Monday, February 13, 2012

13 Feb 2012


Como tu ta? I hope everything is going well back home! That's great that the house sold! I would say I'm sad but I wasn't really attached to it since I lost my room over a year ago.

What's the weather like down there? Yesterday it was 17 degrees with a ton of wind! It was the coldest I have ever been so it must have been in the negatives with all of the brisa.

I'm really trying to improve my Spanish because we are trying to get a Spanish branch set up here in Manchester and once I'm done here I want to go to Lawrence, Mass so pray for me!

I love being here so much and it's amazing to look back and see how much I have done in the last two months. I can't believe it's only been two months but at the same time it feels like I just left yesterday.

My new companion is Elder Rodriguez from Provo, Utah. He's Mexican but grew up in Provo and he knows Spanish. He was called English speaking but served 9 months in Lawrence and learned how to speak Dominican Spanish (the best Spanish by the way). He's super cool and is on fire right now. He has been out almost a year and loves basketball and is super hard working. He is my trainer now so it's weird to say that two missionaries trained me but I think it will be really good because then I will be able to learn from each of them and try my best to take the good things.

Elder Smith was sent off to Georgetown, Mass and is still a district leader. He called us the other day to give us information on an old investigator and got a little nostalgic. It was funny to see how much he missed Manchester but it showed how much he cared about the people which is great.

We now have the car full time which allows us to do more so that's awesome! We drive a bright red (or fiesta red as I call it) Toyota Corolla and it reminds me of Will Ferrell's car from the Other Guys (actually Other Elders is the correct way to say it).

So it sounds like people are doing great over there! Tell Tanner that he should serve a mission first!! Then maybe he will come to NH and we can be comps! That would be so awesome! Also tell him to write me a letter or something.

Also, tell the boys to write me back!!! And anyone else! I love letters and I have to keep my rep up. Just keep sending letters until I'm fluent in Spanish. I have to have something cool about me or else people won't want to listen to me. They'll think I'm a total loser.

Mal, thanks for the chocolate! Did you write the note that came in it? Because my name was spelled wrong. Actually our name was spelled wrong. It was resendeX so if that was you then I don't get the joke but if not then you should complain and get some free chocolate!

How is everyone's Valentine's Day? If you are looking for a special someone to send some goodies to then I'm your elder!

Oh by the way, immediate family can email me so you don't have to spend money on postage if you don't want. Either is fine with me but I thought I would let you know. Also, I really would like that Spanish book but there's no way I can find an ESPN or whatever it is that you wanted. We can only get on computers to email. It doesn't even have to be the brand new updated one because any book is better than none. :)

(Note from Mallorie - does anyone know which Spanish book this is? We keep trying to figure out what he is asking for or where to get it, but haven't been able to find it. PLEASE let us know if you know what he means.)

The miracle this week was awesome! We received a referral from this lady who wasn't interested at all and when we went to contact it we couldn't find the address. We looked again later and still had trouble finding the house. We finally found what we thought was the address and started to walk in when some teenagers out front told us not to waste our time. We walked in anyway and started knocking the doors. Nobody was interested but when we got to the top floor we met a family that was really interested in the Gospel. They started talking about family members that they had that are members and they talked about things that would happen if they were baptized. They showed a lot of interest and it was amazing to see the interest that they had. It's crazy how much opposition there is. We almost didn't go in there but we did and found a miracle inside!

Well I gotta go! Make it a great week!

Elder Resendez

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