveling to an appointment we got a call from the Sisters to come over and give the member a blessing because she had had back problems and a migraine for the past two days. So we went straight over there and when we walked in the whole house was dark and quiet so that she could keep from breaking down in tears. We then gave her a blessing and afterwards left so she could rest. The Sisters later told us that 30 minutes after we left, her migraine went away completely! If that isn't a healing miracle, I don't know what is! I love being a missionary!

So that was my week! Pretty sweet as huh? I loved being able to see the Lord's hand in blessing the lives of His people.

So this week is the last week until transfers! I feel like I should be more nervous but I really don't think I am going to change. I think Elder Rodriguez and I will stay here which is totally fine with me. He always tells me that I'm going to be the next AP and that he is training me for that. But that's never going to happen.

I got a lot of letters this past week and I think I might have time to write back to everyone by the end of the transfer! That's surprising since I'm so bad at it. But please keep the letters coming, I love them! They help me so much!

This week I had the chance to attend another church as part of a deal with an investigator. So we went to her church (Pentecostal in case you were wondering) and she and her dad came to ours. We finally got someone to come to church! It was awesome! Our services are quite different from hers and we are hoping that she felt the Spirit while she was there but we are afraid that her dad is telling her rumors or things when we aren't around to keep her from fully investigating. But we won't give up! We know that these things are true and will make her happy forever! So we can never give up!

I tried to send pictures today but I can't figure the thing out so I may end up printing them off myself and mailing them home but we will see.

Only two more weeks until I'm no longer a teenager...weird. But fun!

Thanks for all that you guys do for me and please keep in touch, I miss ALL of you!

Make it a great week!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Mom, for my birthday you can send it whenever to the mission office and it will be perfect. Also, conference talk CDs would be a great gift for anybody who is wondering what to get me. Or cool ties. Sorry I only have a minute left! I love you all, bye!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Months!!!

Hey Family! & Friends...

How are you doing? I hope everything is going well down there, it sounds like things are pretty nice.

So Elder Rodriguez and I were talking the other day and we realized that we both go home next year. That's insane! I know I don't come home until the end of the year but still that is so soon! I can't believe how close things are even though I am only three months in. Oh yeah, I have been out for three months! I can't even remember my life when I wasn't a missionary... probably because I was sleeping the whole time. It's crazy how fast time goes when you are busy day in and day out, that's why it's so important to be doing the right kind of work!

Some other good news, I think I can hook up my camera to the computer and send pictures so I will try that next week so you can finally see my beautiful face again, I know all of you have missed it. (Some more than others). And thank you Mal for the pictures! They were an awesome treat and really made my day!

So this week we were hit with a big storm and got about 14 (I think?) inches of snow all at once. It was so bad that our cars were grounded for a day so we had to travel on foot. But it was nice because it makes everything look super nice and cozy. The bad part comes later when it all turns into ice.

On top of the storm we had a lousy week as far as numbers go. We still haven't had anyone at church even though they promise to go the night before. But we did have an awesome lesson with this lady from Nepal named Indra. She is super humble and willing to learn. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it and pray about it. Then when we followed up she had actually kept her commitment and got an answer to her prayer! She knows it's true! It's amazing how the Lord will keep His promises if you do your part. That's all we are here to do is to invite people to find out for themselves but it's still so hard!

So whenever I get a letter I put it on my desk until I write back to that person, then I put it in my storage box. And since I have been slacking this transfer, the pile of letters on my desk is falling over. So I just wanted to say, I'm sorry! I am going to write a couple letters today for sure!

And Mom, you can send the package to the office whenever I guess because with the Franklin's leaving we don't have the hook ups anymore. And Sister Franklin told me that you wrote to her and she really appreciated it and wanted me to tell you thank you for her. She loved it and it made me wonder what you said... But thanks for being great awesome!

And to answer your question Mom, I just don't want to get gifts from you that I can't take with me if I get transferred. I doubt I will but who knows... President Wilkey is a crafty one when it comes to transfers... The Assistants have told us that when he does transfer planning, he looks at a giant map on the wall that has a picture of each missionary in their assigned area. And at one point each missionary is in a different spot than before and the whole mission is changed. But then he makes some changes and some things go back to normal but who knows. One day he may keep it haha.

I really wish I had more time on here to write all of the funny and crazy stories that happen to us but I can't so you will have to wait until I can fit all of them in. So if you want to check out my previous comps you can look them up on facebook! Their names are Chris (Christian) Smith and Jovan Rodriguez. They are awesome guys and they both will be in Provo after their missions so I will definitely get to chill with them again! Have a great week!

Oh and thank you for the updates on my friends! Those are the best! Yes I talk like Nacho when I speak Spanish :)

Elder Resendez