Monday, February 6, 2012

Transfer 1 - DONE!


One transfer is in the books already and I feel like I just got here. It's weird how fast time goes by. Transfer meeting is tomorrow so we get to help prep the building for that. So....the word on the street is.....I'm staying! I will do at least one more transfer here in Manchester (hopefully more) BUT Elder Smith is leaving! So I will be getting a new trainer. It's weird and I have never heard of that before but it's what the Lord wants so it must be good.

This week has been awesome, we had a district meeting with a future mission president who wanted to see how things are done in the mission field. It felt like we were on The District ourselves because we were doing missionary work so someone else could learn how to do it. Then we had a couple of sweet lessons and found some awesome people!

We found a lady from Haiti so we are teaching another Haitian! They're awesome! We also went to go find another former investigator from Haiti but ended up meeting this awesome family. The father is from Mexico and the mother is from Puerto Rico and they have 3 boys. As we taught them they were really receptive and wanted to learn more and come to church! It was so legit! So Elder Smith made me promise that I would see to it that this family is baptized.

As for the rest of the week, we have been getting ready for transfers by trading ties, packing, saying goodbye and taking pictures. I even got my hair cut just now to prep for transfer meeting. I got a Dominican haircut so I will take some pictures and you can see if I look good or not. But I always look good so whatever.

It is going to be weird area training my trainer. Hopefully he knows Spanish or else I gotta pick up the pace! Mom and Mal, the Spanish books I'm talking about are at the BYU bookstore and they may come in a set. They were made in 2010 so I don't think Brock knows them but they have red covers. One is smaller than the other. The small one is the phrase book and the bigger one is the detailed stuff. The small one is the most important but both would be really helpful! Especially if my new comp doesn't speak Spanish!

It stinks that Elder Smith is leaving, we get along really well but there's a chance that he could stay in our zone. I think he will be going to Georgetown, Mass but you never know!

Oh, one fun experience this week was when we met Steve, the basher. We had seen him before but he was far away and didn't talk to us but this time he was really close. So he came over and started talking to us and began yelling and quoting random scriptures and telling us that we were terrible people. He gave us a couple of handouts, Elder Smith threw his away but I kept mine as a memory because I thought it was kind of funny. Well he also had his two kids with him who were about 18 and when we asked if they were doing the same thing as us (as in missionary work) they got super offended. It was really interesting to see a grown man get so angry at someone he has never met and to see him almost foaming at the mouth because he has so much hatred for us. He only talked to Elder Smith because I just ignored him but if we see him again we won't be talking to him at all. It just does no good and wastes time. But that was interesting.

One last thing, one of our investigators, Craig, was jumped Saturday night and was knocked out. He is now in the hospital and is recovering but has had many seizures so please pray for him. He is an awesome guy!

Well I don't have much time because the Shoobies (new missionaries) are coming in today and we are going on splits with them so we are rushed for time. I will let you guys know all of the details next week. Please send those Spanish books! The titles are simple, it's just called Spanish for Missionaries and Spanish for Missionaries Phrase and Vocab Book or something like that. Thanks!

I hope all is well. The new wards sound sweet!

Elder Resendez

P.S. Go on and watch the video on William Hoppoate (something like that) he's my hero!! (Here is the link: William Hopoate)

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