Monday, January 9, 2012

Letter to Mom


Even though Manchester is ghetto it isn't that bad. If I go to Lawrence Mass then you can worry :) I know you'll like that, especially when I get transferred there.

Oh guess what? President Eyring's son, Elder Eyring, presided over our Sacrament meeting yesterday. It was pretty cool.

So this week, actually it was last Friday or Saturday...anyway, we had a dinner appointment at a member's house named Anita Nickalaus. Well we got there and all of the food on the table was green. She made me a "greenie" dinner! All of the food was green to honor my inexperience and to welcome me to the mission. It was super cool and really nice and she took a picture of me. It was super awesome and a great idea!

So a little update, we just got back from a lesson with Ralph, our Haitian investigator and it was AWESOME! I committed him to be baptized and he said he will do it! So we are shooting for the 5th of February as his baptismal date. He said that he wants to give up all of the bad things that he does so he can be happy. He also said that he wants to do what we do which was super cool. He said that he loves talking with us because it makes him feel good and it makes him happy. It was so amazing to see how the Spirit works to bring people to Christ.

I love you!

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