Monday, January 9, 2012

Letter to Family and Friends

Family! And everyone else,

So I know it may be a surprise to be receiving my letter through an actual letter but I have my reasons. We were in the library and I had written almost all of my letter when Elder Smith started reading it. So I played along and hid the message but the computers are old and don't respond well to sudden movements. So all of the sudden the internet goes to the home page and I lose ALL of my email. I was also out of time so I couldn't retype it which is why I'm writing it by hand. Needless to say, I'm pretty ticked. But I just want you all to know that I really do care about you and I promise to write back as soon as I can. Oh and sorry for my handwriting, I'm rushing so it's super messy. (It actually wasn't that bad!)

This past weeks has been really good but also really tough. I went on exchanges with the zone leaders, actually just one. I went up to Concord, NH with Elder Baker for almost two days. We didn't do any teaching or anything because we had to go to a meeting up in Randolf, NH. There was actually snow up there and at one point it was -4 degrees F! It was SO cold! Thankfully I had my big coat and could stay warm.

Down here in Manch it has only been in the 30's and 40's so it's been nice. We haven't had any snow which is good because I don't want to deal with ice and junk. Teaching is tough and Spanish is tougher but it will come as I work hard everyday. Oh and just because my area of Manch is ghetto doesn't mean I dislike it. I love it here, there are so many awesome people! I just want to make that clear because I feel like I just bad-mouthed my area.

I also love President and Sister Wilkey! They are so cool and devoted to missionary work, it's amazing. It really feels like I have two mission presidents because Sister Wilkey is so involved.

So apparently there is a big political thing going on here tomorrow but we will miss it because we have something in Laconia, NH.

Oh and my mail works but packages have to go to the mission office because if they go on my doorstep, they will be stolen. And that would not be good. If any letters were sent back it is because our mailbox didn't have my name on it. But now it does.

So the work here is pretty tough but we should be setting some baptismal dates this week! Basically, our baptism rate is low and our retention rate is about 1 in 5. So only one convert stays faithful for every five that are baptized. That's pretty rough but we will change that! We are working on some really great people. One guy named Heriberto is awesome! I think I already talked about him so I won't say any more other than that he hasn't progressed since we last talked with him which is really disappointing. But one guy from Haiti named Ralph is doing great! He came to church and loved it. He told us that he wants to change his life and be better. It was so awesome and got me really excited. We have an appointment with him tonight and we will be setting a baptismal date (hopefully)! He's 21 and is super chill and awesome. I really want him to be baptized so he can have the blessings that I have.

I'm really looking forward to this week and I know that some good things are going to happen! Thanks to all who have written to me, I really appreciate it! I love letters more than you could ever imagine!

Elder Resendez

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